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Sexual Relationships Always Consist of 'Leftovers'

The most profound truths about relationships are often stunningly simple to articulate and incredibly difficult to live with. We're too ready to think we have "irreconcilable differences" or "sexual incompatibility" or we've "lost the chemistry." If you don't understand how sex really works, you're more likely to needlessly get divorced.

Helping teens set boundaries with needy friends

My 15-year-old daughter is in a tricky situation. Her friend has just lost her dad, but my daughter is feeling overwhelmed by this friend's neediness. The problem is that my daughter felt somewhat suffocated by this friendship before the loss!

Sex, love, and Jonathan Franzen's new Blackberry

By Stephen Snyder M.D. on June 01, 2011 in SexualityToday
Let's continue to wrestle with what Jonathan Franzen in a recent New York Times essay called "the problems of actual love" - including the challenge of relating to someone who, unlike a piece of electronic equipment, was not designed to meet our needs.

Are you the First Member of a New Species?

By Liane Gabora Ph.D. on June 01, 2011 in Mindbloggling
Think 'being different' is tough? It has happened millions of times on this planet that an organism's DNA mutated, and the organism was not the same species as either of its parents, nor anyone in the neighborhood, nor for that matter anything that ever lived before. It's bound to happen again in our lineage. Here's where to turn if you're REALLY different...

A Manifesto Against Truth

The problem with truth is that it can be just as destructive as a lie, sometimes more so. This is self-evident for most adults. That's why we have the concept and vocabulary of a "white lie." Yet, when it comes to racism and anti-Semitism, "truth" and "facts" are frequently assumed to trump any other argument. They don't. Consider this a manifesto against truth.

My Mafia Roots

I started reading about Sicily for insight into my cultural heritage, and that's how I realized, in the safety of a suburban library, that the Mafia is my cultural heritage. What I mean is, my family was so traumatized by a legacy of violence that they treated all social interaction as potentially lethal.

A Lonely Child? Not in Today's World

By Susan Newman Ph.D. on May 31, 2011 in Singletons
You can feel sad and alone in a sea of people. Dana, one of seven children confides. “People would say to me, ‘you must never be lonely,’ and it boggled my mind. I remember being lonely the whole time I was growing up.”

Are Your Emotions Contagious?

Are you an "emotional gusher?" Gushers are experts at knowing their emotions and were born to share them. Sometimes too much! Learn what is healthy venting and how to tap the power within to find inner peace.

Ask Dr. Laundry

Having been invited to give a presentation at an upcoming scientific congress on the topic of cleaning agents and allergy on-the-job, I found that I needed to brush up on the subject. As it turns out, this is a very broad topic but not a bit esoteric. In fact, it’s all too much an everyday affair.

Two notes on Stauffenberg

Stauffenberg’s attempt on Hitler’s life was both likely and unlikely to succeed. To find out how, read on and consider what the variable estimation of uncertainty means for the events in your life. Moving on, I wonder how I can maintain my opposition to the death penalty if I support tyrannicide.

7 Practice Building Tips for Introverts

Are you an introvert, someone who gets queasy at the thought of speaking to groups? These 7 tips will help you build your practice without having to stand up and speak to a crowd.

Glucose's Effect On Hate

Some foods and drinks lower prejudice and stereotyping, according to recent research.

The Think-Free Diet

By Susan Carnell Ph.D. on May 31, 2011 in Bad Appetite
Thinking about food is fun. But evidence suggests that thinking about it all the time can be distracting, brain-draining – and in some cases a potent recipe for unhappiness.

Sexism or Anthropomorphism (With Sexism Mixed in)?

Researchers on antagonistic sexual relations among non-human animals use gender stereotypes. Which is worse: the sexism-- or the anthropomorphism?

Affirmations for Introverts

These affirmations can help introverts hold their ground when the pressure is on to be different.

Pssst, Post-Natal Depression Is Just Depression

For sure, parents can become depressed after the birth of a child. And not just mothers. Fathers too.

But does this mean that post-natal depression should be recognized as a unique syndrome?

The Collection Connection to Creativity

Do you collect anything? Coins? Stamps? Butterflies? Art? Fine wines? Could your hobby potentially make you more creative?

What's Inside

By Abby Sher on May 31, 2011 in Amen, Amen, Amen
I could never prove that I was hurting. That I needed help.

Music Therapy for Writers: Q&A with Kimberly Sena Moore

How music can help writers—and their characters. A Q&A with board-certified music therapist Kimberly Sena Moore.

Study: Coping with Loneliness at 45+

People 45+ that aren't lonely tend to be more religious or spiritual, sleep 8 to 10 hours a night, volunteer, and they have more sex.

Beyond the Digital Burqa

There are many of good reasons to communicate digitally. It's convenient, of course, and we often have no choice because we're miles away from the people we want to talk to. But more and more, we seem to rely on emailing, texting, tweeting, and Facebooking when a face-to-face interaction is available. What are we hiding when we text instead of being there?

Shock and Awe: The First Psychological Phase of Coping with Cancer

"I have always known that at last I would take this road. But yesterday, I did not know it would be today."

Creativity for Introverts

How creative are you now, compared to when you were a child?