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So You Want to Be a Neuropsychologist?

By Jenni Ogden Ph.D. on November 03, 2011 in Trouble in Mind
Why clinical neuropsychology is an exciting career choice.

What's Occupying Us All

By David Rock on November 03, 2011 in Your Brain at Work
The 'Occupy' movement, as confused as it might seem, is clear about one thing. It wants to ask the modern world some uncomfortable questions. Contrary to media portrayal, the questions are not small ones, like whether drum circles should be required in schools, or which brand of politician should be in charge. The questions are deeper here, like, should we let equality con

How Much Progress Has Artificial Intelligence Made

By Ben Y Hayden Ph.D. on November 03, 2011 in The Decision Tree
In the Age of Siri, I revisit Douglas Hofstadter's 10 Questions and Answers about Artificial Intelligence, posed in Godel, Escher, Bach 32 years ago.

Why You Should be Concerned about Kim Kardashian's Divorce

By Craig Malkin PhD on November 03, 2011 in Romance Redux
The press is crying hoax and twitter is–well all atwitter–with jokes about the Kardashian-Humphries divorce. But there's good reason to be concerned, and it has more to do with looking at ourselves in the mirror than pointing the finger at Kim Kardashian for her reckless behavior.

Five Things My Daughter Has Taught Me about Fatherhood

By Shawn T. Smith Psy.D. on November 03, 2011 in Ironshrink
Our wonderful, precocious daughter is about to turn five years old. Here are some of the lessons she has taught me along the way.

My Teenage Son Told Me He's A G_Y!

By Barbara Greenberg Ph.D. on November 03, 2011 in The Teen Doctor
What To Do When Your Teen Tells You Something During a Fight

Does Your Headache Remedy Understand You?

When a fever starts, the flu attacks or allergies erupt, try to separate your emotions from the physical symptoms. Self-medicating with a brand that you believe understands your emotional state is more likely to help you feel better.

Four Ways to Assure You Won't Get What You Want

Here's four ways that are likey to create bad feelings with work colleagues. They can also help you lose your job, end your love relationships, and wreck your holidays.

Interview with Unbridled Books Publisher Fred Ramey

By Jennifer Haupt on November 03, 2011 in One True Thing
Bigger isn't always better according to Fred Ramey, co-publisher of Unbridled Books, one of the country's most prestigious independent publishing houses. Here's more from this industry maverick and leader.

3 Myths that Suck the Joy out of Family Gatherings

By Nick Tasler on November 03, 2011 in The Impulse Factor
Should family gatherings be fun or perfect?

Family Theory Explains Dexter's Darkness

By Jeremy Clyman Psy.D on November 03, 2011 in Reel Therapy
Dexter, for those of you who are unaware, is a Showtime series about a compelling, relatable figure who lives two lives. He is a brilliant blood splatter analyst by day, and serial killer of murderers and vermin by night. Read on to find out why he does what he does...

Mindfulness Helps to Combat Stress

Mindfulness, or awareness of the present moment, means ensuring that you are aware of the here and now. Part of the Buddhist and Indian Yoga traditions, mindfulness has become more and more popular in the West.

Helping Your Child Make Better Friends

By Ugo Uche on November 03, 2011 in Promoting Empathy With Your Teen
In most cases of bullying, when kids resort to bullying another peer, it is usually the bully’s way of saying, “you don’t belong to this group, now leave or I will continue to make your life miserable.”

Anxiety: A Modern Plague

What are major causes of this plague and what can we do about them? Most of us experience significant anxiety at one point or another in our lives.

Are We There Yet?

By Ira Hyman Ph.D. on November 03, 2011 in Mental Mishaps
You’ve probably heard the perennial question from the backseat: “Are we there yet?” As the family was riding over the river and through the woods, the children were in the back asking: “When do we get to grandmother’s house?” Why does it take so long to get there?

Is the Freshman Fifteen an Urban Myth?

By Susan Albers Psy.D. on November 03, 2011 in Comfort Cravings
Is the freshman fifteen just a myth? This article tells you the latest.

Can’t Get No Satisfaction? The Buddha and Nietzsche Can Help

By Toni Bernhard J.D. on November 03, 2011 in Turning Straw Into Gold
Getting what you want is not the key to happiness. The key is learning to be at peace with the life you have.

Being Naked and Vulnerable with Our Clothes on

By Pamela Madsen on November 03, 2011 in Shameless Woman
When we allow ourselves to look at our own most naked places, and then decide that it is safe to let others hold that part of us—or even just to see that part of us—tremendous healing can happen

Detecting Deception in Online Profiles

Most people lie when they describe themselves in online profiles

Can Good Sleep Improve Sports Performance?

Rest, recovery, and effective regeneration are necessary to attain and maintain peak athletic performance—and can aid performance in many other arenas.

The Ruination of the Likert Scale

The Likert Scale is one of the great tools of psychological and social science research. Save it from death by misuse!

Slow Food the Doable Way

By Christine Louise Hohlbaum on November 03, 2011 in The Power of Slow
Slow food can be daunting for folks on the go. But it doesn't have to be that hard. Former book critic Jennifer Reese discovered the best recipes to make things from scratch, including Nutella. If I can do it, so can you!

Do You Have Clutter Mentality?

By Gretchen Rubin on November 03, 2011 in The Happiness Project
One thing I've noticed about happiness: for me, and for most people, outer order contributes to inner calm.