Tying the Knot?

It’s wedding season. Brides fret and panic, grooms get the jitters, parents gasp at outlandish price tags, and everyone feels like ducking. Why is tying the knot such a stress-inducing event? Yet it doesn’t have to be so fraught. Herein, read what the experts have to say about your big day.

Planning a Wedding?

By Linda Walter LCSW

Is organizing your big day driving you out of your mind?
Deborah L. Davis

Starting a New Chapter

By Deborah L. Davis Ph.D.

Learn to embrace big changes, ease your adjustment, and boost your happiness.
jessicaphoto/iStock used by permission

Your Pre-Wedding Jitters

By Tamar Chansky Ph.D.

How to reassure your cold feet that “meant to be” happens over time.