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Is Your Teen Trustworthy? Can You Tell?

All kids lie sometimes, but some lie much more than others. Can you tell who is who?

Reaching for the Heavens

Does space travel increase belief in God?

Health, Not Weight: On Shifting the Conversation

By Harriet Brown on July 09, 2011 in Brave Girl Eating
It's time to stop talking about weight and start talking about health. Really.

The Wisdom of Wei Wu Wei: Letting Good Things Happen

I first read Lao Tzu's classic Tao Te Ching during my senior year in college, and I return to it whenever I need grounding. One of the most valuable lessons which I took from it was wei wu wei, or action through inaction. This principle can be interpreted many ways; here I share only my own interpretation.

How Being Direct Spices Up Your Love Life

By Donna Barstow on July 09, 2011 in Ink Blots Cartoons
It's okay to play games before, during, and after sex, but being straightforward with your desires has its perks, too!

“Marriage Vow:” Born into Slavery? At Least You Had Two Parents [Updated]

By Bella DePaulo Ph.D. on July 09, 2011 in Living Single
The pledge not to raise taxes is not the only one that candidates are being asked to sign. Some Presidential candidates have already vowed to declare the superiority of married people and their children over singles.

When Someone Pushes Your Buttons, Know Your Own Buttons

Your ability to analyze the trustworthiness of others evolved for a reason. When the lion laid down with the lamb, usually the lamb got eaten. So the world was left to lambs that made better decisions. Animals that formed sturdy alliances had more surviving offspring, and the capacity to trust wisely was naturally selected for.

The Most Watched Trial Since OJ Simpson

The trial is now over, with the jury declaring Casey “not guilty” on all the major counts. I, like many other people, am left feeling sad, perplexed, shell-shocked, confused. What went wrong here? Did Casey get away with murder?

Stuff Tells a Story

Your environment tells the story of your life but not necessarily in the way you might imagine. Why not tweak your environment so that you can consciously control the story being told? Getting organized can have lofty and therapeutic applications.

Think you can't be persuaded by ads you ignore? Think again

By Julie Sedivy Ph.D. on July 08, 2011 in Sold on Language
It’s no surprise to advertisers that people rarely devote their full brainpower to the ads that are lobbed at them. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that the ads have no impact on consumers. Sometimes, it can mean the opposite.

The Casey Anthony Trial: From Fascination to Just Plain Sad

The highly publicized Orlando murder trial ended last weekend with 4th of July fireworks exploding on the 23rd floor of the Orange County, Florida courthouse. The carefully selected jury went to deliberations for a short time and came back with a verdict of...

The Protective Health Benefits of Sperm to Pregnant Women

By Gad Saad Ph.D. on July 08, 2011 in Homo Consumericus
The extent to which a woman has been exposed to her partner’s sperm affects the likelihood of her developing preeclampsia, a pregnancy-related condition.

The Costly Paradox of Productivity

By Ken Eisold Ph.D. on July 08, 2011 in Hidden Motives
Who Pays? The news about unemployment is dismal – and getting worse. Today the official unemployment rate in the U.S. has inched up another tenth of a percent. But there is even worse news, embedded in the seemingly positive figures about productivity in the workplace.

Intention, Desire, Denial & Reluctance Behaviors

By Joe Navarro M.A. on July 08, 2011 in Spycatcher
Some behaviors that are often overlooked and yet reveal so much about our thoughts, feelings, desires, and intentions.

Sex? Why Bother?

By Isadora Alman MFT on July 08, 2011 in Sex & Sociability
When I lecture on sexuality I often begin by standing in front of a board, chalk at the ready, and ask those assembled to offer some reasons a person might want to have sexual intercourse. Laughter always follows, often derisive, as if to say "Isn't it obvious?"

The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe

By David F Lancy Ph.D. on July 08, 2011 in Benign Neglect
When parents choose quality over quantity, children benefit.

Schools Victimizing Students: Rapes and Suicides Must End

What can parents do when their children are suffering from extreme violence at school? This blog post details two recent incidents at schools in California and Missouri and offers suggestions and resources for parents and educators to prevent tragedies from occurring at school.

Why It's So Difficult to Love People Who Don't Love Themselves

Having written on the difficulty of loving others when you don't love yourself, in this post I turn the tables to focus on the struggles faced by those who try to love those who don't love themselves—and there are several...

Are Men Funnier Than Women?

By Ben Y Hayden Ph.D. on July 08, 2011 in The Decision Tree
It's a lot harder to measure a sense of humor than you might think.

Psychology's Greatest Spokesperson Can't Save Us: Why We're Unpopular

By Stanton Peele on July 08, 2011 in Addiction in Society
David Brooks is psychology's greatest booster. But his analysis of why psychology is so necessary and valuable actually points out why we are doomed as a discipline -- when it comes to thinking about anything in depth, Americans just don't have the time.