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Shame: A Third Pillar of Civilization

By Perry R. Branson M.D. on March 10, 2011 in ShrinkWrapped
Shame is an underrated emotion whose impact has been diluted in the last 40 years, all done with the best of intentions, and with cascading unintended consequences.

3 Ways to Show Your Kids That It’s Not About Being Good – It’s About Getting Better

Kids who see their goals in terms of getting better - who see a less-than-perfect grade on a math quiz as a signal to try harder, rather than as evidence of "not being good at math" - benefit from this outlook in many ways.
The Genius of Play
When Videogames Lose Their Charm
Play Daze
The Art of the Tease

Google Be Good!

By Steven M Kates Ph.D. on March 09, 2011 in Brands R Us

Twin Injuries -- Genes or Environments?

By Nancy L. Segal Ph.D. on March 09, 2011 in Twofold
Are your genes behind your injuries?

Even If It Doesn’t Feel Comfortable (At First), Why Not Give It a Try?

By Ian Newby-Clark on March 09, 2011 in Creatures of Habit
I like good habits for all sorts of reasons, but one of the best reasons is that my good habits help me feel in ‘the groove.' When I'm engaged in my daily routine, things feel somehow natural. It's so easy, though, to allow my good habits to run along, day after day, unchecked.

Abstinence Is Not the Only Option

By Adi Jaffe Ph.D. on March 09, 2011 in All About Addiction
Research and reality suggest that moderation is a very possible option.

Empathic chickens and cooperative elephants: Emotional intelligence expands its range again

By Marc Bekoff Ph.D. on March 09, 2011 in Animal Emotions
Chickens feel one another's pain and elephants know when they need help and cooperate with one another to obtain a reward. When you eat chicken you're eating pain and misery and it's a matter of who's for dinner, not what's for dinner, because these amazing birds are highly sentient beings, as are elephants and numerous other animals.

Muslims Suffer Twice as Much as Christians from Eating Disorders

By Anneli Rufus on March 09, 2011 in Stuck
 According to a new study, Muslim teenagers suffer twice as severely from eating disorders and body dissatisfaction as do Christian teens. 

Video: Get Some Exercise (But It Doesn't Have To Be Very Much)

By Gretchen Rubin on March 09, 2011 in The Happiness Project
This month’s theme is Body. Last week’s resolution was to Get enough sleep. Did you try that resolution? Did it boost your happiness? 

Racism against whites: What's the problem?

Stereotypes--against majorities or minorities--prevent us from sitting down together at the same table, to hire each other, to elect each other to boards, to become friends. These small steps are part of the key to leveling the playing field.

Trouble in mind

By Dean F. MacKinnon M.D. on March 09, 2011 in Troubles in Mind
If you or someone you know has been troubled enough to enter a psychiatrist's office, she or he has probably emerged with a prescription and a diagnosis, possibly even a numerically coded label like 296.33: major depressive disorder, recurrent, severe, without psychotic features; or 309.81: post-traumatic stress disorder.

Aging Successfully—Is It Hogwash?

Susan Jacoby warns in her new book, The Myth and Marketing of the New Old Age, that "Only a fool can imagine the best years are yet to come."

Shh! "I like it too!"

By Pamela Madsen on March 09, 2011 in Shameless Woman
When Slow Is Fast
Motion Intelligence

The Madness of March Madness

By Noam Shpancer Ph.D. on March 08, 2011 in Insight Therapy
Basketball fans often celebrate the "streaky shooter" who gets "in the zone" and has "the hot hand." Alas, psychological research shows these notions to be an illusion.

What does the digital revolution have to offer the "old old?"

By Anne K Fishel Ph.D. on March 08, 2011 in The Digital Family
The "old old" are a demographic who mostly have been left in the dust by the digital age revolution. Very few of the old old -- those over 85 -- use social networking sites, though some may use email to stay in touch with family or with their doctors. But there are other, more subtle ways that the very elderly are benefiting from the digital revolution.

What The Adjustment Bureau Tells Us About Free Will

By David Kyle Johnson Ph.D. on March 08, 2011 in Plato on Pop
The Adjustment Bureau seems to be a movie about the triumph of free will. But looks can be deceiving.

How The Adjustment Bureau Threatens Free WIll

By David Kyle Johnson Ph.D. on March 08, 2011 in Plato on Pop
The Adjustment Bureau implies a mechanistic view of humanity. But why are academics endorsing this view? And why might it threaten free will?

What do gold lame and your business have in common?

By Laura JJ Dessauer Ed.D., L.M.H.C. on March 08, 2011 in Business Success for Therapists
You've just got to let go of some things.

I'm Not Your Therapist, But I Could Adjust Your Medications

By Christopher Lane Ph.D. on March 08, 2011 in Side Effects
When the psychiatrist's waiting-room resembles a "bus station," with patients on a 15-minute schedule, what treatment options are possible?

The end of talk therapy?

Depressed, anxious, or stressed? Need to talk to a professional? According to a recent New York Times story, if you see a psychiatrist you won't have a chance to talk about anything other than whether your medications are working. Talk, apparently, isn't cheap, or even available from most psychiatrists.

Spitting on Janis Joplin's grave

By David Niose on March 08, 2011 in Our Humanity, Naturally
We've learned to accept commercialism as part of our art and culture. But sometimes it goes too far.

Animal Hoarding: A View from the Trenches

By Jessie Sholl on March 08, 2011 in Dirty Secret
An interview with a worker on the front lines against animal hoarding.

Running Out of Psychiatric Beds

By Steven Roy Daviss MD, DFAPA on March 08, 2011 in Shrink Rap Today
Eastern Ontario has started a bed registry to keep track of where open psychiatric beds are available... EMTALA complaint because a patient sat in the ER all weekend... How many people with stroke or diabetes sit in ERs for days waiting to find a bed?