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Three Fingers Pointing Back to You

Maybe you know the saying, "When you point one finger, there are three fingers pointing back to you." Jesus said it this way, "Don't focus on the speck in your brother's eye while ignoring the log in your own eye." When cruel accusations fly, we all need to hear the voice of reason that says, "Look in the mirror, sister. You might just be talking about yourself."

Lisa Tucker Talks About New Novel, Faith, and Writing

By Jennifer Haupt on September 14, 2011 in One True Thing
Lisa Tucker doesn't use an outline, but rather trusts her instincts and her characters to tell her where to go next.

Author Diana Abu-Jaber: New Novel and Family Relationships

By Jennifer Haupt on September 14, 2011 in One True Thing
New novel asks: if you dropped out of your life, could you ever really return?

To Boost Your Self-Control, Ask Yourself Whether You're an "Abstainer" or a "Moderator"

By Gretchen Rubin on September 14, 2011 in The Happiness Project
2011 Happiness Challenge: For those of you following the 2011 Happiness Project Challenge, to make 2011 a happier year -- and even if you haven’t officially signed up for the challenge -- welcome! This month’s theme is Self-control. Last week’s resolution was To increase your self-control, boost your energy level.

Never Eat This Prior to a Car Accident

By Gary L Wenk Ph. D. on September 14, 2011 in Your Brain on Food
This diet will make it more likely that your brain’s recovery after the accident will be slower, less complete and leave you with more severe disabilities.

Are You More of a Social Psychologist or a Personality Psychologist?

By Susan Cain on September 14, 2011 in Quiet: The Power of Introverts
I never cease to be amazed by how different people are. We're all human. We all rejoice when troubadors come calling, love our children desperately, and secretly believe we're going to live forever. But then we're all so different.

Why Dating Often Fails and How You Can Succeed!

Do you ever feel like dating is confusing, frustrating, or "going nowhere"? The reason is that you may be missing some important steps! Read on to learn them.

Housewives of NJ: When Inner Pain Comes from Outside Places

By Jeremy Clyman Psy.D on September 14, 2011 in Reel Therapy
Recent problems on the 'Housewives of NJ' provide ample evidence for the effectiveness of family therapy. The family dysfunction may not surprise you, however, the source of the dysfunction might...

Is Snoring Harming Your Marriage?

By Guy Winch Ph.D. on September 14, 2011 in The Squeaky Wheel
Partners of snorers are often desperate to get a good night’s sleep and as a result, they often develop a habit that can be devastating to their marriage—they sleep in another room.

The Importance of Humor Research

By Peter McGraw Ph.D. on September 14, 2011 in The Humor Code
Humor has been around for as long as there has been humanity -- and considering that chimps and other primates laugh, humor has likely been around even longer than that. In comparison, psychological research on humor is just getting cracking

Rewire Your Happiness Circuitry: How Joy and Laughter Can Help You Prevent Cancer

By Karolyn A. Gazella on September 14, 2011 in The Healing Factor
Can you train your brain to be happier, and in the process reduce your risk of developing cancer? The answer is yes, it is possible.

The Unexpected Lessons I've Learned by Taking the SATs With My Son

By Debbie Stier on September 14, 2011 in The Perfect Score Project
When I started this cockamamie project last January, I thought I'd be all, "Kaplan".....and ...."Gruber".......

Eight months in, I'm like, "Kumon" and "CogMed."

Music Might Well Precede Language

By Henkjan Honing Ph.D. on September 14, 2011 in Music Matters
Babies cry differently.

If You're Falling Out of Love, Try Gratitude

By Rita Watson MPH on September 14, 2011 in With Love and Gratitude
Cinderella and her Prince may have set the romance bar too high. We live in a society in which “falling out of love” is the chief reason for divorce in the United Kingdom, even toppling infidelity. In the United States, the economy is still the big marital stressor. Perhaps an attitude of gratitude, even in difficult situations, is the key to lifelong love.

Perceptions of Neutrality

Anxiety is not the fear of a thing, it is the fear of the way you think about a thing.

31 Quotes on Siblings

Learn the nature of sibling relationships from these quotes.

Absent Without Leave

By Seth Slater M.F.A. on September 13, 2011 in The Dolphin Divide
Do military dolphins face moral dilemmas? Navy dolphins are classified by the military as Advanced Biological Weapons Systems, each costing Uncle Sam multiple millions of dollars in training, upkeep, and -- in some cases -- initial capture from the wild. What happens when one of them goes AWOL -- and why might one decide to jump ship in the first place?

Why Is Self-Acceptance So Hard?

By Barbara Markway Ph.D. on September 13, 2011 in Shyness Is Nice
We're acutely in tune with others' feelings and willing to go out of our way to help someone. So why are we so hard on ourselves? Why do we find self-acceptance such a tough task?

Put Your Party Pants On! We're Having a Pity Party!

None of us like to feel sorry for ourselves. But the fact is, pity can sometimes be a healthy way to get in touch with our feelings and uncover the help we need.

Lost in Transition

Notre Dame researchers describe emerging adults' approach to moral decision making. What's the role of individual happiness in making right decisions?

Self-regulating Dog

By Joachim I Krueger Ph.D. on September 13, 2011 in One Among Many
Successful self-regulation has been taken as a sign of free will. If dogs can succeed at self-control, they must be granted free will, or it must be denied in us. Freely choose which to believe.

Comforting Counsel for an Error-prone Era

By Jeremy E Sherman Ph.D. on September 13, 2011 in Ambigamy
"Nobody's Perfect" explained from long-view perspective.

Childcare, Testosterone, and the Marital Industrial Complex

By Christopher Ryan on September 13, 2011 in Sex at Dawn
Men's testosterone levels drop when they spend time with kids. Does that mean we're evolved for marriage or that we're evolved to love and protect kids—anyone's kids?

Are You Training Yourself to Fail?

By Peter Bregman on September 13, 2011 in How We Work
Because the more we continue to make the same mistakes, the more we ingrain the ineffective behaviors into our lives. Our failures become our rituals, our rituals become our habits, and our habits become our identity. We no longer experience an unproductive day; we become unproductive people.

Timing Is Everything

By Frances Cohen Praver Ph.D. on September 13, 2011 in Love Doc
As infants, before we could speak, we made our feelings known through non-verbal communication. We connected to our mothers with body language, facial expressions, eye contact, tone of voice, and most of all with timing. As adults, we still do.

A Day in the Life of a Narcissist

The tendency toward narcissism creeps into everyday life in many ways. Getting enraged, using sexual language, and shirking their responsibilities lead people high in narcissism to experience serious interpersonal problems that can interfere with their happiness. Fortunately, narcissists can and do change their self-centered stripes.