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“I will never forget when we were hit. All I remember is seeing the car driving through the red light at the intersection. I knew we were going to be hit."

The Lucifer Effect: Creating Difference to Justify Atrocity

By Neel Burton M.D. on April 01, 2012 in Hide and Seek
Unfortunately, dehumanization is not limited to thugs and rapists, and may also be employed by supposedly decent, middle class people.

5 Ways to Help You Stop Yelling at Your Kids

Here are some powerful, effective tips from my book 10 Days to a Less Defiant Child to help you avoid the yelling trap with your child or teen.

What Are the Real Differences Between EPA and DHA?

By Barry Sears Ph.D. on April 01, 2012 in In the Zone
It is rapidly becoming acknowledged that omega-3 fatty acids are good for the brain. However, there are two: eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Are they equivalent, different, or something in-between?

Sex Changes Everything

When men are primed (reminded of, made to think) with the thought of mating opportunities—sex—and then asked to make choices like the ones above, loss aversion is wiped out and even reversed. In other words, when men are thinking about opportunities to mate, risks become much more attractive.

Simple Cures, Not Central Planning

By Jory Goodman M.D. on April 01, 2012 in Attention, Please
While there is no certainty, it appears that a sufficiency of Supreme Court justices are skeptical of Obamacare. Starting with an uninformed assumption that the law will be deemed unconstitutional in toto and thrown out, what then?

The “So What” of Humility

"Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it's thinking of yourself less." - Rick Warren

My colleagues and I have studied strengths of character for more than a decade (Park & Peterson, 2010; Peterson and Seligman, 2004). The most important conclusion from our work is that character is plural.

The Wheel of Conflict

By Jeff Thompson Ph.D. on April 01, 2012 in Beyond Words
The Wheel of Conflict includes elements that can contribute to conflicts and disputes arising, persisting and escalating. At the same time, awareness of these elements and preparing for each allows you to change an interaction from a negative encounter to a positive one.

These Foolish Things: 3 Health Habits That Seem "Pure" But Aren't

By Meg Selig on April 01, 2012 in Changepower
It's easy to fall for products with "health halos."

Starving to Death

By F. Diane Barth L.C.S.W. on April 01, 2012 in Off the Couch
Being thin is not necessarily a good thing.

Putting Neuroscience Into the Story

What influence does neuroscience have on our understanding of our own everyday thoughts and behavior? To my mind, the best way of assessing the importance of these ideas is by putting them into fiction.

Does It Make Any Sense to Apply Quantum Mechanics to How People Think?

By Liane Gabora Ph.D. on April 01, 2012 in Mindbloggling
Go into any bookstore and you can find books on ‘quantum computation’, ‘quantum healing’, and even ‘quantum golf’. But quantum mechanics describes stuff in the microworld of subatomic particles, right? Surely it makes no sense to apply it to macroscopic stuff like computers and golf, let alone psychological stuff like thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

Menopause, Bioidentical Hormones and Alternative Therapies (A Beginning)

An entry into understanding menopause and the peri-menopause.

Single Mother Wants to (Ad-)Opt Out

An international news story broke Saturday about a woman in China who wants to give her two-month-old infant boy up for adoption, for free, due to her impending divorce from the boy’s father.

The Theory of the Stork Rises Again

Two different theories exist concerning the origin of children: the Theory of Sexual Reproduction (ThoSR) and the Theory of the Stork (ThoS). Nowadays, many people believe in the theory of reproduction, simply because they have been taught this theory in school.

Got Tics? Environmental Adjustments Can Help

“Tics wax and wane. It’s just the nature of the beast.” Or is it?

How Teamwork Can Damage Productivity

By Ray Williams on March 31, 2012 in Wired for Success
Work is now commonly organized into teams in most organizations, and conventional wisdom is that working in groups is more productive than individual work. Yet, research on work in groups shows that teamwork can actually inhibit or even damage productivity.

Obsession: Not as Sexy as it Sounds

By Fletcher Wortmann on March 31, 2012 in Triggered
“Oh my god. I am so OCD.” I know you’ve been obsessed, so tell me: what’s your poison? What did it for you? Was it an unrequited crush? Some esoteric branch of knowledge you could never quite master? A mop-haired teen idol with the face and vocal range of a neutered kitten? An old grudge you know will never be put right? Trouble at work, at home, in bed, in church?

Mohamed Merah: Jujitsu Politics in France

By Clark McCauley Ph.D. on March 31, 2012 in Friction
Mohamed Merah killed seven French citizens, including soldiers and Jewish children. Was Merah a lone wolf or was he connected with al-Qaeda?

Connecting the Dots Between Snoring And Attention Deficit

By Dennis Rosen M.D. on March 31, 2012 in Sleeping Angels
A reader writes: My 6-year-old was recently diagnosed with ADHD, and our pediatrician recommended starting him on medication. He has always snored, but it seems to have gotten worse this last year. I’ve read that there can be an association between snoring and ADHD, and wanted to ask if treating his snoring might improve his behavior.

What Science Tells Us About the Clitoris: It’s All Custom Under the Hood

By Laurie B. Mintz Ph.D. on March 31, 2012 in Stress and Sex
While controversy exists, there is evidence that all orgasms are the result of direct or indirect stimulation of the clitoris, including both the external and internal parts of this often-misunderstood human organ.

Life's Turning Points: The Mystery of the Self Within Your Self

There’s always a message contained in what you turned away from, or towards. It’s a message from your true self, to the self that you identify with.

Trayvon Martin's Death and Your Life

By Pamela Cytrynbaum on March 31, 2012 in Because I'm the Mom
I’m not one for silver linings, but I am a teacher and a parent. Trayvon Martin's horrifying, senseless death offers our country an important opportunity to take it personally, to take stock, to see what his death means in our daily lives.

Is It Paranormal to Believe That UFOs Are Real?

By Erich Goode Ph.D. on March 31, 2012 in The Paranormal
Most conventional scientists argue that the belief that extraterrestrials have landed on or are circling Earth is paranormal, since it violates laws of nature to travel the necessary distance beyond our solar system to arrive on our planet within any conceivable life span. Is this true?

What Your Facebook Account Says About Your Brain

Why do some people have thousands of friends on Facebook and others have just a few? It turns out that it depends on the size of their brain.

Lose the Lottery? Reinvent Your Life

Commit to writing one paragraph each day for a week about how you would spend a lottery jackpot. It won't even cost you $1 for the ticket. And if you discover a hidden dream? Now that's winning.

Original Sin: The Psychology of Dishonesty

By Neel Burton M.D. on March 31, 2012 in Hide and Seek
Are lying and cheating instinctive or calculating?