Unfortunately privacy is a double edged sword. Would you rather pay for all these 'free' services ? I also get weird results when searching info with duckduckgo rather google. There is power for someone to know your interests but also danger. The biggest problem because we sit alone in a room we think that we are alone when searching in google or other services. The truth is there are over 100 ads companies utilizing our data. There is also anonymization. Would you care if your data was anonynous, but still stored, sold, bought, used ? People need to practice self control, have a plan in mind and stick to it. Youtube - watch specific videos, and don't get down the rabithole. Another related concept - ikea stores - have a list beforehand and stick to it. Fight the impulse to consume 'offers', 'this might be useful', etc. I think its called delayed gratification with many experiments devoted to it. Modern life, time management, priorities and pressure in general leave little room for thought and people must make fast decisions which result in sub-optimal results. Rule of thumb: internet seldom forgets. It's not a subway conversation. What's posted in internet stays in internet.