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Romanticynicism: Love in the Irony Age

By Jeremy E Sherman Ph.D. on November 12, 2008 in Ambigamy
Romanticynicism is a commitment to both the romantic's yearning for happily-ever-after and the cynic's detachment and indifference.

Where Does Anti-Gay Prejudice Come From?

By Guest Blogger on November 12, 2008 in Brainstorm
Different types of essentialist thinking underlie people's views about homosexuality.

My Previous Life as a Deception Researcher

By Bella DePaulo Ph.D. on November 11, 2008 in Living Single
For a long time, while I was piling up publications about deception, I was also keeping a secret file folder with the number "1" written on the label. It was the beginning of what I would later call my Singles Collection - clippings of essays, newspaper articles, magazine stories, cartoons, and notes about living single in contemporary American society. 

CDC Study On Common Trauma Interventions for Children

A recent Center for Disease Control [CDC] study reviewed the effectiveness of art therapy and play therapy in trauma intervention with children. According to the authors, neither has been proven to work for children with posttraumatic stress disorder. But are these therapies effective—that’s the real question.

The power of female choice: Fat chicks get laid more

By Satoshi Kanazawa on November 09, 2008 in The Scientific Fundamentalist
In all species in which the female makes greater parental investment into the offspring than the male does (including humans and all mammals), mating is a female choice.

An Electrifying Election that Spoke to History

By Stuart Fischoff Ph.D. on November 08, 2008 in The Media Zone
It was as though the world had bottled up its affection for America and for its once and future symbolism for 7 years and change and the cork was popped when the call burst across news screens around the globe, seconds after polls closed on the West Coast, OBAMA ELECTED PRESIDENT!  

The Therapeutic Power of Sleep

By Stephen A. Diamond Ph.D. on November 07, 2008 in Evil Deeds
Sleep is a highly underrated activity!

Age of puberty, and what parental divorce means for girls

By Satoshi Kanazawa on November 06, 2008 in The Scientific Fundamentalist
Another individual trait which follows the 50-0-50 rule is the age of puberty, in particular, the age at which girls experience menarche (onset of menstruation).

Chasing Games and Sports: Why Do We Like to Be Chased?

By Peter Gray Ph.D. on November 05, 2008 in Freedom to Learn
The three-year-old squeals with almost unbearable joy as she flees from the terrible monster, in the form of her father or big brother, who threatens to catch her and eat her for breakfast. The 22-year-old quarterback experiences a similar thrill as he twists, turns, and dashes around one monstrous defender after another on his way to the goal line. Why is this ...

Do You Have Asperger's Syndrome?

By Edouard Machery on November 05, 2008 in Experiments in Philosophy
How do we think about the intentional nature of actions? And how do people with an impaired mindreading capacity thinkg about it?

The Power of Us

By Sam Sommers on November 04, 2008 in Science Of Small Talk
Customers who insist on paying with a personal check at the grocery store. Waitresses who don't write down your order. People who sit right in front of you at the movies when there are other free seats in their row. 

The 50-0-50 rule in action: Sociosexual orientation and risk of divorce

By Satoshi Kanazawa on November 02, 2008 in The Scientific Fundamentalist
Another personality trait on which genes exert a very strong influence, and the effect of the shared environment is essentially zero, is sociosexual orientation (whether you are sexually promiscuous or not) and, as a consequence, the risk of divorce.

Why Has the Age of Puberty Declined in Recent Decades? III

By Satoshi Kanazawa on October 30, 2008 in The Scientific Fundamentalist
Can girls hit puberty early by watching divorced families on TV?

Overcoming Post-Traumatic Investor Disorder

By Robert L. Leahy Ph.D. on October 27, 2008 in Anxiety Files
You blame others, you feel that the world is not what you thought it would be, and you want to avoid all information about the market and any information in your monthly statements. Warren Buffet and the other pros may look at the current debacle as the biggest opportunity that they have seen. It may also be the most terrifying financial trauma that you have experienced and, so, you are reluctant to move forward. What can you do? 

The Real Story on Preventing Alzheimer's and Parkinson's

By Peter J Whitehouse on October 27, 2008 in

Why Has the Age of Puberty Declined in Recent Decades? II

By Satoshi Kanazawa on October 26, 2008 in The Scientific Fundamentalist
What does father absence really mean for the girls?

Did Casey Kill Caylee? : A Forensic Psychologist Comments on the Case

By Stephen A. Diamond Ph.D. on October 26, 2008 in Evil Deeds
What is the perspective and potential role of forensic psychology in sensational cases such as the State of Florida v. Casey Anthony?

What Makes Us Who We Are?

By Scott Barry Kaufman Ph.D. on October 24, 2008 in Beautiful Minds
Findings from twin studies are often misunderstood, misinterpreted, and blown out of proportion. Here, Davis S. Moore and I come up with 8 facts about genes, twin studies, and the heritability statistic that may come as a surprise to many people—even biologists!

Teaching High School Kids How to Drink

By Stanton Peele on October 24, 2008 in Addiction in Society
Taking the abuse out of alcohol consumption

What's With the Cat?

By Bella DePaulo Ph.D. on October 22, 2008 in Living Single
What does rub me the wrong way is the interpretation that singles have pets as "compensation" for not having a spouse. Why do I so rarely hear an entirely different and more plausible explanation - that single people who have cats have them because they like them? Because they are caring people who love animals and would want to have pets in their lives regard

Two logical fallacies that we must avoid

By Satoshi Kanazawa on October 19, 2008 in The Scientific Fundamentalist
In any discussion of evolutionary psychology, or human sciences in general, it is very important to avoid two logical fallacies.  They are called the naturalistic fallacy and the moralistic fallacy.

Why human evolution pretty much stopped about 10,000 years ago

By Satoshi Kanazawa on October 16, 2008 in The Scientific Fundamentalist
The British geneticist Steve Jones has recently given a lecture at University College London entitled “Is human evolution over?”  His answer to his own question is in the affirmative.  I agree with Jones that human evolution has pretty much stopped, but for entirely different reasons.