Count the Hours

How we spend our time may have links to personality.

By Matt Huston, published May 1, 2018 - last reviewed on July 2, 2018


It's tempting to guess what people are like based on the way they spend their time. But how much of a connection is there, really? A study published in Collabra: Psychology analyzed personality data and daily activity reports from more than 1,000 German participants. Though it's just one of many potential influences, "we can see that personality does show reliable links with everyday activities," says study co-author Julia Rohrer of the Max Planck Research School on the Life Course. Here are some associations they found.

People who are...

Emotionally Stable 

  • less likely to report doing chores

Open to Experience

  • more likely to report reading 
  • less likely to report watching TV
  • more likely to  report playing sports


  • less likely to report using the computer