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Worry Helps me Cope: A Metacognitive Belief Linked to Procrastination

By Timothy A Pychyl Ph.D. on June 11, 2008 in Don't Delay
There's more than one type of procrastination. We can needlessly delay tasks - behavioral procrastination. We can also needlessly delay making decisions - decisional procrastination.

New York Times Is Wrong about Hymens--But They Are Not Alone

By Paul Joannides Psy.D. on June 11, 2008 in As You Like It
The New York Times shouldn't feel bad that it's wrong about the hymen. A large number of healthcare providers can't even correctly locate it.

How to Eliminate Racism Part I

By Edouard Machery on June 11, 2008 in Experiments in Philosophy
No doubt, racism is one of the most important evils in our pluralistic, open societies need to confront. And various programs are meant to do so. But what are the odds that these programs will work? Psychology can help us answer this question.

So you want to be an executive coach?

Using your psychology degree to get into executive coaching

Avoiding What Might Have Been

By Timothy A Pychyl Ph.D. on June 05, 2008 in Don't Delay
Avoiding thoughts about how things could have been better - an interesting strategy for self-enhancement. "It could have been worst" vs. "I could have done it better." What do procrastinators say? 

Why are there virtually no polyandrous societies?

By Satoshi Kanazawa on June 05, 2008 in The Scientific Fundamentalist
A comprehensive survey of traditional societies in the world shows that 83.39% of them practice polygyny, 16.14% practice monogamy, and .47% practice polyandry.

Smoking and Sex

By Steven Lamm on June 05, 2008 in
If you really want to smoke in the bedroom don't smoke

Living Backward in Time: How to Set Intentions, and Remain Present

Quoting one of my teachers, "If you are present, who pays the light bill? -- and if the lights are on, is anyone home?"

Nature Against Culture in the 22nd Century

By Roy F Baumeister on June 02, 2008 in Cultural Animal
Nature vs. culture over population

Is Your Workplace Personality Out of (Birth) Order?

Are your siblings to blame, or to thank, for your workplace personality?

Things That Go Bump in the Night

By John Cline Ph.D. on June 01, 2008 in Sleepless in America
Cornelia Collins awoke to an incessant rain of blows. As she fully awakened she saw that her husband was distressed, frightened, and lashing out.

Behind the Smaller Family Trend

By Susan Newman Ph.D. on June 01, 2008 in Singletons
The siblings we grew up with--and the fun we had--influence how we think about the number of children we want. But, replicating the family you loved may not be possible.

Understanding Constancy in Relationship

Object constancy suggests that, at some point in our early development, humans express the capacity to understand that ‘out of sight' doesn't mean ‘gone'.

Guilt vs. Responsibility is Powerlessness vs. Power

Think of this when you’re tempted to be rude to a surly waiter or to lean on the horn in response to an aggressive driver or when you want to dismiss or ignore to insult or malign someone you think deserves it: You are contributing, however indirectly, to child abuse, domestic violence, and other harmful behaviors.

Knowing Thyself

By Pamela Keel Ph.D. on May 30, 2008 in Consuming Thoughts
"Do I look fat in these jeans?"

Virtual Infidelity

By Sam Margulies on May 30, 2008 in Divorce for Grownups
Now you can have adultery without sex. Many believe that infidelity exists if you have intimate communication with a member of the opposite sex or look at torrid stuff on the internet.

Why are diamonds a girl's best friend?

By Satoshi Kanazawa on May 29, 2008 in The Scientific Fundamentalist
Because women make disproportionately greater parental investment in children than men do, their primary task is to discriminate between “dads” and “cads” among male suitors. How might a woman accomplish this task? How would she know which men will invest resources in her and her offspring?

How the Swiss Do It

By Susan McQuillan M.S., RDN on May 28, 2008 in Cravings
When it comes to long-term weight loss, researchers have finally found a real solution.

Procrastination: What Role Wisdom?

By Timothy A Pychyl Ph.D. on May 27, 2008 in Don't Delay
WisdomWhat can we say about wisdom and procrastination? Can it be sagacious delay?

Exotic culture that never was: Part III

By Satoshi Kanazawa on May 26, 2008 in The Scientific Fundamentalist
The Native American Environmentalism:Is the Native American culture really protective of the environment, or is the Native American environmentalism a (very) modern myth?

How Are You Managing Your Time?

By Timothy A Pychyl Ph.D. on May 25, 2008 in Don't Delay
Procrastination is NOT a time management problem. However, if you're procrastinating, chances are you're managing your time very poorly.  

Procrastination Is . . .

By Timothy A Pychyl Ph.D. on May 24, 2008 in Don't Delay
Have you ever procrastinated? Of course you have. So, you've got to watch this YouTube Video - Procrastination. It will make you smile. It will make you think. 

Relax: You're Not Bipolar

By Nassir Ghaemi M.D., M.P.H. on May 23, 2008 in Mood Swings
I have not known National Public Radio (NPR) to closely follow the annual meetings of the American Psychiatric Association (APA). Maybe I just missed it, but I haven't noticed Carl Kasell roaming around the 15 conventions I've attended. Hence my surprise to hear a report on May 6, 2008 entitled "Study: Doctors overdiagnosing bipolar disorder."

The 'Tragic Fallacy' that the World Revolves Around the Clintons

By Stanton Peele on May 23, 2008 in Addiction in Society
The Clintons suffer from the delusional state known in psychology as "feelings of reference."

What's Your "Ought Self" Like?

By Timothy A Pychyl Ph.D. on May 22, 2008 in Don't Delay
Our ideal self is the person we want to be. Our ought self is our understanding of what others want us to be - what we ought to be and do. Then there is our actual self. What happens when our actual self doesn't match the ideal or ought selves?

Exotic culture that never was: Part II

By Satoshi Kanazawa on May 22, 2008 in The Scientific Fundamentalist
The Gentle Tasaday:If the Yanomamö are “the fiercest people on earth,” does cultural determinism require that there necessarily be a “gentlest people on earth”?