I just read your excellent article and the responses. I try to not get overwhelmed with fears about the future (I'm now 75 and my husband, my caretaker, is 78) but sometimes when I wake in the middle of the night without the distractions of daily life, my ability to suppress those fears abandons me and all kinds of scary scenarios attack. Those of us in this situation have to find a path that skirts these fears but also tackles what can be tackled. Pressuring me like Sem's doctors, my internist, my gynecologist and my endocrinologist all paint terrifying pictures of what I will face if I don't take the osteoporosis meds. I've tried two oral meds in the past year, with some side effects which caused me to stop -- but with ME/CFS, it's so hard to know if those reactions are due to the meds, or from the disease and its many symptoms, which might be getting worse with age. Also, I wanted to join the Facebook page for seniors, but decided to withdraw from Facebook after all the controversy about the site -- and after I was targeted in a scam by someone masquerading as a Facebook friend. Oh well. . . after 20 years of struggling to find treatments, I've settled into a kind of acceptance and, following your advice, I try to be easier on myself -- I'll face what I have to if/when the time comes. Thank you for your insights and for providing your readers with a sense of community.

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