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Cynthia Gray: Keeper of The Love Letter Collection

By Jennifer Haupt on August 02, 2011 in One True Thing
Perhaps the only thing more difficult than committing words of love to paper is then to actually sign, seal, and deliver those words. Here's more from Cynthia Gray, founder of an online vault of anonymous love letters:

Private Testing for Gifted Kids... If and When?

By David Palmer Ph.D. on August 02, 2011 in Gifted Kids
Individually administered comprehensive IQ tests like the most recent editions of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale (WISC IV) or the Stanford Binet (SB V) are considered more reliable and valid, and offer parents and teachers more information, than the group IQ tests often given in the schools.

Why We are Creatures of Routine

By Thomas Scheff Ph.D. on August 02, 2011 in Let's Connect
My practice of meditation has suggested to me a new way of looking at routine.


By Darcy Sterling Ph.D. on August 02, 2011 in Ask Dr. Darcy
A 29-year old turns to advice from Dr. Darcy after realizing that she has no goals and is not where she wants to be in life.

The Art of Getting Started

A new PT blogger writes on the fear of beginnings.

Happy Brain, Happy Life

By Susan Reynolds on August 02, 2011 in Prime Your Gray Cells
Focusing on negative thoughts effectively saps your brain of its positive forcefulness, slows it down, and can go as far as dimming your brain’s ability to function, even creating depression. Thinking happy, optimistic thoughts decreases cortisol and produces serotonin, which creates a sense of well-being and helps your brain function at peak capacity.

What's Next, After Humans

By Mark Changizi on August 02, 2011 in Nature, Brain, and Culture
We're already Human 2.0. Question is, What is Human 3.0?

Does Psychiatry Too Often "Oversell" Itself? One Psychiatrist's Warning

By Christopher Lane Ph.D. on August 02, 2011 in Side Effects
If psychiatry too often oversells itself, what exactly has the public overbought? An interesting debate about this is running in the latest issue of the New York Review of Books.

Your Gut, Your Brain, and Economics

By Daniel R. Hawes Ph.D. on August 02, 2011 in Quilted Science
The gut and the brain are closely connected via the communication of the autonomous nervous system. This connection has implications for research in emotion, cognition and intuitive decision making.

Healing 2.0

By Sonia Arrison on August 02, 2011 in 100 Plus
Diseases, which would have been fatal or severely disabling just years ago, are now being completely cured thanks to advances in an exciting field called "tissue engineering."

8 Steps You Should Take Before Living with Your Partner

By Dr. Craig Malkin on August 02, 2011 in Romance Redux
Living with your partner can either bring you closer or tear you apart. Here's how to cohabit happily ever after.

Are You Raising a Codependent Child?

Parents worry whether their children will grow up to be independent. Here's what they need to know:

Myths you probably believe about infant formula

By Darcia Narvaez Ph.D. on August 02, 2011 in Moral Landscapes
Kourtney Kardashian followed the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics and breastfed exclusively for 6 months and over a year total.

We Are More Likely to Bribe Than I Am

By Art Markman Ph.D. on August 02, 2011 in Ulterior Motives
There is a variant of the golden rule that says "Whoever has the gold, rules." But, bribery is a moral issue. How do people overcome the guilt and fear to make the decision to offer a bribe?

Dealing with Rejection Part 2: Saying No to Others

It can be difficult to turn down a date request from someone else. Here is some advice to help make it easier.

The Power of Silence (Courtesy of Marcel Marceau)

"Do not the most moving moments of our lives find us without words?" So asked Marcel Marceau, in a remarkable meditation on the power of silence.

Guess: What Arguably Trivial Habit Gives a Giant Boost of Happiness?

By Gretchen Rubin on August 02, 2011 in The Happiness Project
Is it...getting enough sleep? Yes, but that's not what I'm thinking of.

Is it...getting some exercise? Yes, but that's not what I'm thinking of.

Good Pain. Bad Pain. How Do You Know?

By Jonathan Fields on August 02, 2011 in Awake at the Wheel
Two years ago, I was trail-running and snapped a bone in my foot. I hobbled home and hauled myself over to the orthopedist. Well, okay, my wife actually hauled me over, I couldn't stand.

Gaps in LGBT Research and Health Care

By Loren A. Olson M.D. on August 02, 2011 in Finally Out
As a group LGBT people are subjected to prejudice and discrimination in health care. "LGBT" is an umbrella term. The "L," the "G," the "B" and the "T" all represent distinct populations. Each population and subpopulation has its own separate needs and its own distinct health care requirements. Combining these populations obscures differences among them.

The Bastard Verdict from Scotland

By Arthur Dobrin D.S.W. on August 02, 2011 in Am I Right?
The present judicial system fosters cynicism.

When Being Beautiful Backfires

By Sam Sommers on August 01, 2011 in Science Of Small Talk
It pays to be pretty.

Or so we've been told by life experience as well as research finding. Better looking people get the benefit of the doubt, get away with bad behavior, and make more money. But sometimes being beautiful can backfire...

Meet the World’s Oldest Mothers of Newborns

By Susan Newman Ph.D. on August 01, 2011 in Singletons
What drives women to want to become mothers in their 60s and 70s?

Check Your Thyroid!

Did you know that an underactive thyroid (hypothyroid) can mimic postpartum depression?