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Can Self-Compassion Help the Self-Loathing Person?

Like Professor McGonigal, I too read Tara Parker-Pope's New York Times article on self-compassion with interest, and immediately wondered how this might relate to self-loathing and feelings of inadequacy. Might self-compassion provide help to the self-loathing? I'm afraid I'm skeptical, and here's why.

Probiotic Helps Children with IBS

By Seth Roberts on March 05, 2011 in Personal Science
The researchers failed to see a larger picture -- that another, much more common, far cheaper source of microbes (fermented foods) has also been shown to have big health benefits.

How to Be Less Efficient

By Seth Roberts on March 05, 2011 in Personal Science
Wanting to get something for nothing, I start working.

My husband is having an affair. . . with a man

By Loren A. Olson M.D. on March 05, 2011 in Finally Out
A straight couple's world turns upside down after infidelity with gay partner.

The dark side of friendship

By Maryanne Fisher Ph.D. on March 05, 2011 in Love's Evolver
For some unknown reason in our evolved psychology, we often like to watch ‘tall poppies' do poorly, even if that person is a "friend." If we feel someone doesn't deserve something, we might be very happy to see them fail.

What Is Spirituality?

Spirituality is not a specimen to dissect and analyse, but better thought of as a dimension of human experience. It is the ‘active ingredient' of major world religions (and some humanistic ideologies too). The spiritual dimension is like a kind of adventure playground, a place to learn in and have fun.

Clinical Despair: Science, Psychotherapy and Spirituality in the Treatment of Depression

By Stephen A Diamond Ph.D. on March 04, 2011 in Evil Deeds
The patient suffering from clinical despair is deeply discouraged about the world and their ability to create the kind of life they desire. They have all but given up. Overcoming clinical despair requires encouraging the patient to continue to choose to move forward in life even while allowing themselves to fully experience the depths of their despair.

College Rejection Letters Can Hurt but Don't Have to Make You Crazy

By F. Diane Barth L.C.S.W. on March 04, 2011 in Off the Couch
Whether you’re an applicant or an applicant’s parent, one thing to remember is that getting into any specific college – even getting into college at all – is not what will make or break your life.

This Is Me

It's scary to be yourself. It is absolutely terrifying. You definitely risk big when you decided to put your true self out there on display. The good news is that the payoffs are worth all the risk.

Hot Times at Northwestern

Sometmes a sex toy demonstration in class doesn't leave you with the lesson you set out to teach.

Dual Sexuality: Why you might consider going off the pill before tying the knot

 Women contemplating marriage who have been on the Pill for their entire relationship may want to try cycling before making the long-term commitment. 

Consuming Sugar Decreases Desire for Immediate Monetary Rewards

By Gad Saad Ph.D. on March 04, 2011 in Homo Consumericus
Your blood glucose levels affect whether you prefer a smaller monetary reward now versus a larger one in the future. Specifically, lack of sugar makes you more oriented toward immediate rewards (more impulsive).  See also my TED talk photos!

We may be human, but we are also animals

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has been around for a long time and has shown significant success in use for the treatment of difficult to treat disorders such as depression, impulse disorders, addictions, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, and others.

The Stress of Trying to Get Pregnant

Should women trying to conceive just relax?  Will avoiding stress increase chances of conception? A study just published concludes there is no association between high stress and failure of fertility treatment. In today's blog I'll sort out the mixed messages of recent research on stress and infertility treatment. 

Why Reconnect with Estranged Midlife Siblings?

By Cathy Cress M.S.W. on March 04, 2011 in Mom Loves You Best
Time is running out on the midlife family stage. There is only so much time for forgiveness and reconnection.

Interview with author Heidi Durrow, The Girl Who Fell From the Sky

By Jennifer Haupt on March 04, 2011 in One True Thing
Heidi Durrow's compelling debut novel, The Girl Who Fell From the Sky, began as a seed of an idea she found in a newspaper article about a girl whose family died in a tragedy that she survived. Durrow became obsessed with imagining this girl's life, and in the process started thinking more about her own bi-racial upbringing. Here's more from Heidi: 

The GRE Becomes Relevant

By Michael Bruce on March 04, 2011 in Angst!
The GRE has changed! Antonyms and analogies have been removed from the test, so there are no questions that test vocabulary out of context. What does it all mean?

Make a difference in bullying: Watch TV with your child!

By Marcia Eckerd Ph.D. on March 04, 2011 in People Skills
Bullying and the damage it can do has been getting a lot of deserved attention. A show on bullying and bystanders on TV Sunday March 6 is worth watching and it gives parents a chance to talk to older kids. Other shows will help younger children. Every child makes a difference in bullying; watch TV together to help your kids know what to do!

Can infants recognize melodies heard in the womb?

By Henkjan Honing Ph.D. on March 04, 2011 in Music Matters
Ongoing research into the effects of listening to music in the womb.

“My monkey could have painted that.” Really?

By Matthew Hutson on March 04, 2011 in Psyched!
How much better is abstract art than work by kids and monkeys? New research reveals the answer.

When Should You Second-Guess Yourself?

Hi, I'm Mark, and I'm a pathological second-guesser. I spend a tremendous amount of time questioning my own decisions, to the point where I resemble Buridan's ass, who died from hunger and thrist after being unable to choose between two equally good options (a pail of water and a bale of hay) equally distant from it.