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Procrastination and Flow Experiences: A Tale of Opposites

By Timothy A Pychyl Ph.D. on May 05, 2008 in Don't Delay
Procrastinators rarely engage in their lives in a way that creates the experience of "flow." They're rarely "in the zone" or "find their groove." What's flow? Why are the optimal conditions for flow just the opposite of what promotes task delay?

What Influences Our Happiness the Most?

Is it our genes? Is it where, how, and with whom we live? Or is it entirely something else?I have two friends, Seth and Michael, and one of them is a lot happier than the other...

Second-order Procrastination: Another Inconvenient Truth Related to Climate Change

By Timothy A Pychyl Ph.D. on May 03, 2008 in Don't Delay
 You control climate change . . . if you get around to it. This is the perfect storm for both first- and second-order procrastination.

Sympathy for the Devil

By Stephen A. Diamond Ph.D. on May 02, 2008 in Evil Deeds
At the time of her infamous crime, Andrea Yates was a devout Christian, devoted wife, and dedicated mother of five biblically named children--Mary, Luke, Paul, John and Noah-- ages 6 months to 7 years old. She had given up her career as a nurse, deciding, with her husband's support, to be a full-time mother and to home-school her children. All seemed to be going fine at first. But after the birth of her first child began her gradual descent into hell.
An Inconvenient Truth: Sexual Monogamy Kills Male Libido

An Inconvenient Truth: Sexual Monogamy Kills Male Libido

By Christopher Ryan Ph.D. on May 02, 2008 in Sex at Dawn
For most men in long-term sexually monogamous relationships, a steady decrease in libido is inevitable, regardless of the particular woman in their lives. That’s right. The sexually-monogamous husband of the hottest woman on earth will start to lose interest at a certain point. Uma, it’s not your fault!You want an inconvenient truth? Try this one: human beings are clearly evolved for sex lives featuring multiple simultaneous sexual relationships.

Delay as a Self-handicapping Strategy

By Timothy A Pychyl Ph.D. on May 02, 2008 in Don't Delay
"Do people always want to know precisely who they are and exactly what they are capable of accomplishing at their best? We doubt it . . ."

What Flavor of Perfectionist Are You? It Matters!

By Timothy A Pychyl Ph.D. on April 30, 2008 in Don't Delay
 Perfectionism comes in at least two flavors: adaptive and maladaptive. The maladaptive flavor seems to have social roots. (Take the self-test at the end of the blog.)

How Big a Problem Is Anxiety?

By Robert L. Leahy Ph.D. on April 30, 2008 in Anxiety Files
Anxiety is the most common psychological problem and it has been increasing in the last fifty years.

The Greatest Magic Trick Ever, Part II: The Great Selfini

By Matthew Hutson on April 30, 2008 in Psyched!
In a recent post I argued that free will is an illusion. Even if I convinced you, why does the illusion still work?

What Is Compassion and How Can It Improve My Life?

The definition of compassion is the ability to understand the emotional state of another person or oneself.

Why Hillary Can't Win

By Guest Blogger on April 28, 2008 in Brainstorm
Regardless of Hillary's political fate, she'll never be able to win the challenge of being perceived as both a good candidate and a likable person.

What’s the matter with a little brother/sister action?

By Tamler Sommers Ph.D. on April 28, 2008 in Experiments in Philosophy
 Fellow "Experiments in Philosophy" blogger Jesse Prinz posted about UVA psychologist Jon Haidt's work on political differences. I want to continue exploring the philosophical implications of Haidt's work by asking whether it's all right for Julie and her brother Mark to have sex.Here's a scenario drawn from a study Haidt conducted:

Personality: A Risk and Resilience Factor for Procrastination

By Timothy A Pychyl Ph.D. on April 28, 2008 in Don't Delay
So what do we know about the major personality traits and procrastination?Not surprisingly, the answer varies from study to study, but the major themes are informative, at least a place to start.

Why Do Women Leaders Get a Bad Rap?

By Gabriela Cora M.D., M.B.A. on April 27, 2008 in Alpha Females
Let’s get real, if a woman leader shows her strength and assertiveness with no apologies, many will say she is ruthless. And, if she shows a tear in the corner of her eye, others will wonder if she’s an emotional wreck.

Men May Be from Mars, But At Least They Can Find Their Way Home

By Jefferson Singer Ph.D. on April 27, 2008 in Life Scripts
New research has emerged that shows differences in men's vs. women's memories. These findings reinforce some of what we might have expected regarding which partner in a couple is going to be more likely to remember what the hostess looked like at the party and which one might be the better choice to find the way back home.

Is Procrastination a Personality Problem? What is Personality?

By Timothy A Pychyl Ph.D. on April 27, 2008 in Don't Delay
Does personality matter?Is there a procrastination personality?What is personality?

Biology and Blame

By Pamela Keel Ph.D. on April 25, 2008 in Consuming Thoughts
Identifying the causes of eating disorders may help us understand why some people develop these devastating illnesses, but it won't give us a target for blame.

Positive Illusions in Romantic Love: "You're the Nearest Thing to Heaven"

Positive illusions may help people to fly together "on the wings of love," but quite often the wings are not strong enough to carry them both together.

Learning to Be Self-ish

The most important relationship that we have is with ourselves. Yet, the greatest obstacle we face in creating conscious relationship is, well, ourselves. We love to get in our own way.

Giving in to Feel Good: Why Self-regulation Fails

By Timothy A Pychyl Ph.D. on April 25, 2008 in Don't Delay
We give in to feel good. Give in to what? Food, shopping, drinking, smoking, gambling, and, you guessed it, procrastination.

Read This Post for Good Luck. Seriously.

By Matthew Hutson on April 25, 2008 in Psyched!
The psychology of viral emails.Plus: Is it against the law to jinx a baseball team?

Re-enacting Family Dynamics in the Workplace

Flashbacks to childhood in the office?

All Stereotypes Are True, Except... I: What Are Stereotypes?

By Satoshi Kanazawa on April 24, 2008 in The Scientific Fundamentalist
“Stereotypes” have a bad name, and everybody hates stereotypes. But what exactly is a stereotype?

Sex-Starved Wives

Sex Starved Wives: A Silent Epidemic?

A Limerick to Make You Smile (and Think)

By Timothy A Pychyl Ph.D. on April 24, 2008 in Don't Delay
 We think about the potential and limits of science differently. We even "do" science quite differently.

Fundamentals of Therapy #2: Finding a Therapist

By Ryan Howes PhD, ABPP on April 23, 2008 in In Therapy
Choosing a therapist is no easy task - you need to gather all the info you can, but ultimately trust your gut.

Gender Outlaws: Switching from a man to a woman (or vice versa)

By Guest Blogger on April 23, 2008 in Brainstorm
Transsexuals and transgendered people can often tell us a great deal about our society because they've experienced what most of us never will: being perceived as a man or a woman in the same lifetime.