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Instead of Apologizing, Change

By Ray Williams on August 03, 2011 in Wired for Success
We all want an apology when someone does us wrong. Are the apologies effective? From the person giving the apology, it may be assumed so. From the perspective of the person receiving, it, maybe not. Changed behaviour is another thing altogether.

Food and Money: How to Change Your Self-Defeating Habits

By Susan Biali M.D. on August 03, 2011 in Prescriptions for Life
Will the cupcake win almost every time? Does your credit card grow wings and fly out of your wallet and into the chip-reader terminal? Dr. Susan Biali shares practical, easy-to-apply tips to help you start winning common self-destructive battles with food and spending.

Obama, Cynicism, and the Need for Meaning

The need for meaning is fundamental in the human psyche. It animates people in politics, work, family, and in both their spiritual and creative lives. When it's frustrated, as it has been by Obama, people become cynical. When it's activated, people will join movements and become their better selves.

Ghett-o’ this Airplane!

Nowadays there’s a lot fewer jokes about flying and we’re all eyeing fellow passengers looking for the next shoe bomber. But have you noticed that our standards for defining deviance in looks and actions may display a not-so subtle form of institutionalized racism?

Where Have All the Neighbors Gone?

The biggest change in the transition from neighborhood to franchise is the relentless squeeze on what, from the point of view of profits, is the most expendable and expensive part of the exchange system: the interaction with a competent, experienced human being.

Research on One-Size-Fits-All Parenting

A recent study published in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology (Aug. 2011) suggests that tailoring parenting style to personality can reduce the incidence of depression and anxiety symptoms by as much as half in school aged children. Conversely, mismatches in parenting style and personality were shown to lead to twice as many symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Every Woman Has A Hidden Self

All of us have at least one version of ourselves packed away in a suitcase under the bed. She's an escape route.

Cool Dudes, Hot Temps: The Climate Change Argument Isn't About the Facts

By David Ropeik on August 03, 2011 in How Risky Is It, Really?
People argue about climate change facts, but the real conflict is about underlying worldviews. Which is why the argument will get us nowhere.

Rue au beurre or Boterstraat?

By Ina Lipkowitz Ph.D. on August 03, 2011 in Words To Eat By
You have to love a city that's got a street named after butter.

When Sex Hurts: Tips and Tricks to Overcome Discomfort

By Lisa Thomas LMFT on August 03, 2011 in Save Your Sex Life
When intercourse is painful, what should you do? According to a recent study conducted by Redbook Magazine, up to 80% of women suffer from painful penetration at some point in their lives especially after childbirth. How do women go about treating this problem? What are your options? How can I fix this?

Are You A Member Of The RAT Race Or The HUMAN Race?

Years ago, while working as a psychologist on a busy psychiatric hospital ward, I was jolted into reality by one of my schizophrenic patients when he asked me, "Are you a member of the rat race or the human race?"

New Law Makes Health Legal!

New Hampshire's state motto "Live Free or Die" is a fitting one as is revealed in a recent news report about Lyme disease and America's dysfunctional health care system.

Be a Tourist in Your Own City

By Gretchen Rubin on August 03, 2011 in The Happiness Project
This week’s resolution is to Be a tourist in your own city.

Is Obama Empathetic to a Fault?

By David Niose on August 03, 2011 in Our Humanity, Naturally
If Obama seems to cave to Republican demands too often, is it because he's too empathetic?