How Obsessed Are You?

A self test to see if you truly are obsessed with celebrity culture.

By Carlin Flora, published on July 1, 2004 - last reviewed on June 9, 2016

Respond to the following statements adapted from the Celebrity
Attitude Scale created by psychologists James Houran, Lynn McCutcheon,
Rense Lange, John Maltby and Diane Ashe.

I often feel compelled to learn the personal habits of my favorite

I love to talk with others who admire my favorite celebrity,

When something bad happens to my favorite celebrity, I feel like it
happened to me.

I enjoy watching, reading or listening to my favorite celebrity
because it means a good time.

I have pictures and/or souvenirs of my favorite celebrity, which I
always keep in exactly the same place.

When my favorite celebrity dies, I will feel like dying,

If you answered yes to (2) and (4), your stargazing is probably on
the Entertainment-Social level of harmless escapism. If you agree with
(1) and (5), you may be engaged on the Intense-Personal level, where your
connection gets more intimate. As for (3) and (6), you may feel such a
strong connection that you overidentify with your favorite star.