IM HERE AGAIN! You say that you need to stay away from video games and stay out of models, if i recall, Mark Zugerberg became ricn by making a media platform. And video games, i don't know if you know this but Youtubers that get money for video gaming can, in certain cases, earn more money then psychologist with PHD. Based on work.chron psychologist with a PHD earn a salary of 80,000 to 120 000 a year $ (average) and famous youtubers like (all in USD)
Pewdiepie who made 12 mil $ this year (gaming channel)
Markiplier who made 12,5 mil $ this year (gaming channel)
DanTDM who made 16 mil$ this year (gaming channel)
Jackscepticeye who made 5 mil$ EVERY YEAR (gaming)
PopularMMOS who made 5.1 M$ this year (gaming)
And they don't have ADHD.
Stop saying that video games and screen give ADHD
I have ADD and I am born with it because i've been seeing a doctor BEFORE starting to go on screens. at 3 i was diagnosed with it so it's not a disease but a genetic brain disorder. You are not doing a good job at your job and no wonder people don't believe you because your reference are easily debatable. For example JAMA and AAP have a history of partnership with you and that's why other sites are telling parents not to buy your book. And what you see doesn't mean anything to be sure that children don't respect adults, you need to inspect children behavior at home.