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Passive Aggressive Behavior at Chore Time: Using Benign Confrontation

This article is a follow-up to the previous post, providing a detailed explanation and example of the six steps of Benign Confrontation of passive aggressive behavior.

Being A Superhero--It's About the Costume?

By Robin S. Rosenberg Ph.D. on April 05, 2011 in The Superheroes
People dress in costume for a variety of reasons, including the "ego boost" that can come with the garb.

What Children with Autism Want You to Know

By Ricki G. Robinson M.D., M.P.H on April 05, 2011 in Autism Solutions
Over and over, I found I was hearing similar themes from children with autism. Each child just wanted to be heard. I share with you today a few of the most common and perhaps the five most important things they want to share.

The Art of Losing Control

It's tempting to compensate for a spouse's distraction and disorganization by exerting control. Do so at your own peril.

A Career Fit for a Romantic: Elizabeth Taylor’s

By Elizabeth Wagele on April 05, 2011 in The Career Within You
No actresses matched Taylor's hold on the collective imagination. In the public's mind, she was the dark goddess for whom playing Cleopatra as she did with such notoriety, required no great leap from reality.

Have You Listened to Your Self-Talk Lately?

Would I ever call a friend "dumb" or "stupid" or an "idiot"? No!

Why Reading a Boring Article Every Day Actually Made My Vacation More Fun

By Gretchen Rubin on April 05, 2011 in The Happiness Project
I just got back from a very nice week’s vacation. While I was away, I tried an experiment on myself, which turned out very successfully.

Men's Fantasy of a Threesome: Why Men Want a Ménage a Trois

By Seth Meyers Psy.D. on April 05, 2011 in Insight Is 20/20
Having a threesome is at the top of many men's wish list.

The Downside to Celebrating Mental Illness

Interviews with people with various maladies and ailments are media staples, where they are presented as helping inform the public of the conditions borne by the suffering interviewee. What if the whole circus causes more serious problems than it solves, as could have occurred with "hiccup girl" Jennifer Mee.

Pain reduces feelings of guilt

By Art Markman Ph.D. on April 05, 2011 in Ulterior Motives
Physical pain can reduce your feelings of guilt. Why does that happen?

Why Possibility Matters

By Pamela Gerloff on April 05, 2011 in The Possibility Paradigm
“How can Possibility be a value?” I thought. I had always thought of possibility as just something that existed. A good thing in life, for sure. But not a value to live by.
Is your intelligence genetically based?

Is your intelligence genetically based?

The narratives and images around intelligence tests remind us of their rigor by subtly invoking molecules, genomes, and DNA. The message? You're either among the Chosen, or not. It sure can feel good to be Chosen--and once chosen, people are motivated to keep it that way.

Spiritual Growth - 'Shifters'

There will always be suffering in our lives. We should try not to see it in wholly negative terms. Be aware that, buried inside it, there is an opportunity for growth and transformation.

What Kind of People Hate Teams?

I would no more instruct my class to break into groups or "teams" than I would ask them to build a human pyramid while yodeling.

The Sex You Cannot Speak Of

By Noam Shpancer Ph.D. on April 04, 2011 in Insight Therapy
Wherever you turn everyone seems to be happy to talk about sex, and even to have some. But there is one kind of sex you are not allowed to talk about, let alone admit you are having.

Don't Get Even, Get Even Better

By Karen Salmansohn on April 04, 2011 in Bouncing Back
Ten tips to make make sure you turn breakups into needed breakthroughs, endings into better beginnings - and stop focusing on getting even - and instead focus on getting even better!

Why I'm Better than You - You Would Have Supported the Internment of Japanese-Americans

The internment of Japanese-Americans in concentration camps following Pearl Harbor is generally regarded as one of the lowest moments in American history. These events were managed by our most liberal president, supported by our most liberal commentators, and approved by our most liberal Supreme Court members. And so would you have! (But not me.)

Lady Gaga Is My Guru?

By Jonathan H. Ellerby Ph.D. on April 04, 2011 in Inspiration Deficit Disorder
The Value of Solitude
Living Single
The Truth about Social Anxiety
Field Guide to the Loner

What’s Wrong with Me? What’s Wrong with Them?

By Satoshi Kanazawa on April 03, 2011 in The Scientific Fundamentalist
I just learned the sad news that NBC will likely cancel its new sitcom Perfect Couples.