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The Pressure to Be Perfect

Perfectionistic thinking is different from having high expectations and a drive to do a good job, in that the pressure to be perfect brings with it a host of negative thoughts.

Why Children Make Great Role Models

Have you ever stopped to notice how much children know about life? As it turns out, it's quite a lot.

Finding the Motivation to Change

By Leslie Becker-Phelps Ph.D. on October 10, 2017 in Making Change
When you feel stuck in negativity or are unable to make personal changes, you can learn to move forward and succeed through developing compassionate self-awareness.

How to Deal with Takers at Work

Are you struggling to deal with someone whose only interest is to take from others so they can make themselves look better?
What’s the best way to deal with a taker at work?

We Are Joyous and Playful to the Very End

By Bernard L. De Koven on October 09, 2017 in On Having Fun
Maybe it's possible that if you get good enough at pretending, you can pretend your way to bliss. Real. Genuine. Actual bliss.

Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery and Risk of Suicide

By Alexis Conason Psy.D. on October 09, 2017 in Eating Mindfully
More and more research suggests that people who undergo bariatric surgery may be at increased risk of suicide. Why are these risks often neglected?

High-Conflict Personalities

It's time to talk about high-conflict personalities. Here's why.

Darkness of the Womb

By Tara Brach Ph.D. on October 09, 2017 in Finding True Refuge
In challenging times, there are four key ways of paying attention that can allow for suffering to be transformative.

Science Progressively Modifies Our Understanding of Agency

Do the increasing restrictions that the sciences' successes impose on agent explanations apply even to human agency?

How Your Words Mask or Reveal Power and Compliance

By Laura Niemi, Ph.D. on October 09, 2017 in Morality in Language
The multitude of ways that we convey causation is both a blessing and a curse. It allows one to maintain a sense of self as a free agent. It also allows for moral ambiguity.

Synchronizing Brain Waves Can Turbocharge Executive Function

By Christopher Bergland on October 09, 2017 in The Athlete's Way
A pioneering new study has identified a surprising way to turbocharge executive functions. Someday, this method could be used to treat neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders.

Machiavellian Marketers

Bad marketing sometimes snares the gullible, but most of us are savvy enough to avoid cons such as “eat all you want and still lose weight!” It’s the good marketing that lures us.

Why Some People Can't Stop Trolling Monica Lewinsky

By Sue Scheff on October 09, 2017 in Shame Nation
People are harassed online for many reasons, and political reviews are one of them. Will Monica Lewinsky ever stop being trolled online?

Even Happy People Get the Blues

Regardless of what we do, life will at some point bring us losses, disappointments, and instances of physical and emotional pain. Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional.

Can Specific Rituals Before An Event Impact Our Performance?

By Peter Bregman on October 09, 2017 in How We Work
Find out how you can manipulate your environment to reduce anxiety, use mental visualizations to increase your confidence, and choose songs that get you in “the zone.”

Corking 45

By Jeremy E Sherman Ph.D. on October 09, 2017 in Ambigamy
Trump is going nowhere until he's humiliated to his face.

The Role of Anger in Depression

By Lisa Firestone Ph.D. on October 09, 2017 in Compassion Matters
The more we can take our own side and resist the tendency to turn our anger on ourselves, the more we can challenge our depression.
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Living in a World of Opposites, What's the Best Way to Cope?

By F. Diane Barth L.C.S.W. on October 09, 2017 in Off the Couch
We live in a world filled with turmoil and contradictions. How do we manage the feelings they stir up? And what can we do to make things better?

People Can Become Resilient After Disasters

By Rita Watson MPH on October 09, 2017 in With Love and Gratitude
Researchers are studying post-traumatic growth; that is looking at positive change despite one experiencing a major life crisis or a traumatic event.
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When Trust Hits Rough Waters, Flow Like a River

We have an ever-present source of happiness and wisdom inside us, all the time.

Reconnecting With Nature

By The Research Lab on October 09, 2017 in The Fundamentals
All nations must work together to sustain our planet. By Juan Miró, Ph.D., and Fernando Lara, Ph.D.

How Are African Americans Doing? I: Violence and Segregation

By Stanton Peele Ph.D. on October 09, 2017 in Addiction in Society
African Americans' status has deteriorated over the last 50 years, while whites strive to isolate themselves from black problems. Liberals do so while denying this segregation.


By Cortney S. Warren Ph.D. on October 09, 2017 in Naked Truth
What goes on in the mind of a mass shooter? In the mind of the shooter, there is a justification for killing. And it is based in lies.

Online Dating 101: Three Reasons You Aren’t Getting Replies

Frustrated by a low response rate? Research may help improve the odds of a reply.

What to Do When Doctors Haven't Helped You

By Eric Haseltine Ph.D. on October 09, 2017 in Long Fuse, Big Bang
A new approach when the old ones fail.

The Evidence on Reducing Gun Violence

As the nation reels from last week's shooting, some are calling for new laws while other want to protect gun-owners rights. But what does the data say about reducing gun violence?

Can You Take A Moment?

By Rick Hanson Ph.D. on October 09, 2017 in Your Wise Brain
Stop the urgency of the day and let a quiet fill the air let your thoughts slow down. There is presence in this moment, and no worries about the future.

Foiling Dishonest Job Seekers

By Marty Nemko Ph.D. on October 09, 2017 in How To Do Life
Advice for employers and job hunters.