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Jumpstarting Libido After Divorce

By Lisa Thomas LMFT on January 05, 2011 in Save Your Sex Life
How does one jumpstart libido? Often times after divorce or break-up, the couple had not been sexual in some time. When folks get out of the routine of being physical, it can push the desire for physical closeness right out of one's mind.

Twiblings! What next?

By Barbara Almond M.D. on January 05, 2011 in Maternal Ambivalence

The Psychedelic Renaissance: The Drugs Are Back, And They Mean Business This Time!

By Steven Kotler on January 05, 2011 in The Playing Field
Psychedelics are back! Scientists have discovered that drugs like LSD and MDMA are  out to be our best hope for some of our most difficult conditions. Could "I want to party like it's 1969" really be the future of medicine?

Being There In the New Year

By Marty Babits on January 05, 2011 in The Middle Ground
Say Good-Bye to Cravings
How to Head Off Hopelessness
A New Approach to Obsessions
Wrangling with Worry

Power Balance Scam Shows Again that the Pseudoscience Song Remains the Same

By David DiSalvo on January 04, 2011 in Neuronarrative
The Power Balance scam teaches us a lesson that so few people seem to ever learn: we're more gullible than we'd like to believe, and we're easier marks than we'd like to admit.

The Year of Living Anxiously

By Henry Emmons M.D. on January 04, 2011 in The Chemistry of Calm
No one resolves to create a more stressful life. Yet without knowing it that is exactly what many of us do every day. How do we do it? How can we avoid it?

"How Could You?": The Fan's Response To Athletes Behaving Badly

By Leeja Carter on January 04, 2011 in The Inner Athlete
When athletes transgress, the fan is confronted with conflicting views of the athlete. This cognitive conflict, whether conscious or unconscious, may be addressed through various methods of coping.  

My gut told me what to do... and I followed my heart

"He broke my heart." "The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end." "She got cold feet." "Her eyes popped out of her head." "I got butterflies in my stomach." These are just a few of the many phrases that we employ using body sensations to describe an experience. Using body sensations is not just coincidental or metaphorical.

How Preventive Care Could Lower Health Care Costs

By Christopher Lane Ph.D. on January 04, 2011 in Side Effects
On the dangers—and costs—of overmedication.

Mindfulness and Psychotherapy: What's the Big Deal?

By Jonathan S. Kaplan Ph.D. on January 04, 2011 in Urban Mindfulness

Gay Youth, HIV Risk, and Parent Influence: The Power of Love

By Michael C. LaSala Ph.D., LCSW on January 04, 2011 in Gay and Lesbian Well-Being
Adolescents and young adults, particularly males, are notorious risk-takers-so, it is no wonder that parents are terrified as they launch a gay young son into the world knowing he is exploring sexual relationships among a pool of people in which a sizeable proportion are believed to carry a dangerous, sexually transmitted virus.

Mothers; Find Your Tribe!

By Meg Meeker M.D. on January 04, 2011 in Family Matters
Every woman needs a tribe.

Anger and Its Antidotes

Most of the anger we know about by observation and personal experience is a vice--sometimes a deadly vice--that is motivated by selfishness.

How I kicked my addiction to the iPhone game Angry Birds

By Michael Chorost Ph.D. on January 04, 2011 in World Wide Mind
After weeks of struggle, I've finally deleted Angry Birds from my iPhone. It is a fiendishly addictive game. The premise is simple: you "pull" back on a slingshot to fire a scowling bird at a structure with green pigs in it. The better your aim, the more damage you do and the more green pigs you kill.

Crybaby Boomers

By Mel Konner MD, PhD on January 04, 2011 in The Tangled Wing
My generation has officially entered the older phase of life, and our whining threatens everybody else with a Boomer Bust. We need to get over it.  

If your Ex were dating Cam or LeAnn...Ex-Wife/Stepmother Conflict

By Wednesday Martin Ph.D. on January 04, 2011 in Stepmonster
Sometimes a stepmother with the best intentions will enrage a mother/ex-wife by "overreaching" and encroaching on mom's role and relationship with her kids

Raising Siblings Seen Through The Lens of the Camera

By Cathy Cress M.S.W. on January 04, 2011 in Mom Loves You Best
Television and film can show us a historical record- good bad and ugly—of how we have looked at the family and raising siblings—since the 1950’s to today.

Fertility’s Mega-Mall

By Douglas Pet on January 03, 2011 in The Age of Biotech
The "Fertility Show" in London literally displays how the ART industry is commidfying fertility.

The King's Therapist

By Susan R Barry Ph.D. on January 03, 2011 in Eyes on the Brain
Imagine that you are King of England at the start of the Second World War. You talk with a pronounced stutter. Who can help you speak to your country?

Placebo: Even When You Know It's Fake

By Adi Jaffe Ph.D. on January 03, 2011 in All About Addiction
Recent research suggests our mind can make our bodies feel better even when we know our medication is fake.
How to Find the Zen of Writing

How to Find the Zen of Writing

By Susan K Perry Ph.D. on January 03, 2011 in Creating in Flow
Those who spend time staring at walls "to gain enlightenment" are not pushy people. What "works" for them may not work for everyone. I asked my nosy questions of a novelist/teacher/Zen Buddhist ...

"Soul Mates" and Other Words I'm Afraid Of

By Tracey Cleantis, LMFT on January 03, 2011 in Freudian Sip
As a psychotherapist there are words that scare us, words like "Soul Mate", "Dr. Phil" and "Friends with Benefits".

Black Swan, Creativity, and Artistic Expression at the Edge of Madness

By Scott Barry Kaufman Ph.D. on January 03, 2011 in Beautiful Minds
Black Swan takes us on an exhilarating and terrifying tour of the edge of madness, highlighting that fine line between psychosis and artistic expression.

Learn the Right Way to Interview Job Candidates

There is an unshakable belief that the interview tells us something important about the suitability of the candidate for any job. That is simply not true. Interviews only work if they are done right, and even then, they tell us little about a candidate's employability. Learn how to interview here.

Is it ADHD or OCD? Or both?

How do you know if you are inattentive/impulsive or obsessive/compulsive?  Watch this video for a quick guide.