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The Myth of Geniuses

By Nigel Barber Ph.D. on September 02, 2011 in The Human Beast
There is no doubt that some individuals, such as Steve Jobs, make enormous contributions to their fields that dwarf the efforts of peers in terms of practical consequences, intellectual advancement, creative achievement, and so forth. Such achievement is partly due to environmental factors. Otherwise, which individuals rise to the top is due either to genius talent or unus

Thank Goodness There's No Escaping Choice

We are always choosing. We can't not choose, for even if we don't consciously choose something, the not-choosing is a choice. When I understand that living includes choosing, always and in every moment, this awareness is very profound. This process of choosing can be liberating and empowering as well as anxiety provoking and frightening.

Fear-Inspired Sex: A Woman's Ultimate Defense--or Weapon?

By Leon F Seltzer Ph.D. on September 02, 2011 in Evolution of the Self
Having worked with couples for over 30 years, I've often observed a phenomenon that goes against just about everything therapists have to say about women and sex. And what ‘s that? Perhaps Billy Crystal said it best . . .

Be Love Now: A Visit With Ram Dass

By Eliezer Sobel on September 02, 2011 in The 99th Monkey
It was 1997. I was visiting the Neem Karoli Baba ashram in Vrindaban, India, when I learned that my old friend and spiritual teacher, Ram Dass, had had a major, possibly life-threatening stroke. How strange to hear such news in that particular place?

Freeing Yourself from Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Exhaustion

It is possible to taste an alternative to the relentless struggle that pervades much of our daily lives. Recent scientific advances have discovered the secret of happiness and how you can successfully tackle anxiety, stress, exhaustion and even full-blown depression. It’s the kind of happiness that gets into your bones and promotes a deep-seated authentic love of life.

What Do You Do When You Have a Toxic Boss: Part 1

Are you miserable at work because your boss is a jerk? Cheer up: You can still thrive!

Recognize Your "Tell"

By Gretchen Rubin on September 02, 2011 in The Happiness Project
Self-knowledge is one of the greatest challenges for a happiness project. Why is it so hard to know myself?

Poached: Am I Right to Feel Excluded and Violated by My Friend?

By Irene S Levine Ph.D. on September 02, 2011 in The Friendship Doctor
Amanda and Heather took to each other very fast. So fast that it became the three of us whenever something social was happening. I started quickly to feel like the third wheel.

September 11, 2001: Did Americans Suffer Virtual Trauma From Television Coverage?

By James C. Coyne Ph.D. on September 02, 2011 in The Skeptical Sleuth
Did Americans suffer prolonged negative mental and physical effects from viewing of the events of 9/11/201 on television?

Should You Look Back on the Past with Rose-Colored Glasses?

By Art Markman Ph.D. on September 02, 2011 in Ulterior Motives
An old song says, "Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative." The advice in this song is simple. Focus on the positive elements of your life. Is that always good advice?

Is It Fair to Soak the Poor?

By Peter Corning Ph.D. on September 02, 2011 in The Fair Society
Warren Buffet, among many others, thinks the rich should pay more taxes. Some Robin Hoods in reverse claim the poor should be paying more taxes instead. How come?

Stereotypes Are Tools to Justify Intergroup Competition

A common belief is that stereotypes flow from some kind of experience: personal encounters that are generalized, impressions from various sources, even lessons from parents. Yet sometimes, stereotypes develop solely from a need to justify the negative attitudes that come with adversarial positions.

Getting Rejected or Excluded: Can It Make You Smarter?

By Bella DePaulo Ph.D. on September 02, 2011 in Living Single
Getting rejected, excluded, ostracized, or discriminated against can be so very painful. However, not all of the consequences of these awful experiences are bad.

The Gorilla In Times Square

By Nancy Darling Ph.D. on September 01, 2011 in Thinking About Kids
Our expectations shape what we see in profound - and pretty funny - ways. What are you missing because you're not paying attention?

Seeing CEOs Without Halos

By Ken Eisold Ph.D. on September 01, 2011 in Hidden Motives
The idealized glow of a halo makes it hard to see clearly – and to think straight. We are reminded about this now as Steve Jobs has stepped down as Apple’s CEO, and the press is full of dire warnings about the company’s future.

We're All ADHD Now

The challenge of deciding how to invest our energy and time and attentional resources - and resisting everything else - is not specific to ADHD

Top Ten Things College Students Need To Know About Sex

By Kathryn Stamoulis Ph.D. on September 01, 2011 in The New Teen Age
Heading off to college this fall? Here are ten things you need to know about sex before stepping foot on campus.

Novelist Alma Katsu on Love, Obsession, and Immortality

By Jennifer Haupt on September 01, 2011 in One True Thing
The Taker, compared with Interview with the Vampire, is part thriller and part historical romance. Novel asks: What price are we willing to pay to possess another?

A New Viking Invasion?

By Ina Lipkowitz Ph.D. on September 01, 2011 in Words To Eat By
From Julius Caesar to Julia Child, French and Italian food has reigned supreme—but no longer.

The Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll of Back to School Shopping

In a world of designer fashion for infants, lingerie ads for children, and drug and alcohol promotion on clothing for teens finding appropriate pieces for your child may become much more than just back to school shopping.