Anonymous wrote:

I appreciate that the author framed the topic in this egalitarian way. Many articles on this topic make it sound like it's always only the men in relationships who masturbate, and always only the women who complain/judge/police their partners for doing this. Men might like to think they're the only ones in a relationship who like to "get off" by themselves sometimes, but that simply isn't true.

Not so fast. Sounds like you've missed a lot of articles about women using vibrators and how husbands feel "threatened" by them and will sometimes not want their wives using them, the husbands fearing they are being "replaced" by a device. There are LOTS of articles written for women about how to convince their husbands that a vibrator is OK and not to be feared.

In fact, I'd come to the OPPOSITE conclusion that you did. Based on what I've seen, husbands are typically MORE PARANOID about their wives using vibrators than wives are about their husbands masturbating.