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Entering IMDb into Evidence? From CSI to being CSI'ed

By James C Kaufman on June 07, 2011 in And All That Jazz
An IMDb page can be many things - a source of information, promotion, entertainment, or amusement. But rarely have I seen an IMDb page that seems like a harbinger of bad things to come.

Deleting the Blog Bully

Why blog bullies post harsh comments and what to do about it

Father’s Day: Same-Sex Parents Are Springing Open Gender Traps

Gay and lesbian couples embody changing ideas about sex and sex roles. They are challenging us all to reevaluate the terms of marriage. Along with single parents raising children, they are also transforming the nature of parenting--and showing how Americans have transcended the gender-based definitions of parenting.

The Four Attitudes of Happiness

By Raj Raghunathan Ph.D. on June 07, 2011 in Sapient Nature
Although it is not possible to become happier by just telling ourselves that we are happier, it is possible to adopt set of attitudes--an outlook towards life--that enhances the chances of experiencing happiness. There are four attitudes, in particular, that can significantly enhance the quality of your emotional life.

Representative Weiner: Poster Child for Id-iocity

There is no such thing as human nature. There is only animal nature and the human potential to not give into it.

Understanding the Race Concept Cross-Culturally

There is little understanding of, many misconceptions regarding, and many false implicit assumptions concerning the race concept.

For the sake of your descendants, eat a healthy diet

By Gary L Wenk Ph. D. on June 07, 2011 in Your Brain on Food
Far more is a risk than just your own mental health; you also have a responsibility to the offspring of your descendants.

Virtual Relationships

By Sophia Moskalenko Ph.D. on June 07, 2011 in Friction
Oprah, Casey and the Real Housewives

Author Claire Cook: The Master of Midlife Reinvention

By Jennifer Haupt on June 07, 2011 in One True Thing
Best Staged Plans is a great summer beach read that tackles the familiar themes of taking chances and pursuing live-long dreams. Here's more from author Claire Cook.

Does Death Awareness Heighten the Meaning of Life?

What is the impact of heightened death awareness on how we perceive the meaning of life?

Brain Fog in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia

Brain fog in people with CFS can be very severe and even frightening, leaving them concerned that they are developing Alzheimer's. But they're not. CFS brain fog is when you keep forgetting where you left the keys - Alzheimer's is when you forget how to use the keys!

Can Dogs Help Humans Heal?

Many people believe that if a dog licks a wound it heals faster, while others believe that a dog's tongue and saliva carries infections.

The Breakup Text Message: 6 Signs It Could Happen To You

By Andrea Bonior Ph.D. on June 07, 2011 in Friendship 2.0
It's still the stuff of bad sitcoms, and an offense that will gift its victim an automatic round of tequila shots from a sympathetic audience-- ending a romantic relationship by text message. Convinced that your relationship would never succumb to such an ignoble ending? Don't be so sure.

I’m a Social Smoker: Who Are You Kidding?

People claim to be social smokers because they can say they can control their cravings in between social occasions. But they may be more hooked than they realize. With the “Hooked on Nicotine” checklist, you can determine whether you (or friends or family) are more than the social smokers they claim to be.

Sex and Self-Development Between The Sheets

The only way to cure sexual boredom is to expand your sexual repertoire. But don't expect your partner to applaud when you propose something new. Expect to hear, "That's a disgusting and perverted thing to do!"

A Weiner By Any Other Name

By Sam Sommers on June 07, 2011 in Science Of Small Talk
We keep falling for it, don't we? As today's disillusioned Facebook and Twitter posts spell out, once again plenty of people have been let down and even shocked by the embarrassing missteps of a public figure they thought they knew. Today it's Anthony Weiner...

Omega 3 and Brain Health

By Gary L Wenk Ph. D. on June 07, 2011 in Your Brain on Food
Change your diet soon; the benefits of omega-3 may disappear as you age.

Can You Learn About Happiness from Virginia Woolf? I Think So

By Gretchen Rubin on June 07, 2011 in The Happiness Project
Assay: Recently, I posted a quotation from Virginia Woolf for my weekly quotation. I often quote from Woolf, because she’s one of my very favorite writers.

Seeing Is Researching

By Trisha Gura Ph.D. on June 07, 2011 in The Synaptic Cafe
If eyes could see. Well, then what? Neuroscientists are studying how the brain learns to see in older children cured of blindness. Brain development is full of surprises.

Study the Virtues

By Michael W Austin on June 07, 2011 in Ethics for Everyone
A virtuous person is a morally sensitive person. She attends to rules, consequences, and the needs of other people as warranted. She is not self-absorbed. Study of the virtues can contribute to a less self-centered approach to life.

4 Behaviors Shared by the Best Bosses

Research has helped us discover the behaviors that are displayed by the most effective leaders. These "best practices" not only distinguish the best bosses, but they can serve as guidelines for improving your own leadership, in both supervisory and "follower" roles.

Should You Forgive Your Romantic Partner?

When a partner hurts you, will your forgiveness persuade them to change? Or, would providing consequence for their actions motivate their behavior more effectively? Find out which approach works better to encourage them to treat you right.

Do Politicians Have Better Sex than You Do?

By Donna Barstow on June 07, 2011 in Ink Blots Cartoons
What happens behind closed doors (or on the desk) doesn't always stay behind closed doors.

Compassion really hurts

A Buddhist monk once told me that an important part of my job, working with suffering people, involved learning how to protect myself and how to grow as a person. His words and his kindness opened me up to an extremely valuable kind of wisdom. Feeling bad is not the problem. Feeling bad about feeling bad: that is often the problem.

Napoleon Complex in Football: The Beautiful Game Turned Ugly

The past weeks have shown both the beautiful and dark side of world's most popular game, both showcasing leadership psychology.

Do Only Children Have More Problems Making Friends? An Interview with PT Blogger Susan Newman

When I learned that my colleague, psychologist Dr. Susan Newman had just written a new book entitled, "The Case for the Only Child," I prevailed upon Susan to share what she had found out in reviewing the research on only children.