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Parenting: 8 Tips for Dads

By Jim Taylor Ph.D. on December 16, 2010 in The Power of Prime
I've learned some powerful lessons about being a man and being a father since my two daughters were born. Here are eight tips that summarize some of the most important lessons I've learned. 

Gift Books for Your Inner Child, or Your Outer One

Kid’s books are like mind candy, dripping with clever prose, delightful characters, and pictures as perceptually engaging as the works of Picasso, Klee, or Van Gogh. If you have children, need a gift book for a mini-relative, or just want to get in touch with your inner child, here’s a list of awe-inspiring offerings.

Reading Our Lips

By Eric Jaffe on December 16, 2010 in Headcase
The psychological study of smiling

Linguistic forensics

Small linguistic differences in the way evidence is presented can have a large impact on the ways that people construe otherwise identical evidence. Spanish and English don't translate literally, particularly when it comes to describing the ways in which people move. Thus, translations can be a little-noticed domain of courtrooms into which bias can be injected.

13 Tips for Sticking to Your New Year's Resolutions.

By Gretchen Rubin on December 16, 2010 in The Happiness Project
New Year’s Eve is just a few weeks away, and that means it’s the season for resolutions. I’ve always been part of the some 44% of Americans who make (and also break) New Year’s resolutions; I’m a big believer in the power of small changes to make us happier.

Who Am I? Self-Identity and Mental Health

By Melissa Kirk on December 16, 2010 in Test Case
What happens when we become overly identifed with a particular symptom, experience, or diagnosis? Is it just that it's comfortable to be in that place, do others help keep us in that box, and how can we expand our understanding of ourselves and our experience?
Productive Obsessions
When Geniuses Play
A Recipe for Creativity
Cultivating Curiosity

Rape at school: Title IX and school violence

A high school cheerleader was forced to cheer for her rapist. What messages are schools sending when they hide behind criminal investigations and shirk their responsibilities to their students?

Trauma and Illness

By Betsy Seifter Ph.D. on December 15, 2010 in After the Diagnosis

Difficult Life Lessons from a Hard-to-Please Teacher

 How spending second grade with a hard-to-please teacher may end up teaching my daughter one of life's most important lessons.

What Does LEGO Have To Do With Evolutionary Psychology?

By Robert Kurzban Ph.D. on December 15, 2010 in Mind Design
 A new device built out of LEGO bricks illustrates a key idea in evolutionary psychology: How you can infer function from form.   
Making Your Job Work for You

Dread nots: surviving the holidays with spirit intact

By Marcia Eckerd Ph.D. on December 14, 2010 in People Skills
Get rid of the "Holiday Dreads" and enjoy yourself!

Top Dogs Can Be Lonely: Confessions of a CEO Coach

By Ray Williams on December 14, 2010 in Wired for Success
There are no pressures greater and no challenges as complex as those that come with the CEO position. And the job is often a lonely one.
Seeing by Starlight
Celebrities R Us
Real-Life Rehab Dramas
Perfect People
Behavior Management Coaching: Helping Parents to Step in

Behavior Management Coaching: Helping Parents to Step in

By Mitch Abblett Ph.D. on December 13, 2010 in A Special Education
When nannies with supernatural powers are unavailable, behavior management coaching for parents of special needs kids can be crucial.