You got every single quote from one single web page from the “standard examiner”. A literature review it ain’t. Therefore researched truth it also ain’t. These quotes are literally made up by below-the-line commenters on news pages. Not one of them was actually said by the person named.

Quote 1. - the UN “Foundation” thing. Er, it ain’t the UN, did you know that? It’s like Trump is the president, not “the Republican Party’s biggest donor Sheldon Aldelson”. Can you understand that much? Tim Wirth is a politician, not a UN chief or even an administrator. FAKE.

Quote 2. Christine Stewart, didn’t say it, and also is a politician, not a scientist claiming something is true.

Quote 3. ... I just gave up. None of them appear in any search other than your Pizzagate-style “Standard Examiner” page. I’ve literally never seen an easier comment to disprove.

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