The Narcissist Next Door

Do you feel as though there are self-absorbed narcissists everywhere you look—the nearby cubicle, in political office, in your bed even? When you finally realize he's right there beside you, you wonder how you did not realize anytime sooner. How to understand and spot those mirror-loving braggarts.

Hiding in Plain Sight

By Peg Streep

Why it can be so hard to see what makes him (or her) tick
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Everyday Narcissism

By Wendy Jones, Ph.D.

Jane Austen understood that pathology is on a continuum with ordinary traits.

What They See in the Mirror

By Tara Well Ph.D.

The answer may surprise you.
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Why Narcissists Need to Outdo Everyone

By Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D.

New research shows the need to rise above is a powerful force for narcissists.