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Merchants of Doubt

By Christopher Lane Ph.D. on July 04, 2011 in Side Effects
A vitally important new book, just out in paperback, examines how manufactured controversies in science have been used to "spread confusion on many of the most important issues of our time." The journal Science considers it required reading.

Idiocracy: Can We Reverse It ?

By Hank Davis on July 04, 2011 in Caveman Logic
America is on a precipitous slide toward Idiocy. The most obvious signs of the decline we see around us are growing illiteracy, lack of education, widespread obesity, and religiosity: an overweight, uninformed, irrational people.

The Birds and the Trees

By Linda Wasmer Andrews on July 04, 2011 in Minding the Body
Tweets (the avian kind) are good for your health and happiness. Two recent studies show that bird sounds improve soundscape quality and help counter the ill effects of human noise.

Top 10 iPad Apps You Can’t Live Without

By Bernardo Tirado, PMP on July 04, 2011 in Digital Leaders
Top 10 iPad Apps You Can’t Live Without

Spiritual Leadership: The Case of Barack Obama Part 3*

"Those stories - of survival, and freedom, and hope - became our story, became my story. Our trials and triumphs became at once both unique and universal..." There is no reason to assume that Obama excluded anyone from this conclusion: black, white, Latino, Asian, or anyone.

Died on the Fourth of July

The unexpected way to see many happy and healthy Fourth of July celebrations. HINT: It is not a life of artificial fireworks. Instead, follow the Founding Fathers.

Increasing Your Desirability by Being Selectively Tempted

In some cases blocking the wish to be with one's lover can greatly increase your own desirability. Two ways of doing this are "Playing hard to get" and "The 'in due course' policy." In both cases, the advice of "Don't block everything and don't give everything" is sound.

Psychology, Not Economics, is Behind Market Bubbles

By Ben Y Hayden Ph.D. on July 03, 2011 in The Decision Tree
To explain market bubbles, ditch the economics, pick up a psychology textbook.

What choices do "none-agomous" couples have?

The options you have in a sexless marriage.

Prognosis is Gloomy for Children with Personality-Disordered Parents, Studies Suggest

Children of parents with personality disorder are exposed to a combination of risk factors and are at greater risk of emotional, behavioral, and somatic [physical] problems, studies say.

I Learned the Truth at Seven

By Jean A Anspaugh on July 03, 2011 in Fat Like Us
Our bodies shape our lives

What Jurors in the Casey Anthony Murder Case are Thinking

By David DiSalvo on July 03, 2011 in Neuronarrative
For a juror, the psychological conflict is palpable. In one sense, they are following an emotional narrative featuring a victim, a villain, and a cast of supporting characters—some good, some bad, most somewhere in between. The trial is a story told from different perspectives, and the jury is the audience taking it all in from front row seats.

This July Fourth, Listen to a Veteran

Veterans Administration officials cite rising rates of suicide, incarceration, homelessness and unemployment. Small wonder a U.S. appellate court recently ordered complete overhaul of VA mental health treatment.

Married Without Infidelities: Speaking Up for Monogamy

Like many others, I read Mark Oppenheimer's article on Dan Savage and monogamy in today's The New York Times Magazine with interest. But do they give enough credit to the symbolic nature of monogamous commitment and the interests of the other person who is cheated on?

Apology to Maria Shriver

Arnold Schwarzenegger's maid has cost him his reputation, and his wife. An anonymous maid in the Sofitel Hotel has cost Dominique Strauss-Kahn his job at the IMF, and may have cost him the presidency of France. Before the first Independence Day, that wouldn't have happened.

Happy 4th of July - How Independent Are You?

Fourth of July is a great time of year to ask yourself, how independent are you? Are you Dependent, Pseudo-independent or Independent?

The Monogamish Marriage: What If It's Not Cheating to Cheat?

By Pamela Madsen on July 03, 2011 in Shameless Woman
The front cover of the New York Times Magazine section bears a startling headline, "Married with Infidelities" which is the first time the gray lady has truly taken off the gloves in exploring that state of the monogamous marriage and infidelity in the United States.

Looks Can Kill – Your Better Judgment

By Bella DePaulo Ph.D. on July 03, 2011 in Living Single
Skillful lie-detectors should not be fooled by a person’s looks. They should be able to see beyond a person’s characteristic angelic or devilish look to discern when each person really is lying and whey they are really telling the truth.

Keeping Romance Alive

My wife once told me she felt I wasn't particularly warm. She rarely saw me hug anyone, I rarely took her hand spontaneously, or rubbed her back or nuzzled her neck. And she very much wanted those things, she said.

Presumptuousness: The Scourge of Those Who Dare to Live Life Their Own Way?

By Bella DePaulo Ph.D. on July 03, 2011 in Living Single
Presumptuousness can blight the experiences of single people, of adults with no children, and of anyone who chooses to live life in a way that is not socially expected way.

The Buddha and Albert Ellis: The Eightfold Path meets the ABCs of REBT

The “ABCs of REBT” help determine when a cognition creates stress and suffering and helps get rid of it. Buddhism's Right Effort encourages the practitioner to examine the mind and determine if there are harmful or helpful mental states present. The two approaches go hand-in-hand.

Is General Intelligence Compatible with Evolutionary Psychology?

At first blush, the existence of domain-general intelligence seems incompatible with the strong modularity view of the mind espoused by many evolutionary psychologists. An in-press article in the journal "Intelligence" offers a reconciliation.