Muddling Through

Presents statistics on differences between men and women in a number of areas. Trying to look better; Chowing down; Turning in; Feeling blue; General.

By PT Staff, published on November 1, 1992 - last reviewed on June 9, 2016


Percentage of people who have brushed their teeth twice in the last 24 hours. 22% 18%

People who have flossed their teeth in the last 24 hours. 30% 20%

People who daydream about Being beautiful or handsome. 16% 6%

People who wear uncomfortable shoes because they look good. 45% 20%

People who would change something about their appearance, if they could. 99% 94%

People who think that the cosmetics industry is very important or essential to our country. 24% 17%

Number of articles of clothing each person buys each year. 52 33


People who eat 2 meals a day. 34% 40%

People who eat a special dessert, to indulge themselves. 30% 17%

People who like their steak cooked rare. 18% 32%

People who have taken a nonprescription antacid in the last 24 hours. 7% 9%

People who pay attention to the calories of every meal they eat. 36% 16%

Number of people (in millions) on a diet, on an average day. 60 41


People who enjoy or look forward to getting up in the morning. 34% 31%

People who stayed up past midnight in the past 24 hours. 34% 41%

People who got up before 6:00 a.m. in the past 24 hours. 27% 30%

People aged 30 to 60 who snore. 20% 40%

Ratio of people who regularly have nightmares. 2 to 1


To feel better when they are sad or depressed:

People who telephone a friend. 58% 29%

People who meet a friend/s. 39% 33%

People who pray. 30% 18%

People who eat. 26% 16%

People who cry. 23% 4%

People who engage in physical activity. 12% 23%

People who drink alcohol. 7% 18%


People who think that a pill which allows females to terminate an unintended pregnancy in the first few weeks should be made available. 56% 62%

1,004,000 females live in homes for the aged and dependent. 422,000 males live in these homes.

People who stayed indoors for an entire day in the past week. 35% 17%


From: The Great Divide by Daniel Evan Weiss. Copyright 1991. Reprinted by permission of Poseidon Press/Simon & Schuster Inc.