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The Point of Public Lands

By Susan Clayton Ph.D. on March 11, 2012 in On Being Green
Apparently, Mitt Romney told a crowd at a campaign event that he "didn't know what the purpose" of public land was. Well, that's a question that can be informed by behavioral research. Do people think there is a purpose to public land?

Parenting Confessional and the Importance of Green Play

By Mark Hoelterhoff Ph.D. on March 11, 2012 in Second Nature
Nature and children are natural playmates-they're both wild and messy, unpredictable and beautiful

Doonesbury Tackles 'Slut' and Abortion Politics in Defending Texas Women

Whether we are against or support pregnancy termination, women are grateful for safe medical procedures. We are a society that flaunts sex and conveys a message that without love you are not whole. What about unintended love-sex consequences? Texas Republicans are targeting women seeking an abortion and Doonesbury portrays a controversial stand for women's health.

How To Prevent Procrastination

I'm among the most disciplined people I know, but when it comes to avoiding procrastination I know one person who's even better than I: my wife. She delays nothing. Even when it seems like she might be, it's only because she's getting a long series of other things done first.

Once "Democracy" is Bought, Can We Buy it Back?

By George Davis on March 11, 2012 in Modern Melting Pot
Are we still making up our minds based on facts about the Presidential candidates in 2012 or do we act in faith believing that we already have what is beneficial so that we can receive what is beneficial?

Letters From our Palaeolithic Selves

When did our ancestors begin writing?

Why Don't We Value Spatial Intelligence?

We tend to value people who can write, read, and do math. But what about a mechanical genius who isn't so good at these things?

My Hero Diogenes the Cynic

By Neel Burton M.D. on March 11, 2012 in Hide and Seek
Diogenes taught by living example that wisdom and happiness belong to the person who is independent of society. He was, I think, a shining example of the Art of Failure.

My Daughter is a Wimp

How to help your kids not get too stressed by bullies

Has Texting and Email Ruined Students’ Writing Skills?

Teachers and parents alike have voiced concern over whether texting, with its abbreviations, short-cuts, and odd grammar, hurts kids' writing skills. Does it hurt or help?

The Wrong Reason to Get Married—and the Right Way to Think about It

Some single people are happy being alone, but others want to find somebody to be with, and some of them may be going about it the wrong way. Should you get married for the sake of being married? Is staying single (if you don't want to be) better than settling? And how should we understand settling anyway?

The Most Astounding Thing in the Universe

By Robert Lanza M.D. on March 11, 2012 in Biocentrism
The startling discovery that reality is observer-created challenges everything we know about ourselves and our relationship with the world.

Has Texting and the Internet Ruined Student Writing Skills?

Teachers and parents alike have voiced concern over whether texting, with its abbreviations, short-cuts, and odd grammar, and other forms of Internet communication, hurts kids' writing skills. What does the research say?

Is Homegrown Terrorism a Path to Resilience?

The homegrown terrorist is using violence as a maladaptive coping strategy to achieve psychological well-being and a powerful social identity. Offering a terrorist an alternative form of self-expression seldom succeeds, leaving us with few solutions other than police monitoring and incarceration.

Internet stings: Does the fantasy defense hold water?

By Karen Franklin Ph.D. on March 10, 2012 in Witness
The former weapons inspector testified he thought he was chatting with a bored housewife, not a 15-year-old girl. The defense didn't work, but a new study suggests it may hold some truth.

Facebook: The Psychology of Social Media

What does it mean to ‘like' a brand on Facebook? What motivates consumers to click on the ‘like' icon? And why is this important to the brand marketers?

Facebook Affairs: Tips to Detect and Fight Internet Infidelity with Long-Lost Loves

By Pamela Cytrynbaum on March 10, 2012 in Because I'm the Mom
Divorce lawyers say Facebook is their new favorite investigative tool. Why? Because so many people are finding and documenting their affairs on the social networking site.

Slacking at Work? Blame the Time Change

By Linda Wasmer Andrews on March 10, 2012 in Minding the Body
For a few days after the spring change to daylight saving time, your sleep is curtailed, so your self-control is down. You may be more vulnerable to distractions and temptations.