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Skype : Devil or Angel, I Can’t Make Up My Mind

By Stuart Fischoff Ph.D. on April 03, 2012 in The Media Zone
The audio engineer assumed the problem was at my end. So did I. I’m intropunitive, into self- blame, at least when it comes to media technology snafus. But ultimately, it wasn't really my fault.

Why It’s REALLY Not Cute When Kids Snore Like Grandpa

By Dennis Rosen M.D. on April 03, 2012 in Sleeping Angels
Still more evidence that breathing is important for children (in this case, during sleep).

When Nurses Kill

By Katherine Ramsland Ph.D. on April 03, 2012 in Shadow Boxing
When nurses turn into killers, they betray an entire social institution that relies on relationships of trust. Prevention requires education, observation, and cooperation at all levels.

Mad Men's Don Draper: Just a Motherless Little Boy

Present day Mad Men viewers don’t need “Tea Leaves” (the title of Sunday night’s episode) to predict the rude incursion of race riots, political assassinations, and bra burnings that are on the horizon for Don and Megan Draper and Henry and Betty Frances. But the characters have no idea that such game-changers lie in wait.

Why Are Men Frustrated With Dating?

Why does finding the right woman seem so hard right now? Why does dating feel so punishing? Are men stuck in a no-win situation? Here are some answers...

Deconstructing Psychiatry's Ever-Expanding Bible

The DSM is a pseudo-scientific manual for diagnosing sick Cartesian isolated minds. As such, it completely overlooks the exquisite context sensitivity and radical context dependence of human emotional life and of all forms of emotional disturbance.

Helping Children Thrive With LD/ADHD

Beyond the logistics of helping children with learning differences do well in school, all adults —parents, teachers, and counselors—have a responsibility to foster a positive mindset that helps kids overcome the many obstacles they face.

"I" and My Depersonalization. Comments on Your Comments.

By Elena Bezzubova on April 02, 2012 in The Search for Self
The blog readers' comments suggest that there are four stages of dealing with depersonalization: 1. Uncertainty prior depersonalization has been diagnosed. 2. Hopes after depersonalization has been diagnosed. 3. Realization that depersonalization is a difficult to treat chronic condition. 4. Understanding and accepting life with depersonalization.

The Truly Free Marriage

Is renewal really possible?

The Epidemic of Gray Divorces

Many of these gray divorces may be necessary if the partners are genuinely mismatched, another group of them may be giving up simply because they don’t have the necessary vision and tools to grow their relationship into something that can provide for their deeper needs.

Do Dogs Have a Musical Sense?

Dogs do appreciate specific styles of music, however, contrary to what many people believe, a dog howling along with music does not represent a canine attempt to sing.

Friendship: Nightmare on My Street

When life in a subdivision suddenly turns from cozy to creepy.

Is America "on the Wrong Side of History"?

President Obama has said that "we know the countries that out-teach us today will out-compete us tomorrow." A recent article in The New York Times suggests that Chinese leaders think America is "on the wrong side of history" and is headed for decline. What are we doing to develop an intellectually competitive team for America's future?

Creating Healthy Sexuality

By Deborah King on April 02, 2012 in Mining the Headlines
What is healthy sexuality and how can we use it to save and protect lives and put an end to sexual violence and assault?

Birds of a Feather Smoke and Drink Together

We tend to be very similar to our friends. We have similar interests and lifestyles. We engage in similar patterns of smoking and drinking (or not). But why? Did we come together from the start because of our similarities? Do we actively encourage each other to change? Or are we all just responding similarly to a shared cultural milieu?

The Sky Is Not Falling

By David J Ley Ph.D. on April 02, 2012 in Women Who Stray
The certainty that porn is destroying lives comes from a moral panic, not a scientific process. At best there is a debate—at worst, politically-induced morally-driven fear is leading us off a cliff.

Volunteering: A Rewarding Path to a Paying Job

Our society is richer and more humane because of millions of volunteers across the country. For those seeking jobs, it not only enriches their lives but also adds to their resume.

To Shoot or Not to Shoot: Racial Bias and Irreversible Decisions

By Clay Routledge Ph.D. on April 02, 2012 in More Than Mortal
In real life situations, there could be a number of other factors that make it difficult to correctly make quick and irreversible decisions.

Essential for New Parents: How Baby's Laughter Affects Our Brains

By Joshua Gowin Ph.D. on April 02, 2012 in You, Illuminated
With so many things to learn—immediately—to care for a baby, it seems like evolution must have given our brains a few tools to ease the shift into the newfound role as parent, just as a bird shifts to its nesting instinct. Dutch researchers Madelon Riem and Marinus van IJzendoorn found that oxytocin changes the way the brain responds to a baby’s laughter.

Seeking Flow in an Empty Boat

By Susan K Perry Ph.D. on April 02, 2012 in Creating in Flow
Mark Salzman is a warm compassionate writer who struggled with writer's block and the meaning of life. We discussed his creative process a decade ago—and now.

The Abuse of Overparenting

As parents, we all have that innate desire to protect and provide for our kids. Yet, at some point we must ask ourselves, are we doing too much for them? When do our actions cross the line from offering our kids security to hurting their self-confidence?

Love-making, STD Awareness, and Sexual Politics

If politicians and religious leaders must get into business of making moral judgments about sex—let them take up the banner of education, STD awareness, and condoms. If they all really believe in the right to life, then perhaps they should be loving and adopting unwanted children and vigorously promoting prevention of child abuse and neglect.