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If You Love Me, You'll Divorce Me

By David Niose on December 04, 2011 in Our Humanity, Naturally
There's lots of talk nowadays about the sanctity of marriage. But to some, the underlying strength of a relationship far overshadows the man-made institution of marriage. What about the sanctity of love?

Mindboggling Baby Brains

By Jenni Ogden Ph.D. on December 04, 2011 in Trouble in Mind
At birth the human baby's brain possesses 100 billion brain cells. With love and lots of stimulation the millions of connections between these cells are pruned so that those used most often are strengthened and those hardly ever used lapse. Love and creative play are the most important brain developing mechanisms: money and fancy toys are not required!

The Mysteries of Knowing vs. Doing

By Donna Flagg on December 04, 2011 in Office Diaries
Why is it so difficult for people to do for themselves what they do for others?

We're Reinventing What It Means to Age

By Barbara Ray on December 04, 2011 in Adulthood: What's the Rush?
Boomers are delaying death (or at least trying to), and 20-somethings are delaying adulthood. We're all reinventing what it means to age. But so far, only our own personal imaginations are changing. The big institutions in our lives are slow to respond to "the big shift."

William Alexander: What's Good Enough?

By Jennifer Haupt on December 04, 2011 in One True Thing
Author of "52 Loaves" guest blogs about his quest to bake the perfect loaf of bread.

How to Get and Stay Organized: Part 2

By Bill Knaus Ed.D. on December 04, 2011 in Science and Sensibility
Get organized and rid yourself of time hogs using a special cross-out sheet technique.

Maggie, a Border Collie, Killed by Illegal Government Trap

By Marc Bekoff Ph.D. on December 04, 2011 in Animal Emotions
The reprehensible killing ways of WIldlife Services should make everyone ill and mad. Not only do they wantonly, mercilessly, and inhumanely slaughter millions of animals each year, they also kill numerous non-target animals including dogs. They're incredibly arrogant and sloppy and break laws because they can. Let's stop them now.

How and Why to Find a Mentor

By Alex Lickerman M.D. on December 04, 2011 in Happiness in this World
In Nichiren Buddhism, the mentor-disciple relationship—the relationship between teacher and student—is considered essential for attaining happiness. How does Nichiren Buddhism envision this relationship functions?

What Should I Write About?

You want to write a new book, but you're not sure what to write about. Use this 3-step process to get unstuck!

Cain Not Able: What Was Herman Cain Thinking?

By Mark Goulston M.D., F.A.P.A. on December 04, 2011 in Just Listen
We don't yet know what or if there will be a "bawdy count" of stories regarding Herman Cain that will now be exposed. If so, he will likely have the strong negative reactions that Bill Clinton and Tiger Woods triggered by their amoral activities.

Getting Whole While Getting Even

When life's small atrocities lead you to thoughts of "getting even," try using the power of the creative arts and imagination to help you "get whole."

How Do 3 Pounds of Brain Tissue Generate Our Consc

How the brain generates conscious experience is one of the greatest mysteries in science. One approach is based on looking at what the brain may not need for consciousness.

June Alexander Recovered from a Long-term Eating Disorder and So Can You

By Nancy Matsumoto on December 04, 2011 in Eating Disorders News
June Alexander didn't begin her recovery from anorexia and bulimia until she was 47. Now fully recovered, she's a sought-after author making up for lost time.

No Wonder We're So Tired: The Rise of Shadow Work

By Christine Louise Hohlbaum on December 04, 2011 in The Power of Slow
Despite the convenience of household appliances and telecommunication gadgets, we have more to do today than ever before. Who is to blame? Look no further than the do-it-yourself movement and the shadow work it has produced.

Women Fake Orgasms as a Mate Retention Strategy

By Gad Saad Ph.D. on December 04, 2011 in Homo Consumericus
Gentlemen: If your woman fakes orgasms frequently, you might be to blame for reasons that have nothing to do with your qualities as a lover.

Carl Jung and A Dangerous Method

By Robin S. Rosenberg Ph.D. on December 04, 2011 in The Superheroes
A Dangerous Method is film about Jung's life, and his triangular relationship with Sigmund Freud and Sabina Spielrein.

Trial of the Will

By Stephen Joseph Ph.D. on December 04, 2011 in What Doesn't Kill Us
Is growth following trauma an illusion?

Playing With One's Self

By Lynn Phillips on December 04, 2011 in Dream On
Computer solitaire, originally packaged with Windows to make computers and mouse technique easier for new users to grasp, can become a huge time sink, even for people like me who flatter themselves that they're too smart and engaged with life to get hooked on it.

How to Get and Stay Organized: Part 1

By Bill Knaus Ed.D. on December 04, 2011 in Science and Sensibility
Many of us run out of time to do the things we want or need to do. At the same time, we waste time. Resolve this strange paradox with a better organizing system.

Recognizing and Responding to Your Daughter’s Passive Aggressive Behaviors

What can any parent do to avoid the agony of victory and the defeat of healthy communication? The following guidelines offer parents strategies for maintaining their calm in a passive aggressive storm and responding in ways that lay the groundwork for less conflictual relationships with their daughters.

Married to a Sex Addict

By Frances Cohen Praver Ph.D. on December 04, 2011 in Love Doc
Sex addiction is big news these days. Chris Lee of the Daily Beast wrote The Sex Addiction Epidemic on November 25 which Newsweek featured. Whereas Lee's story followed a female sex addict, the new movie Shame follows a male sex addict. In my blog on Oct 7 2009, What Drives a Sex, I wrote about the inner world of the sex addict.