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Heaven or Hell? Your Choice

How two different states of awareness can affect your perception of reality.

‘Heaven’ and ‘hell’ are states of awareness in the NOW, not ‘places’ we find ourselves in after we die. It is a matter of conscious choice of thoughts, emotions and beliefs, NOW.

Many of us allow ‘outer forces’ and ‘authorities’ to mould our perception of ourselves – and to define who we are and why we are here – on all levels of existence, including after physical death.

Take, for instance, the doctrinal notions of ‘heaven’ and ‘hell,’ which have been used to regulate people’s behaviour since the dawn of organized religion. Both these ideas can be used to keep us from exploring our desires and from actually living in the now.

Escaping this reality by living on a promise of a perfect afterlife in heaven or cowering in fear of eternal punishment in hell, are both confining perspectives that can deprive us of full awareness and focus in our experience of our present. Unfortunately, they are also very common ways people use to navigate through physical life.

‘Heaven’ and ‘hell’ are not static ‘locations’ in some afterlife realm where you end up on account of your doings here on Earth. They are states of heart and mind – or more accurately, viewpoints we consciously or unconsciously choose to ‘operate’ from in our everyday lives.

The way I see it, heaven is created on Earth when you are in alignment with your source: fulfilling your desires and dreams, living your full potential and creating consciously by knowing what you want and who you are.

Gordana Biernat
What you see depends on your perspective
Source: Gordana Biernat

Heaven is when you understand that you are a deliberate, conscious creator of your own reality: manifesting for the joy of it, living from a love-based perspective, imagining your life the way YOU want it to be and acting consciously by giving yourself time to think in every situation. In short, experiencing heaven is about consciously creating what YOU desire to explore in your reality.

Hell is the opposite. It is when you are out of alignment with your source: ignoring your dreams and passions, not living your full potential and not knowing what you want or who you are. ‘Hell’ on Earth is perpetuated by a negative state of mind nurturing limiting beliefs that ‘tell’ you that you are insignificant and that the reality ‘out there’ is dictating the way your life unfolds.

It promotes an existence in which you create your reality from a fear-based perspective – avoiding pain, aimlessly reacting to outer stimuli and often being a victim – instead of creating a life where you are in control and actively seeking joy and abundance. In short, experiencing hell is characterized by the unconscious creation of what you do not want in your reality.

And while we are talking about hell and heaven, let’s talk about sin. What is sin? If you are the embodiment of your desires and you are here to explore who YOU are in time and space, then wouldn’t it be fair to call ‘hurting’ yourself by not following your desires and pursuing your dreams, a sin? Not fulfilling your purpose in life is a violation of the God-given intention of your life. It is to go against the meaning of your existence.

How can I be so sure of all this? Because my childhood was the type of hell I am talking about. And for many years I could not figure out why ‘God’ would put me in such a place. Until I understood that ‘God’ actually was me interacting with an unconditionally accepting Universe, giving me the opportunity to use my free will and to explore my creative might.

By offering me polarities to play with and by allowing me to feel how it is to transform thoughts into matter, God showed me how to bend the fabric of the Universe. This gave me the understanding that I chose to be born into ‘hell’, just so I could experience the immense joy of creating ‘my own heaven’. Isn’t that beautiful?

This is an excerpt from Gordana Biernat’s book #KnowTheTruth Why Knowing Who You Are Change Everything"


About the Author

Gordana Biernat, M.A., is the author of “#KnowTheTruth—Why Knowing Who You Are Changes Everything” and a SuperSoul Teacher on Oprah’s SuperSoul100 list of most awakened leaders and visionaries.