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Perfectionism’s Upsides

By Marty Nemko Ph.D. on November 26, 2016 in How To Do Life
Examples to help you decide if you want to be less perfectionistic or more.
Don't Fall for Political Propaganda
Don't Fall for Political Propaganda
Only Penguins Look Alike
Only Penguins Look Alike
New Findings on Emotions in Borderline Personality Disorder
Emotions and the Borderline
In What Ways Do Socially Anxious Adults Suffer?
The Socially Anxious Adult

Catfished Part Two: How to Not Be on the End of the Line

7 ways to keep yourself from being fooled online and draft your standards and compatibility inventory

Catfished Part One: When You Might Be on the End of the Line

How to keep from being fooled that you're not being fooled by an online relationship.

Test Anxiety? Want to Get Better Grades? Take More Tests.

By Susan McQuillan M.S., RDN on November 25, 2016 in Cravings
Do you or your children suffer from test anxiety? One study technique appears to help more than others.

You’re Not a Bad Person: Facing Privilege Can Be Liberating

By Miki Kashtan Ph.D. on November 25, 2016 in Acquired Spontaneity
Time and time again I notice just how simple and strong it is to own and acknowledge my privilege where I have it, and to do so without guilt and shame.

Let’s Make America Toxic Again

To modest press notice, the ongoing Trump-Pence marketing site announced the offering of a special tree ornament touting its well-worn campaign slogan.

Sexual Infidelity: The Post-Discovery Longer-Term Aftermath

After you discover your partner's infidelity, this is what you should expect to feel and deal with during the next weeks or months.

Is Your Past Controlling Your Life?

By Lisa Firestone Ph.D. on November 25, 2016 in Compassion Matters
Many patterns we develop in our past shape how we act and react in the present. So, what are the ways we get stuck in the past and relive rather than live our lives?

3 Reasons to Let Yourself Feel Your Emotions

By Jennifer Rollin MSW, LGSW on November 25, 2016 in Mindful Musings
Struggling with your feelings often leads to more suffering.

The Neutral Zone: The Fine Art of Being In-Between

By Gregg Levoy on November 25, 2016 in Passion!
Between an ending (of a job, a relationship, a mindset) and a new beginning is a phase called the neutral zone. Here's why it's so important not to skip it.

The Why, How, and What of Electing Donald Trump

By Gregg Henriques Ph.D. on November 25, 2016 in Theory of Knowledge
Why did the US elect Trump, how did we not see it coming, and what can we now do? These deeply legitimate questions are being pondered at home and abroad.

Parents Cut Off by Adult Children: Clueless? Part 2

By David M. Allen M.D. on November 25, 2016 in A Matter of Personality
In a previous post I opined that most parents whose adult children have cut them off know the real reason. That is not always the case. This post describes one common issue.

Interfaith Holidays and Conflict Resolution

By F. Diane Barth L.C.S.W. on November 25, 2016 in Off the Couch
A rise in interfaith marriages has led to greater confusion about how to celebrate the holidays, and greater family tensions than ever before. How can you manage the differences?

Infidelity, Open Relationships, and Polyamory

Some romantic partners are convinced that they can provide everything the other person needs. Not so.

Changing Minds on Meat Eating

Effective animal advocacy is turning to empirical research for guidance.

An Uneventful Thanksgiving Trip

By Marty Nemko Ph.D. on November 25, 2016 in How To Do Life
Thoughts on your next long-distance family get-together.
The Myth of the Rational Consumer
The Myth of the Rational Consumer
Does It Matter Whether You Pay With Cash Or A Credit Card?
Cash or Credit?
Do Shoppers Benefit When Stores Use Everyday Low Pricing?
The Shopper’s Benefits
How to Free Yourself From Unwanted Temptations
Your Unwanted Temptations

Winter Holiday Weight Gain and Related Biological Causes

There are seasonal biological changes that facilitate an increase in our caloric intake.

Face-to-Face Social Participation Nourishes Quality of Life

By Christopher Bergland on November 24, 2016 in The Athlete's Way
New research suggests that it wouldn't be such a bad idea to practice the core values of Thanksgiving—gratitude and social connectedness—365 days a year.

The Brittle World of Peanut Allergy

By Sylvia R. Karasu M.D. on November 24, 2016 in The Gravity of Weight
Any food allergy, but particularly one to peanuts, is potentially life-threatening. Those affected currently have very little choice other than to avoid the culprit food.

Miracle of Conjoined Twins Brings Gratitude After Election

By Rita Watson MPH on November 24, 2016 in With Love and Gratitude
Simple acts can transform anger to gratitude, a gloomy day to one of sunshine and beauty.

Why Artificial Intelligence Will Replace Managers

By Ray Williams on November 24, 2016 in Wired for Success
Artificial intelligence (AI) will replace many blue-collar and white-collar jobs. It may also have a big impact on all levels of management, right up to the C-suite.

Taking a Deeper Look at the "Negative Person"

By Carrie Barron M.D. on November 24, 2016 in The Creativity Cure
The person who is labeled "negative" may actually be sad.

Homeless for the Holidays

The U.S. has high rates of homelessness and individualism. Lack of connection results in lack of compassion.

What The Holidays Can Provide for a Couple's Erotic Life

What can the holiday season teach us about improving our erotic lives? Gratitude practice may be the answer.

Dogs Remember More Than You Think

By Marc Bekoff Ph.D. on November 24, 2016 in Animal Emotions
A new study shows dogs display episodic memory and remember far more than we give them credit for. While many people already "knew" this, it's nice to have the science back us up.

What Stress Can Do to You: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

"The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another." — William James

Happy Holiday Parenting

By Yamalis Diaz Ph.D. on November 24, 2016 in Parenting Challenges 101
Nothing dampens holiday joy like tantrums, arguments, and a bad case of “I want." Use these strategies to manage challenging child behavior over the holidays.