Tell this one to the kind folk that found the proverbial sad puppy only to have their faces ripped off.

It's a true thing that kindness is ideal and has many benefits for the giver and reciever. Heck it might even melt some icebergs.

That said though sometimes ya gotta be cruel to be kind. If someone is acting like a complete jerkoff are you going to be cruel to yourself and take it lying down? No! Tell that idiot to shove it up their arse and walk away.

Kissing the butt of an arsehole means they think you are weak.

Kindness to the truely needy is however a great strength.

Kindness when you are truly in need of it yourself is utterly Herculean.

It's a choice.

Choose what is needed in the situation. Truely needed.

Cos sometimes arsehats don't know they're doing it.......

And sometimes they do....and actually enjoy it. Save the warm and fuzziness for the rest.