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What's Wrong with Georgia's Childhood Obesity Campaign? Everything.

By Harriet Brown on January 07, 2012 in Brave Girl Eating
Like most such efforts to combat childhood obesity, the Georgia campaign fails to take into account the connection between obesity and stress—specifically, the stress of being stigmatized over weight.

Wasting Time May Be the Best Thing You Do Today

By F. Diane Barth L.C.S.W. on January 07, 2012 in Off the Couch
Can't find 5 minutes to slow down? Try these ideas.

Educational Psychologist Kevin McGrew: An IQ Test Maker Who Goes Beyond IQ

By Scott Barry Kaufman Ph.D. on January 07, 2012 in Beautiful Minds
IQ test maker Kevin McGrew on IQ testing and the need to go beyond IQ.

Consciously Choosing Your Relationships

By Marcia Reynolds Psy.D. on January 07, 2012 in Wander Woman
It might be difficult to override biological attraction, but you can consciously choose who to spend time with over the years. This research explores a shift in the way women are picking their partners and outlines four points to consider that go beyond traditional male/female roles.

Finding Effective Help in 2012

The pathological love relationship is not widely understood. The usual dynamics in regular relationships don't apply to pathological relationships. Not understanding the effects of pathology on relationships, self-concept, and recovery deters a woman's ability to heal. Understanding the differences in these types of relationships is critical.

Sexual Orientation Obsessions and Suicidal Thoughts

What if your brain kept replaying images that you didn't want to see? What if it kept sending you conflicting messages about your sexuality? Would you want to die? Some people do. New research describes the startling connection between OCD, sexual-orientation worries, and suicidal thoughts.

Rape Redefined for the 21st Century

Rape is wrong. Uncontroversial. But what is rape? The U.S. Department of Justice has finally made a giant step toward catching up with the 21st century complexities of this issue.

What Rick Santorum Doesn’t Know About Sex

By Christopher Ryan on January 06, 2012 in Sex at Dawn
Santorum is on to something when he says that sex “keeps civilization going.” But he’s wrong to credit only heterosexual reproductive sex.

Top Psychiatrists Again Try to Quash Debate

American Psychiatric Association Shuts Down Critical Website

Essential Secrets of Psychotherapy: The Healing Power of Clinical Wisdom (Part One)

By Stephen A Diamond Ph.D. on January 06, 2012 in Evil Deeds
What really happens in psychotherapy? The answer to that question is complex. And depends in part on the type of psychotherapy one seeks. But one thing psychotherapy can convey to patients are certain essential secrets to living a more rich, fulfilling, meaningful, contented, creative, balanced and psychologically healthy life. What are some of these secrets?

The Secrets of Foreign Language Learning

The author is interviewed by CBC and Huffington Post, and his new book is reviewed by The Economist.

5 Ways to Find Happiness by Living in the Moment

A future time perspective can help you figure out where you’re going in live, and a past time perspective can help you figure out where you’ve been. To get the most out of life, though, you’re better off living in the moment. So scrap the T.G.I.F. attitude and enjoy your day, whatever it is.

Self-Regulation: Consumer Non-Behavior

By Diogo Gonçalves on January 06, 2012 in There Are Free Lunches
What is self-regulation? Self-regulation is synonymous with individual inhibition of an automatic behavior of future negative consequences, through a self-control process. Its study was initiated during the '60s by Walter Mischel, through the now famous "Marsmallow Test."

Allergy Death at School: When Do Morals Override Policy?

The school says there wasn't a treatment plan. The mother says there was. The school had life-saving medication but said they only use it if it's on a treatment plan. Now a 7-year-old girl is dead. When do morals override school policy?

"Volunteering Made Me So Happy That I Altered the Course of My Life"

By Gretchen Rubin on January 06, 2012 in The Happiness Project
I met Conor Grennan at a book event in Canada—he was there for his book, Little Princes: One Man's Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal, and I was there for The Happiness Project.

Why We Love Independence, Individuality, and Starbucks

By Art Markman Ph.D. on January 06, 2012 in Ulterior Motives
American culture takes great pride in individuality. Yet at the same time, chain stores dominate our landscape. Could our incredible mobility be the culprit?

This Is Psychology: The Psychology Today Vision

By Stanton Peele on January 06, 2012 in Addiction in Society
Psychology Today's website has played a critical role in defining what it is that psychologists do and what the field has to contribute to human thought and understanding. In particular, it has staved off the reductive trends to think that the science of behavior, belief, and mental disorders is strictly neurochemical.

Lectures Suck

We've all said it: That lecture was pointless! It turns out that we might have been right. Even good lecturers could teach more by lecturing less.

Honesty Is a Prerequisite for Courage

By Gordon S Livingston M.D. on January 06, 2012 in Lifelines
We cannot allow ourselves to be lied to, or worse, engage in a process of self-deception. In psychotherapy I am continually confronted with this problem. I point out to people that there are many things about ourselves that we believe that turn out not to be true.

How Women Fantasize About Sex

By Donna Barstow on January 06, 2012 in Ink Blots Cartoons
If you're attracted to each other, you'll both be thinking about sex by the end of the date. But it may surprise you that some women will take that one extra step farther...

10 Ways to Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence

It may not be possible for everyone to have a psychotherapist. But you can become your own therapist (After all, Freud analyzed himself). It all starts with learning how to listen to your feelings.

Beware of (Horny) Men Bearing (Empty) Promises

By Mark Goulston M.D., F.A.P.A. on January 05, 2012 in Just Listen
Men like having sex much more than they like responsibility. And women don’t mind and even like sex, but they can’t stand empty promises by men to get it from them.

What Is Trauma?

By Stephen Joseph Ph.D. on January 05, 2012 in What Doesn't Kill Us
Is psychological trauma the result of personal vulnerability?

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