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Brag Like a Lady: Self-Promote Without Backlash

By Joan C Williams on October 24, 2011 in Family Friendly
We all know that self-promotion is the way to get ahead, but it poses special challenges for women. Here are a few tips for making your achievements known in the office while avoiding being seen as a bitch.

Treat Chronic Pain as an Ongoing Experiment

By Deborah Barrett Ph.D., LCSW on October 24, 2011 in Paintracking
One of the most difficult parts of living with chronic pain is its unpredictability. Learning the reasons behind your ups and downs puts you in the driver's seat.

When Children Have Been Bullied: Healing Options

Bullying can have devastating impacts on kids. Less overt hurtful moments can induce phobias and emotional hypersensitivy as well. This new treatment method can erase potential lifelong damage from traumatic events.

Unlikely Heroes: Resilience with a Dragon Tattoo

The Hollywood remake of the movie “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” is scheduled for release in December. The marketing build-up, concerns over the explicit sexual violence, the intrigues of casting, and the inevitable comparison to the Swedish version have eclipsed the true power of the book—the psychology of the characters, particularly that of Lisbeth Salander.

Singing a New Kind of Praise: 7 Tips for Nurturing Gifted Children

When it comes to perfectionistic children, it is more effective to encourage efforts, than to focus on performance or ability.

"Very Funny!" Why Sarcasm is No Laughing Matter for Kids

While humor is a glue that binds many families together, sarcasm can be the wit that wounds.

Put Your Cell Phone in Your Sock Drawer, Part III

By Faith Brynie Ph.D. on October 24, 2011 in Brain Sense
Because children's heads, brains, and bones absorb more radiation from cell phones than adult models predict, some experts suggest that new methods of measuring and monitoring are long overdue.

The Wittiest Halloween Jokes, Riddles, and Puns

Searching the Web for the very best Halloween humor has been a most fun task. I take great pleasure in all sorts of word play and creative punning. I also admire the cleverness of those who make up new words simply for the fun (pun?!) of it--like "horrorscope," "casketeria," or "plumpkin" (for a fat jack-o-lantern!).

Why Halloween Just Won't Go Away

As Halloween approaches, take a moment to think about the true significance of the day. Then take your kids trick-or-treating with a whole new outlook!

Is High Ability Necessary for Greatness?

By Scott Barry Kaufman Ph.D. on October 24, 2011 in Beautiful Minds
To reach the highest levels of greatness requires ability. But is high ability necessary, or can one compensate for deficiencies by drawing on strengths?

Tattoos on Some Men = Bad Boy = Good Genes

By Gad Saad Ph.D. on October 24, 2011 in Homo Consumericus
Why are tattoos perceived as sexy on some men but not on others? The same tattoo will be perceived differently if sported by Johnny Depp versus Paul Giamatti. It boils down to tattoos in part serving as a biological signal of good genetic stock.

A Facebook Profile for Your Toddler. Really?

By Andrea Bonior Ph.D. on October 24, 2011 in Friendship 2.0
Facebook's popularity is working its way down the age ladder. Now that it's formidable reach has enveloped your Great Aunt Phyllis, now your friends are making profiles for their preschoolers. And the psychologist in me worries that this is terrible.

A National Survey on Bullying and Autism Spectrum Disorders

By Faith Brynie Ph.D. on October 24, 2011 in Brain Sense
Bullying, a pervasive problem among youth, has attracted the national spotlight in recent months because of the lasting, and sometimes tragic, effects on children and teenagers across the country. Children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are believed to be especially vulnerable

The Cosmo Interview with Karen Robertson

By Stephen Snyder M.D. on October 24, 2011 in SexualityToday
In sex research, there are always problems with the data.

Why Do Men Have a Hard Time Making Friends?

By Todd B Kashdan Ph.D. on October 24, 2011 in Curious?
Nearly every society in the world has built in advantages for men. Whether money, power, or the freedom to jog at night without fear, men enjoy greater opportunities. With these opportunities come ambition. And for many men who are successful by society's standards, there is a cost that is simply not talked about: loneliness.

Chimpanzees and Meerkats: The Importance Of Accurate Media

By Marc Bekoff Ph.D. on October 24, 2011 in Animal Emotions
Chimpanzees may make for cute and catchy commercials but how they're represented can mislead an unknowing audience to believe they're doing just fine. They're not. Chimpanzees are highly endangered and could disappear very shortly from our one and only planet. Reliable media is essential for communicating just how imperiled they really are.

The Case of Pie v. Tart

By Ina Lipkowitz Ph.D. on October 24, 2011 in Words To Eat By
Face it: a tarte aux pommes sounds more elegant than an apple pie, even though your guests might think you a bit snooty if you were to serve one next Thanksgiving.

Why You Shouldn't Let That Dreaded Call Go to Voicemail

By Gretchen Rubin on October 24, 2011 in The Happiness Project
I was talking to a group of people a few nights ago, and someone mentioned a resolution that I thought sounded terrific.

Why It's Impossible to Measure Beauty, Happiness, and Wealth

By Adam Alter on October 24, 2011 in Alternative Truths
How attractive are you? How happy are you? How financially comfortable are you?
These questions are deceptively simple, but many of the concepts that we measure in the social world are difficult to measure in the absence of reference points, so we're compelled to rely on constantly changing yardsticks.

Goddesses in Older Women: Archetypes in Women Over Fifty or Becoming a Juicy Crone

By Pamela Madsen on October 24, 2011 in Shameless Woman
Think of yourself as the main character in a novel or motion picture that is being written by the choices that you make or the roles you play, and by whether you are committed to your own story.


By Susan Sparks on October 24, 2011 in Laugh Your Way to Well-Being
It's too bad that life is not more like a cell phone contract where you can simply get insurance against "unforeseen circumstances."

The Value of Trust

By Peter Corning Ph.D. on October 24, 2011 in The Fair Society
The “free market,” competitive, capitalist model that still dominates our economic thinking, and our business ethics, short-changes other social values that are vitally important. One of them is trust. It seems our markets also depend on oxytocin.

13 Ways to Make Saying No Easier

By Susan Newman Ph.D. on October 24, 2011 in Singletons
Agreeing to what others ask doesn't make you a nicer person. You can’t do enough for some people, so don’t try. Here’s how to flex your NO-muscle and reduce your stress.

Negative Mental Health Effects of Abortion

By James C. Coyne Ph.D. on October 24, 2011 in The Skeptical Sleuth
Should women be warned of the risk to their mental health from abortion?