A Healthy Revolution Is Underway in the Field of Mind-Body Medicine

Reports that more and more Americans are turning to natural remedies. Focus of mainstream medicine and science to natural remedies; Studies on the therapeutic effects of vitamins, herbs and plants.

By PT Staff, published on March 1, 1998 - last reviewed on June 9, 2016

PHOTO (COLOR): More and more Americans are turning to natural remedies, herbs, supplements, and lifestyle changes. Mainstream medicine and science have begun to follow suit. At major universities and research centers, vitamins, herbs, and plants are studied for their powerful abilities to heal mind and body, often without harmful side effects. For example, pioneering psychiatrists are now recommending mood-boosting herbs as a possible solution to depression. We are coming to recognize the immeasurable and powerful link between body and mind, between physical resilience and emotional buoyancy, and to gain a new respect for nature's vast pharmacy. Nutritional healing is a revolution well underway, and here to stay.