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Do Women Have to Act Like Men to Be Successful Leaders?

By Ray Williams on August 07, 2011 in Wired for Success
While more and more women are assuming roles as managers a new study reveals that rather than using what should come more easily to them like empathy and compassion, these women are increasingly turning to the stereotypically more 'male' traits, such as aggression, to get results.
Play and the Child's Sense of Self

Play and the Child's Sense of Self

By Marilyn Wedge Ph.D. on August 07, 2011 in Suffer the Children
The child is the ruler of her tiny kingdom, and in it she feels deliciously free and alive.

Will Your Empty Nest Be Boomeranged?

By Jean Pollack Ph.D. on August 07, 2011 in Creativity as a Way of Life
The term empty nest trivializes the painful passage for many women. The nest is our life, our memories of our lives with our children. We nurtured them and nudged them out to fly. Who is here to nurture us and nudge us toward a new life? It is a very hard time but there are ways to cope and eventually enjoy the process.

Why Dignity Matters

By Donna Hicks Ph.D. on August 07, 2011 in Dignity
In spite of its universal appeal, dignity is a topic that rarely gets discussed.

Happy Friendship Day, 2011!

Bet you didn't know that today, August 7, is Friendship Day?

More Women Are Choosing Career over Motherhood: What’s Leading This Trend?

By Ellen Walker Ph.D. on August 07, 2011 in Complete Without Kids
According to a recent New York Post article, 43 percent of college-educated women between the ages of 33 and 46 are childfree.  And many of these women appear to be bypassing motherhood altogether, as opposed to simply postponing it.

Epigenomics: End of the Beginning for the Imprinted Brain Theory?

Two recent reviews of progress mark the end of the beginning for the imprinted brain theory
Are Your Loved Ones Hazardous to Your Health?

Are Your Loved Ones Hazardous to Your Health?

Social relationships are as important to human survival and wellbeing as food and shelter. Yet some aspects of close relationships may threaten our health. Read on to see whether you are at risk.
Ravi Chandra

Twice Bombed – Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Thoughts on the 66th anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
August 6th, 2011

The ABC's of Assertiveness

By Craig Malkin Ph.D. on August 06, 2011 in Romance Redux
Trying to stand up for yourself but worried you'll make things worse? Learn your ABC's. A simple, foolproof guide to standing up without stepping on toes.

What's With the Windup?

By Seth Slater M.F.A. on August 05, 2011 in The Dolphin Divide

Ever noticed the strange things some Major League pitchers do in the moments just before hurtling a fastball toward home plate? The pitching mound dance, and displays like them, may seem silly. But the truth is, we all perform similar behavioral ceremonies.

Beating Swimsuit Anxiety

By Sarah Brokaw LSCW, PCC on August 05, 2011 in Fortytude
I'm a woman. Phenomenally.
 Phenomenal woman, 
That's me."
What Happens When We're Rejected and Ostracized by Strangers?

What Happens When We're Rejected and Ostracized by Strangers?

By Todd B. Kashdan Ph.D. on August 05, 2011 in Curious?
Don't underestimate the power of ostracism to render someone invisible and meaningless. The science is both astounding and bizarre.

God Grant Me Serenity

By James V. Cordova Ph.D. on August 05, 2011 in Living Intimately
We are all familiar with the Serenity Prayer, “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things that must be changed, and the wisdom to know the difference.” Serenity, courage, and wisdom are the three attributes most needed in our endeavor to remain in intimate relationship with one another.

Why You Can’t Just Think Your Way Out Of Depression

By Clifford N Lazarus Ph.D. on August 05, 2011 in Think Well
Ironically, despite extensive research and clinical experience that would seem to validate Cognitive Therapy’s effectiveness, simply combating negative thoughts and replacing them with more rational beliefs rarely helps depression. Here's what does.


By Jennifer Baumgartner Psy.D. on August 05, 2011 in The Psychology of Dress
There is only so much you can learn from books and lectures. It is when you have a true experience that knowing occurs. Surrounded by a flurry of paper scraps, Elmer's glue, and scissors, I learned the ugly truth about beauty.

How Can We Help When Johnny Can’t Read?

By Timothy D. Wilson Ph.D. on August 05, 2011 in Redirect
What is the best way to help children who have problems with reading comprehension? There are dozens of reading programs out there and you would think we would know the answer to this question by now.

Group Membership and Commitment to Goals

By Art Markman Ph.D. on August 05, 2011 in Ulterior Motives
When people are part of a group, they often have to work together toward a common goal. How do you motivate everyone in the group to work toward the goal? How does the strength of people's identity as a group member affect their motivation?

The Dulins vs. the Bakers

Can grandparents be guilty of parental alienation?

Choosing Sides After a Friendship Breakup

I had a very painful falling out with a really close friend several months ago...My struggle is that my boyfriend, who met this ex-friend through me, still wants to be friends with her.

How "Errors in Thinking" Apply to Pedophiles

I have been asked whether the "errors in thinking" that give rise to numerous forms of criminal conduct apply also to sex offenders, especially pedophiles. The answer is that they do.

Aging with Two or More Languages

Old age has an impact on language perception and production but it is no different in monolinguals and bilinguals. It would even appear that older bilinguals have a few cognitive benefits in their favor.

Male and Female: The Overlapping Curves

By Noam Shpancer Ph.D. on August 04, 2011 in Insight Therapy
In the popular media, and popular opinion, a contest has been waging for some time between two opposing views of the gender landscape. Which one is right?

Main Effect Madness

By Joachim I Krueger Ph.D. on August 04, 2011 in One Among Many
Optimism, confidence, compassion. These are attributes one wants to acquire and cultivate. Doing so should lead to good things. New research shows a complication. Positive attitudes work best when you least need them. In: Realistic psychology; out: Positive psychology.
Is it Weird or Is it Wrong?*

Is it Weird or Is it Wrong?*

By Debbie Stier on August 04, 2011 in The Perfect Score Project
Here's how I scored on the SAT in 2011, as an adult.

Don't "Dumb Yourself Down" to Attract Somebody

One especially tragic example of not being yourself when dating is "dumbing yourself down," which some women find necessary to attract men. But just what kind of men are they attracting by doing this?