Like a Sex Machine

EROS clitoral suction therapy: help has arrived for women with sexual arousal disorder.

By Alison Calabia, published on December 31, 1969 - last reviewed on June 9, 2016

At last, women may have their answer to Viagra. The EROS Clitoral
Therapy Device (EROS-CTD) is the first product developed to treat female
sexual arousal disorder (FSAD). Characterized by diminished sexual
sensation, FSAD affects approximately 43% of American women. It results
from inadequate blood flow to the clitoris and can cause a host of other
difficulties, including lack of desire and difficulty achieving

Enter EROS, a clitoral suction device that draws blood to the
clitoris to trigger sexual arousal and enhance orgasms. In a study
presented recently at an American Urological Association conference, 80%
of FSAD sufferers reported improved sexual satisfaction after using EROS
before intercourse. But EROS is no mere sex toy, says Kevin Billups,
Ph.D., an urologist and one of the study's researchers. "People say, 'Oh,
this is just a fancy vibrator'--but it isn't," he explains. "It's a
physiological device."

Because FSAD can also hurt relationships by causing lowered
self-esteem, depression and poor body image, "women suffering with sexual
dysfunction may have a relationship in crisis," says Laura Berman, Ph.D.,
a female sexual dysfunction expert. She suggests these women consider
using EROS in conjunction with professional counseling. And the best news
may be yet to come: women who used EROS regularly reported enhanced
sexual satisfaction even after they stopped using it.