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Female Psychopaths

While more males than females are psychopaths, there may be more psychopathic woman than we think.

What Brain Science Can Teach You About Sex

This post is an introduction to a succession of posts I’ll be doing that explore the latest findings on human sexual desire. In particular, the series will focus on the various brain cues that fire the erotic imagination of males and females, regardless of . . .

The 7+1 Best Things About Being Alive

By Neel Burton M.D. on May 02, 2012 in Hide and Seek
People who read my books by their covers tend to think of me as a dark pessimist. To shake off this unwarranted image, I have come up with a list of what I consider to be the 7+1 best things about being alive.

Turned On by Tight Spaces

By Anneli Rufus on May 02, 2012 in Stuck
Did a claustrophilia session gone wrong lead to the death of British superspy Gareth Williams, whose corpse was found padlocked inside a duffel bag in his apartment?

Does Facebook Make Us Lonely?

In this month’s Atlantic, Stephen Marche offers a detailed examination of the current state of social life in America.

Homicidal Triad: Predictor of Violence or Urban Myth?

By Karen Franklin Ph.D. on May 02, 2012 in Witness
Legend tells of three behaviors common to serial killers: Firesetting, enuresis and cruelty to animals. But is the legend true?

He’s Not Ignoring You – It Just Didn’t Register!

Women’s minds work differently from men’s. When Carole walks in the kitchen, the dishes in the sink are screaming at her, “Wash me! Wash me!” She won’t be able to relax till the sink is clean and the work is done. But it’s different for Henry. If he were living on his own, he’d have no problem leaving them till tomorrow.

Are You In Control?

Being “in control” seems like a good thing. Being “out of control” on the one hand, or “controlling” on the other, not so much.

Succeed at Habit Change With This One-Page "Book!"

By Meg Selig on May 02, 2012 in Changepower
Most people don’t change a habit with a snap of their fingers. Oh, you’ve noticed that?

Trauma, Death, Resurrection: A Russian-American Conversation

If we can help one another bear the darkness rather than evade it, perhaps one day we will be able to see the light — as finite human beings, finitely bonded to one another.

Pigeon of Discontent: No One Appreciates Me

Each week, I post a video about some Pigeon of Discontent raised by a reader. Because, as much as we try to find the Bluebird of Happiness, we’re also plagued by the Pigeons of Discontent.

What Are Your Fantasies?

Fantasies often get in the way of positive change...

Empathy for Terrorists, Bullies and Delinquents?

It’s too easy to make terrorists, bullies and delinquents into monsters. The more “thickly” we describe their lives, the more empathy we’ll have for those who want to harm us, and the more likely we are to know how to intervene to prevent their violence.

Marijuana Addiction Today

Marijuana addiction is subtle, deceptive and often hidden, even to the user, while its effects pervade every corner of the user's life.

The Stale Cookie Incident

A little story of family, stress, yelling and repair.

The Hidden Cost of Fitting In

Here's a story that you may have heard, but its message is timeless and it bears repeating.

Stress Shift

We're so busy and so stressed that we do all kinds of things to shift our stress to other people.

Fame and Happiness

By Jennifer Hamady on May 02, 2012 in Finding Your Voice
We have a cultural notion that personal worth and value are the result of one’s accomplishments. Thus, the obsession with what we should do when we grow up. Rather than who we are now, and how we would like to express ourselves in the world. As well as what we want to contribute to it.

Baptism by Radon: Cure for Erectile Dysfunction and Chronic Pain?

By Mark Borigini M.D. on May 02, 2012 in Overcoming Pain
Radioactive radon gas is considered a health hazard by environmental agencies throughout the world. So, why do people expose themselves to radon for therapeutic purposes, in facilities ranging from abandoned mines in Montana, to upscale spas and clinics in the forests of Europe?

Skulls of the Smart and Famous

It was once believed that the skulls of geniuses held all their secrets. A book about the black market for these postmortem artifacts offers plenty of amusement.

Cultural Stereotypes, or National Character?

Is there really something to the impression that the French are different from Americans, who are different from, say, the Thai? Or do these impressions only amount to so many caricatures?

Government Still Obsessed with Janet Jackson's Nipple

Way back in 2004, Janet Jackson’s right nipple was unexpectedly exposed for exactly one-half second during the Superbowl half-time show. Grown men cried. Women fainted. Children were driven mad by the brown protuberance.

See the Good In Others

By Rick Hanson Ph.D. on May 01, 2012 in Your Wise Brain
See the good in others—it's a simple but very powerful way to feel happier and more confident, and become more loving and more productive in the world.

Knowledge and Trust in a Gigabyte World

Isn’t it ironic that in an age of immeasurable information, there is little that we can assume to be credible? As technology changed the way information is communicated, it challenged our ability to know what is valid and what is not. Without reliable ways of distinguishing fact from fiction we might conclude that no one is above suspicion and nothing is believable.

Mussel Up Your Brain!

By Drew Ramsey M.D. on May 01, 2012 in The Farmacy
Mussels are a perfect brain food. Packed with DHA and vitamin B-12, two key nutrients that are vital to protecting your brain health and preserving your memory as you age, they also offer up a dose rare brain essential trace nutrients like iodine and selenium.

Condoms Were in My Teen's Goody Bag

I know that you are going to think that I am teasing you with this letter but I kid you not when I tell you that my teenager went to a sweet sixteen and colored condoms were in all of the kids' goody bags. I have heard of sweatshirts, balloons, candy, and maybe even other sorts of fun items but condoms?

My Gender is Tender

From Warhol model Jackie Curtis to modern filmmaker Jonathan Caouette, transgender culture has gone from hiding in plain sight to plainly seen.