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Why Do You Really Oppose Drugs? Part II

By Robert Kurzban Ph.D. on August 16, 2011 in Mind Design
If people wanted to ban pot because it’s dangerous, people would be trying to ban swimming. There’s another reason…

Nothing For Granted

By Jonathan Fields on August 16, 2011 in Awake at the Wheel
I had an MRI recently.

It was early. 7:30am.

Secrets of Adulthood...For a Family Vacation

By Gretchen Rubin on August 16, 2011 in The Happiness Project
Good-bye, I'm off for vacation! Right now, I'm in that stage where it feels like so much work to get away, I'd rather just stay home. But I'm sure once we're underway, I'll be glad we undertook it.

Do Smart People Rule The World?

The role of the “smart fraction” in national competitiveness

The Israeli Tahrir Square: New Media and Politics in Action

The Israeli tent demonstrations: Why are the networks and newspapers ignoring them?

The Fallacy of Good Grades

We live in an age obsessed with numbers. But that doesn't mean we have to teach children to measure their self-worth by grades or test scores.

Dump the Shame, Not the Pills

By Julie K. Hersh on August 15, 2011 in Struck By Living
Can behavior modification completely remove the need for psychiatric medicine?

Milk Is for Babies

By Ina Lipkowitz Ph.D. on August 15, 2011 in Words To Eat By
Try ordering a glass of milk the next time you're out for dinner and see for yourselves what your friends and relations have to say.

What Is Behind the Candid Conversations in the Media About Women's "Private Parts?"

By Pamela Madsen on August 15, 2011 in Shameless Woman
The Detroit Free Press just ran an article announcing that we as a nation have "stopped whispering" about women's private parts. Suddenly everyone feels liberated enough to say "the word" at least once in almost every sit-com, late night or daytime talk show or reality series.

A New Look At Group Cooperation and Collaboration

By Ray Williams on August 15, 2011 in Wired for Success
If you follow the pack are you more likely to co-operate with others in it?

Combine Fun and Pleasure with Habit Change

By Meg Selig on August 15, 2011 in Changepower
Fun and pleasure can motivate a healthy habit change.

Procrastination: Bad Credit on Future Self?

By Timothy A Pychyl Ph.D. on August 15, 2011 in Don't Delay
It's often the case we want things now for which we do not have the money. Credit solves this problem. Credit can create problems too. So it is with procrastination.

Empathy Can Spruce up Your Lovin!

Love relationships go through stages of development. Don't we all wish we could stay in the first stage of ultimate infatuation! Let's discuss three stages of normal growth for love connections.

Lust vs Love: Do You Know the Difference?

By Judith Orloff M.D. on August 15, 2011 in Emotional Freedom
Why does Intense sexual attraction obliterate common sense and intuition in the most sensible people? Learn what the difference is between lust and love as well as techniques to enhance sexual wellness.

The Power No

If you're stressed, feel overcommitted, or are simply trying to make a positive change in your life, the Power No could be just what you need. A Power No doesn't just positively affect our life in the moment we say it, it also has a beneficial ripple effect on the future.

Going Automatic: We All Have Our Buttons!

Have you ever noticed that some experiences that you have in life really, Really, REALLY bother you? We are on automatic pilot. We find ourselves reacting without thinking, often over-reacting without even knowing why.

The "Smaller Class Size" Argument

Does the effectiveness of smaller class-size outweigh its cost?

Get the Most Bang Out of Your College Buck

By Mark Goulston M.D., F.A.P.A. on August 15, 2011 in Just Listen
Father: So what are you going to use college for?
Son: Would you get off my back! Can't I just go there to discover who I am and what I want to do?
Father: We didn't save up all this money for you to "find" yourself...

Animal and Humans: Meaningful Meetings of Common Minds

By Marc Bekoff Ph.D. on August 15, 2011 in Animal Emotions
International meetings and growing general interest show that animals matter. A recent gathering concerned with social justice and the treatment and conservation of great apes, hosted by the Arcus Foundation, made it abundantly clear that we all must be concerned with how these and other amazing beings are treated and do something now to improve their (and our) lives.

Statistical Numbing: Why Millions Can Die and We Don’t Care

By David Ropeik on August 15, 2011 in How Risky Is It, Really?
A single victim moves us more, emotionally, than many. Which means lack of public concern will continue to contribute to mass suffering.

A Relationship Between Anger and Stockholm Syndrome

"In 1973, Nils Bejerot coined the term stockholm syndrome to this interesting phenomenon, after hostages from a Swedish bank robbery fiercely defended their captors. This is despite the fact they had just been rescued from five days of captivity."

Stuck in a Groove

By Mel Schwartz L.C.S.W. on August 15, 2011 in A Shift of Mind
This post is the second in a continuing series on the nature of thought. It shares techniques for breaking free from the groove of old thought and introduces the Emergent Thinking® process, which enables us to gain a mastery of our thinking while creating the changes we desire.

My Friend Flirts Too Much: Should I Say Something?

I go to a spinning class on Wednesday nights with a really nice and fun friend. I get a little embarrassed because she flirts endlessly with the instructor. Should I say something or let her be?