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A Quiz for Drug Companies

By Christopher Lane Ph.D. on March 26, 2009 in Side Effects
When online quizzes are not as private as we imagine.

Self-affirmation: A Strategy to Reduce Self-control Failure

By Timothy A Pychyl Ph.D. on March 26, 2009 in Don't Delay
The research evidence across four new studies reveals the importance of affirming one's sense of self to bolster our depleted self-control. I think this research underscores the deeply existential issue of self-affirmation and "courage" in relation to the self-regulation failure we know as procrastination.

You Look Nasty in that Dress

By Ilana Simons Ph.D. on March 25, 2009 in The Literary Mind
What you say is not as important as how you say it.  Shakespeare knew this.  So does HBO's David Milch.  

When Friends and Family Get Divorced

By Sam Margulies on March 25, 2009 in Divorce for Grownups
Giving advice to divorcing friends can be hazardous to them when you are not a genuine expert on divorce.

Being Honest With Children

By Phyllis R. Silverman Ph.D. on March 25, 2009 in Raising Grieving Children

Should overuse of the Internet become a mental disorder?

By Christopher Lane Ph.D. on March 25, 2009 in Side Effects
Does overuse of the Internet really belong in a manual of mental disorders?

The Addictive Personality Redux

By Stephen Mason Ph.D. on March 24, 2009 in Look At It This Way

Put Your Hands In Your Pockets

By Linda Kaplan Thaler on March 24, 2009 in Counterintuitive Corner

Wired Up for the Lord

By Stephen Mason Ph.D. on March 24, 2009 in Look At It This Way

Back to Basics

By Judith S. Beck PhD on March 24, 2009 in Thinking Thin
Marta was dismayed. After 20 months of maintaining her weight loss with relative ease, she had gone off track and had gained back five pounds.

"Don't Delay's" 1st Birthday: It's Time for a Change

By Timothy A Pychyl Ph.D. on March 24, 2009 in Don't Delay
My blog has its first birthday today, with this, my 100th post. It's been an interesting year of writing. Now it's time for a change.

Why Choose Hope?

By Barbara L Fredrickson Ph.D. on March 23, 2009 in Positivity
The choice of hope over fear is vital.

Are There Any "Natural" Lie Detectors?

By Maureen O'Sullivan Ph.D. on March 23, 2009 in Deception
Short answer: No

Children in a Lesser Job

Helicopter parents and college students/grads gather 'round. More than ever, you need to support each other positively in this down economy. But sometimes what looks like support can cause more damage.

Please Cheat on Your Diet!

By Susan McQuillan M.S., RDN on March 22, 2009 in Cravings
Hungry and deprived people are miserable people. You don't have to be one of them.

Opera Does Make Brain Sense--Sometimes

By Norman N Holland Ph.D. on March 22, 2009 in This Is Your Brain on Culture
Somehow, despite the often idiotic plots, opera arias arouse profound emotions in us, more than when they are sung as songs in a concert.  If it isn't the plots, what is it?

A Unified Framework for Addiction: Decision-Process Vulnerabilities and Procrastination

By Timothy A Pychyl Ph.D. on March 22, 2009 in Don't Delay
Based on a framework for addiction recently published in the journal Behavioral and Brain Sciences, philosopher, Chrisoula Andreou, has offered up ideas to consider in our understanding of procrastination. 

Mindful Eating: The French Paradox

By Jan Chozen Bays M.D. on March 21, 2009 in Mindful Eating

How Distant Would You Like Me To Be, Darling?

It is commonly claimed that the closer two people are to each other, the greater their intimacy and love will be. It seems, however, that some distance is also required in order for love to flourish. While many married couples are busy thinking how to reduce the distance between them, others would like to enlarge it. 

Should we re-think positive thinking?

By Joanne V Wood Ph.D. on March 20, 2009 in Regarding Self-Regard
Everyone knows that to be successful and happy, we should say favorable things to ourselves, such as "I can do it!" and "I'm a good person." But are positive self-statements actually beneficial? 

On the Shoulders of Giants

By Meg Daley Olmert on March 20, 2009 in Made For Each Other
As huge blocks of western culture calve away, The New York Times is waxing nostalgic  for another time of great change in an editorial on horse domestication. At first it may seem downright odd, but their curiosity about the mysterious "something" that allowed humans and horses to merge zeroes in on the only way to survive a changing global climate-cooperation.

They're Just Not That Into Sex

By Anneli Rufus on March 20, 2009 in Stuck
Over the last few decades, many in-groups and identities have emerged and flourished whose key qualifier is sex. Gay. Straight. Bi. Trans. Metrosexual. Butch. Femme. Boi. Top. Bottom. Questioning. Genderqueer. Polyamorous. Intersex. Of course our sexual orientations and choices would define us: We live in an intensely sexualized society. Now another sexual identity is entering the limelight. Yes, it's at the extreme end of the sexual spectrum, but it's not about wanting or having more (or more transgressive) sex. It's about not wanting or having sex at all. Meet the asexuals.