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Wasting Time: Symptom and Enemy of Anorexia

By Emily T. Troscianko on August 31, 2011 in A Hunger Artist
I explore the time-wasting of eating disorders and their mental mantras, and how taking things to extremes offers an illusory solution.

Who's on Your Fridge?

By Peter Bregman on August 31, 2011 in How We Work
But here's the thing: we're always projecting things onto other people. We just often choose to be critical more readily than we choose to be inspired — to project more negative things onto people than positive . . .What if, instead — or at least in addition — we chose not to miss an opportunity to be inspired?

Harnessed on Falling Skies: What the TV Show Teaches Us About Ourselves

By Mark Changizi on August 31, 2011 in Nature, Brain, and Culture
The skitters on the television show "Falling Skies" hold a terrible secret. They've been harnessed. But -- wait! So have you and I!

Humorist Wade Rouse: Why We Love, and Put Up With, Our Dogs

By Jennifer Haupt on August 31, 2011 in One True Thing
Anthology explores neurotic relationship between man and beloved mutt, and raises money for the Humane Society. Here’s more from editor Wade Rouse:

Hurricane Hype: Overreaction? Nonsense!

By David Ropeik on August 31, 2011 in How Risky Is It, Really?
There was a lot of hype and excitement leading up to Storm Irene, but people did not overreact. Getting ready, and being prepared, make complete sense.

Brain Mapping Does Not Reveal What Turns a Woman On

Recent imaging studies mapping locations for the vagina, cervix and nipples in the brain's sensory cortex leave the mystery of female sexual desire unsolved.

5 Reasons Why Autism Moms Rock!

By Kymberly Grosso on August 31, 2011 in Autism in Real Life
From running support groups to advocating on behalf of our children, these women are passionate, fearless and a force to be reckoned with. When I look at the autism moms I know, it is easy to see commonalities despite their many differences. So my fellow autism Moms, here's my 5 top reasons for why you rock:

Cultural Differences in Reactions to Thoughts of Death

By Art Markman Ph.D. on August 31, 2011 in Ulterior Motives
Research suggests that you protect yourself from thoughts of death by enhancing your sense of self. What it means to enhance your sense of self, though, depends on your culture.

Video Vacation Continues, Back in September

By Gretchen Rubin on August 31, 2011 in The Happiness Project
I so appreciate the attentiveness of everyone who has noticed that I've stopped posting videos for some reason

Why Are Wedding Stories Privileged, Even During Disasters?

By Bella DePaulo Ph.D. on August 31, 2011 in Living Single
Why do reporters look for stories of postponed weddings to illustrate the emotional costs of natural disasters?

Irresistible Neanderthals: Sex in Human Ancestry

By Rosemary Joyce Ph.D. on August 31, 2011 in What Makes Us Human
What's the fascination with sex in human ancestry?

The Unworried Well

By Nassir Ghaemi M.D., M.P.H. on August 30, 2011 in Mood Swings
Maybe we shouldn't be treating some of the people in our offices, and yet we should be treating some of the people who don't want to come to our offices.

Does Creativity Require Constraints?

If I asked you to draw a person from planet aardvark, would you be more creative if (a) I gave you no examples, or (b) gave you a few examples of what aardvarkians look like?

Does ill mean bad?

By Nassir Ghaemi M.D., M.P.H. on August 30, 2011 in Mood Swings
It strikes many as odd to say that mental illness can be good. But this may only seem odd because we make an assumption that all illness is always bad, a clearly false claim.

Shy and Popular? Depends on Where You Live

By Greg Markway Ph.D., on August 30, 2011 in Shyness Is Nice
"If I lived in China, I'd be very popular." In a previous post, my wife, Barb referenced a study that found shyness and sensitivity to be highly desired personality traits among children in China. On the other hand, these same traits were far less desirable among Canadian children.

Brain waves, consciousness, and the perceptual moment.

By Susan R Barry Ph.D. on August 30, 2011 in Eyes on the Brain
A brain scientist flashes a dim light in front of you and asks whether or not you see the flash. The light is dim so you see it only half the time. But why is there this variability? If all conditions are identical from trial to trial, shouldn't you see the light during all the trials or during none at all?

Fast paced dystopic thriller

By Dennis Rosen M.D. on August 30, 2011 in Sleeping Angels
Last April I received a very strange postcard at work. In large yellow letters set off against a black background were the words "Rule #2: No killing anyone under the age of eighteen." Considering that I am a pediatrician at a large children's hospital, the postcard elicited more than a few raised eyebrows.

Top Picks for Hazards

I recently had a call from a junior health reporter doing a story on household toxins. An editor had assigned her the topic and was keeping the cub reporter on a fairly short leash: she was supposed to come up with a list of top hazards to worry about, but also a matching list of worries that were “overblown.”

We Are All One, Do Your Thang: Confessions of a Hippie Libertarian Theocrat

By Jeremy E Sherman Ph.D. on August 30, 2011 in Ambigamy
Hippies and today's conservatives both ignore the challenges of reconciling liberty and unity.

The Golden Psi: Psychology Goes to the Movies

By Jeremy Clyman Psy.D on August 30, 2011 in Reel Therapy
Everyone who is interested in movies and psychology should know about the Golden Psi Media Award. Everyone who is anyone, that is.

For IQ, Does Fish Trump Fish Oil Pills?

By Jena Pincott on August 30, 2011 in Love, Sex, and Babies
The case for why pregnant women should eat fish, not fish oil supplements.