How to Survive Divorce

It may be wedding season, but getting over a divorce is a year-round thing.

How Are Gesture and Speech Related?

By Art Markman Ph.D. on May 26, 2016 in Ulterior Motives
People may learn gestures by watching the speakers of their native language. But new research suggests the language itself can shape these gestures.

Why So Many Young Adults Are Living With Their Parents

By Bella DePaulo Ph.D. on May 26, 2016 in Living Single
For the first time ever, more young adults are living with their parents than with a spouse or partner. One of the most interesting reasons for this is rarely mentioned.

The Infant “Crying It Out” Debate: Chapter 615

A new Australian study looks at two different infant sleep interventions and whether they work or cause damage.

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7 Types of Stalkers and How to Spot Them

An estimated 12 – 16% of women and 4 – 7% of men will be stalked in their lifetimes. Most stalkers are men, but one type of stalking is perpetrated almost exclusively by women.

Still Standing After Severe Abuse

Stories of clients who witnessed molestation as children, the impact of molestation and the mind of the molester are discussed with six suggestions for coping and recovering

Don’t You Believe It

By Aaron C.T. Smith on May 26, 2016 in True Believers
How to think about what you think about

Central Planning and U.S Child Psychopharmacology

Is there overcontrol of the prescription of antipsychotics to children and adolescents in the U.S.?

Is there a Bit of Donald Trump in Each of Us?

Does any part of Trump´s fiery, often inappropriate rhetoric express what you were thinking? Playing the Human Card, candidates connect better with common ground than background.

Insurance Parity: Make It Work For You

Sure, new regulations are not always great for businesses and even non-profit organizations. But mental health parity can be a long-term plus for organizations that utilize it.

When You and Your Child Are Stuck in a Bad Pattern

But children (and adults!) naturally rebel against force, so you can't actually control anyone except yourself. That's why change needs to start with us.
It's Great To Be Home, flickr

Got the Urge to Do Some Spring Cleaning?

One of the things about happiness that continually surprises me is the degree to which, for most people, outer order contributes to inner calm, and inner self-command.

Adaptation of Ancient Oath in Search of Modern Relevence

The hippocratic principals of antiquity are to a great extent applicable in today's society. We examine the adaptations that have occurred and are currently being scrutinized

What Does It Mean to Nourish Yourself?

What does nourishment mean to you? How can you nourish yourself each day?

The Secret to Applying to College as a Military Veteran

By Rob Henderson on May 26, 2016 in After Service
Each year, thousands of men and women transition out of the military. It is important that they understand the options available to them.

Relieving Pain Without Gaining Weight

It's called comfort food for a reason. It makes us feel better, but it doesn't have to make us obese.

How to Eat More Mindfully

How can you start incorporating mindful eating into your life. Engage each of your senses in unique ways!

Forming Categories of Experience

Using the depressed tendency of rumination to strengthen networks of positive experience can act as a natural antidepressant.

Art Set Him Free: A Former Prison Inmate's Story

One man explains how art helped him get through prison.

Cracking the Shell for Better Money Habits

Well, you may approach money the same way I approached my breakfast: fumbling, stumbling, sometimes getting it right and sometimes complete disaster.

Learning to Relate

Learning how to relate is extremely complex—more so when, very early in life, a child’s parents aren’t effective caregivers.

At CAMH, Pet Therapy Helps Decrease Stigma

Pet therapy increases connection and reduces isolation and loneliness.

We Need to Talk About Books!

By Jenni Ogden Ph.D. on May 26, 2016 in Trouble in Mind
Are you a reader of ‘light’ or ‘heavy’ books? Why do so many of us love books set in war time, yet that is the last place we would really want to be?

When Should Kids Start Kindergarten?

Is it better for kids to delay kindergarten a year? Find out what the evidence says.

A Snarky Size Activist and 3 Benefits of My Stupid Fitbit

By Karen L Smith MSS, LCSW on May 25, 2016 in Full Living
I would hate my stupid step tracker even more if it wasn't working to help me increase my movement.

Balancing the Commitment to Self and Other

Balancing the commitment to self and other is one of the hardest things we do in a long-term partnership, requiring on-going calibration.

The Imposter Syndrome

By Susan Weinschenk Ph.D. on May 25, 2016 in Brain Wise
Are you one of the 70% of people that have "Imposter Syndrome"?

No. 1 Reason Having Vivid Dreams Benefits Your Brain

A groundbreaking study has identified—for the first time—a direct causal link between rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and memory formation.

Jon Mills Finds His Answers

Jon Mills was put on this earth to pursue his athletic goals and to help people do the same. But it took a long time for Mills to find his purpose...

Warming to the Sensual Touch: The Science of Foreplay

How individual notions of reward can change over time. The art of foreplay lies in knowing when and how much – and can lead to deeply meaningful relationships.

Creating Super-People

A future Utopia of Supermen and Superwomen as envisioned by early 20th century supporters of eugenics: What would it look like? Could making a better world be so simple?