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At the Gates of Commitment, Leave Illusions Behind

The biggest mistake we make in love is assuming that our partners' experience is the same as ours and that events and behaviors mean the same to them as they do to us.

Could a Million Monkeys Type the Secret of Life?

By Robert Lanza M.D. on May 20, 2016 in Biocentrism
Life's special place in the great scheme of existence

The Work-Life Interface

How are leisure, free-time, discretionary activities related to work activities? Do cooks come home dying to do some baking? Whence the concept of a busman's holiday?
Captives of the Mind
What Is Controlling Your Mind?
Change Your Painful Habits With a Mindful Review of Your Day
Change Your Painful Patterns
Curb Your Email Use
How to Master Your Fears

The Myth of Being Unlovable, Part 1

When we are feeling unloved, our mind makes up a story about how unlovable we are, filling in details about our supposed faults.

5 Ways to Help Kids After a Disaster

As natural disasters like the wildfires in Fort McMurray increase in frequency, there are 5 simple things we can do to help children avoid the trauma of being forcibly displaced.

Mastering Life's Transitions

Transitions from one chapter of our lives to the next can be a challenge. The key is to step back, think big picture, move forward, and have realistic expectations. Some tips.

21 Ways to Reduce Mental Stress Using Your Phone's Camera

By Alice Boyes Ph.D. on May 19, 2016 in In Practice
Simple ways to reduce your mental workload, and relieve the pressure of remembering and organizing.

The Surprising Benefit of Talking to Strangers on a Plane

Here's a good reason to take out your earbuds and say hello to the stranger in the seat next to you.

For Kids with Pain, Attending School Can Help

Too many days at home can lead to worsening chronic pain. Helping kids find ways to be successful in school, even when pain may persist, is essential.

Why Feminist Therapy?

We have come a long way, but...

6 Quick Ways to Ease Your Social Anxiety

The good news? Social anxiety is changeable. With time, practice, and a willingness to push yourself, you can achieve the ultimate: being comfortable in your own skin., used with permission

Dangerous Lies

Are there some secrets worth killing for? For two men leading double lives, the answer was yes.

How Will a Baby Affect Your Relationship?

Some couples survive the transition to parenthood better than others. Here's what the research says about first-time parents.

The Adaptive Living Equation

A formula for adaptive living is offered. It is the process by which one realistically maximizes one's valued states of being, given one's personhood and environment over time.

Do You Have a Micromanaging Boss?

Are you feeling overwhelmed at work? You may have a micromanaging boss.

A (Metaphorical) Bridge Between Semantic Order and Chaos

Walt Whitman once asked, “Have you felt so proud to get at the meaning of poems?” Research on the neural networks involved in metaphor processing justifies that feeling of pride.
Joao Silas/Unsplash

Forget About Single-Minded Goals, Focus on This Instead

Is the pressure to eat, sleep, and breathe one goal conducive to achieving more? Read on to learn why this common goal-setting strategy may not be best for most people.

My Experience of Psychosis

Transient post-operative delirium in critical care produced symptoms uniquely explained by the diametric model of mental illness.

Thorough Recovery From Depression

By Peter D Kramer on May 19, 2016 in In Practice
Treating depression, clinicians aim for very thorough responses—few remaining symptoms. A current study finds that, compared to psychotherapy, medication more often does that job.

The Truth About Seniors and Sex

Although we're more likely to experience sexual difficulties as we age, older adults are still capable of maintaining active and satisfying sex lives.

How Does Your Brain Tell You That You Are in Love?

What happens in the brain when we fall in love? Do modern scanning techniques tell us?

The Most Important Quality of a President: Temperament

The words candidates choose, and how and when they use them, are important indicators of temperament, a crucial characteristic of US Presidents.

Mental Health Awareness: ADHD in Children

CDC recommends that professionals refer parents of young children with ADHD for behavior therapy before prescribing medication.

6 Openings for Talking to Kids About Sex and Gender

By Karen L Smith MSS, LCSW on May 19, 2016 in Full Living
We want to be one of the people our kids talk to about sex, sexuality, orientation and gender. Even if it terrifies us.
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The Narcissistic Parent

Narcissistic parents - in this case a mother - can hurt children in many ways. It's a type of abuse that requires a special kind of healing.

Mental Health Initiatives for Athletes Still Lacking

Sports psychology often targets improved performance, not mental health

Insect Brain Capable of Conscious Subjective Experiences

By Marc Bekoff Ph.D. on May 19, 2016 in Animal Emotions
Just when you think we know it all, researchers propose that insect brains support "a capacity for subjective experience."

Compassion Can Help Us Cross Political Boundaries

When compassion strikes, we want to put an end to misery, even if it means tossing our own needs aside.