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How To Create a Juvenile Delinquent With Materials Easily Available At Home

By Nancy Darling Ph.D. on February 10, 2010 in Thinking About Kids
When the four year old triumphantly tugged his mom's skirt to the floor in the middle of the crowded gym, it wasn't an accident.  It was the result of careful training.

Non-Suicidal Self-Injury: A New Diagnosis?

By Tracy Alderman Ph.D. on February 10, 2010 in The Scarred Soul

Home Won't Sell? Try Two Prices Instead of One

By William Poundstone on February 10, 2010 in Priceless
Houses aren't selling, and behavioral economists say sellers are to blame. But a psychological pricing trick can help sellers get more and better offers.

Modern technology as intimacy’s enemy: Are we all “Up in the Air?”

Relationships with families, lovers, and friends, are costly.  Modern technology -- in the form of planes that allow us to move far away, and communication devices such as cell phones and computers that allow us to maintain some semblance of contact -- can free us from those costs. But at what price?  

Beyond Valentine's: Making the Holiday Work for Singles

By Ann Smith on February 10, 2010 in Healthy Connections
I regularly hear from relatives, friends and clients about the awkwardness, disappointment and yes joy in the celebration of Valentine's Day. Today, the pressure is on to be "in love" on Valentine's Day. That can cause jitters for even the sturdiest of single folks.

Technology: Is Technology Making Us Idiots?

By Jim Taylor Ph.D. on February 10, 2010 in The Power of Prime
In his insightful 2008 article in the Atlantic, Nicolas Carr asks, "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" He goes on to explore how new technology has altered our reading habits and, more unsettlingly, how we process information and think. It is a cerebral piece that meets the high intellectual standards we expect of that august magazine.

Music from Another Planet

By Hank Davis on February 10, 2010 in Caveman Logic
Religion is an inevitable result of Caveman Logic. But at least one good thing has come of it over the centuries: Music and art. Even delusions can lead to a rich array of beautiful music. We look at some of it here - and not just the kind of examples you'd expect.
How to Win American Idol
The X-Factors of Success
Measuring Charisma
Growing Greatness

Winning isn’t Everything, it’s the Only Thing….Or is it?

By John Tauer Ph.D. on February 09, 2010 in Goal Posts
Vince Lombardi is often quoted as having said, “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” However, Lombardi claimed that what he actually said was ...

Crazy Like Us

By Ethan Gilsdorf on February 09, 2010 in Geek Pride
According to Ethan Watters in “Crazy Like Us: The Globalization of the American Psyche,’’ the American way of perceiving and treating mental illness has quickly and ruthlessly become the worldwide way.

Are You in a Book Group? Want a Reading Group Guide?

By Gretchen Rubin on February 09, 2010 in The Happiness Project
Happiness is a great book group meeting! I'm in three book groups -- one in which we read books aimed at adults, two in which we read book aimed at children and young adults. Being part of these books groups is among the joys of my life.  

Diet Soda or Sugar-Sweet? Your Brain Has a Mind of Its Own

By Faith Brynie Ph.D. on February 09, 2010 in Brain Sense
You may think that your diet soda tastes the same (maybe even better) than the sugar-sweetened variety, but your brain has a mind of its own when it comes to recognizing and discriminating calories.

Haiti Living Hell

By Guest Blogger on February 09, 2010 in Brainstorm
Even if you can't find the language to describe your thoughts and feelings, even if you think you've lost your voice, try. The words are somewhere inside of you.

The Best Valentine's Day Gift for a Mindful Eater

By Susan Albers Psy.D. on February 09, 2010 in Comfort Cravings
If you are contemplating what to get your sweetie for Valentine's Day, you may want to reconsider chocolate if he or she has made healthy eating his or her number one goal this year. Too often, we use food to express love when there are so many other ways to do it.


By Perminder S. Sachdev M.D., Ph.D., F. on February 09, 2010 in Psychiatry meets neuroscience

Vote For Me!

By Stephen Mason Ph.D. on February 08, 2010 in Look At It This Way

Neurotic Personalities Earn Lower Salaries

By Marisa Mauro Psy.D. on February 08, 2010 in Take All Prisoners

The Autism-Vaccines Myth: The Impact of the Media

By Bill Ahearn Ph.D., BCBA-D on February 08, 2010 in A Radical Behaviorist
 Clearly, the media can serve to protect the public interest but more often than not they fail to do so.

Boosting Your Teen's EQ

By Charlotte Reznick Ph.D. on February 08, 2010 in The Power of Imagination
Do you have a bright teenage child who is nevertheless struggling at school or having difficulty socially? EQ—or emotional intelligence—has much more influence on your child's success, now and in the future.

What Kinds of Articles Go Viral?

By Matthew Hutson on February 08, 2010 in Psyched!
Girls Who Drop Math
The Math Gender Gap
Mathematical Model

Why the Ban on Hand-held Devices in Cars May Not Reduce Accidents

By Satoshi Kanazawa on February 07, 2010 in The Scientific Fundamentalist
A recent study shows that, contrary to expectations, the ban on the use of hand-held devices like cell phones while driving has not reduced the number of accidents on the road.  How could that be?