Facts and Tips

Stats on men, marriage, birth-control, divorce and lies.

By PT Staff, published on July 1, 2005 - last reviewed on June 9, 2016

Men who wear aprons when they cook are twice as likely to have sex in the kitchen.

63 percent of husbands say that their sex life is better now that they are married; 94 percent say they are happier overall than when they were single.

Going to college increases a woman's chances of getting married; it also lowers her chances of getting divorced by 13 percent.

One in four fathers says that he would help his daughter get birth control pills, even if it meant going behind his wife's back.

Thirty percent of married people who have online affairs turn their internet romances into
real-life liaisons.

Ten percent of liars actually believe the fibs they tell, rendering polygraph tests impotent. Men are more likely to believe their own lies than women.