Does Bill Want Hillary to Run?

It's Hillary's turn, but how does Bill feel? It's payback time.

By David Latt, published on May 1, 2007 - last reviewed on June 9, 2016

Clinton may never publicly reveal how he really feels about Hillary's bid to succeed him, but we can still speculate. David Latt posed the question to those who just might know.

  • "He sees her candidacy in highly personal terms—as his vindication after impeachment. The second level is payback and loyalty; she has fueled his career and now it's his turn to do that for her. The third level is that it was the deal; I think that the idea perhaps from the time they dated was that he would be president and then she would be. His relationship with his wife is one of the most admirable things about him. And as for his wife wearing the pants, he has absolutely no ego, and he is probably the least sexist man I've ever met."—Dick Morris, Clinton's 1996 campaign manager
  • "He's gotta be happy this is keeping her out of the house for long periods
    of time. On a more serious note, he was hurt when Al Gore didn't want Bill to campaign much for him. If Hillary decides not to make him a big part of her campaign, that might hurt his feelings."—Alex Pareene, editor of
  • "He knows his wife is one of the smartest and most capable people this country has to offer. As for feeling overshadowed, there's no question Bill enjoys and succeeds best in the spotlight. However, he's moved on. Right now he's engaged with the world in a very proactive manner, whereas presidents are typically reactive."—A former Clinton White House official
  • "He's thinking his life is pretty great right now and he doesn't need Hillary to be president. But this isn't about him. She'd be a great president, he really believes that. Her campaign isn't just a pastime for him. It's his mission. It's also his way of saying thank you."—Susan Estrich, former Clinton strategist