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Not To Be Antisocial, But...Why Don’t You Leave Me Alone? Part III

By David Hirshleifer Ph.D. on February 09, 2012 in What Lies Beneath
The friendship paradox is the finding that on average your friends have more friends than you have. I argued that this meant that they are highly gregarious people who issue lots of invitations—more than most of us would like to see. I now consider an objection, and a response: signaling.

I’ll Be Happy When...

By Mel Schwartz L.C.S.W. on February 09, 2012 in A Shift of Mind
What is the source of happiness? We tend to assume that happiness will come from a future event. It typically depends upon something else happening.

If Inability to Delay Gratification Causes Addiction—Uh, Oh!

By Stanton Peele on February 09, 2012 in Addiction in Society
A slew of books and articles (okay, a couple) seem to think that the American style of child-rearing creates kids unable to delay gratification. Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous? Ask Nora Volkow, Science (the journal), and Time Healthland—impulsiveness is a result of kids' brain structures. Once we fix those, none of us will become addicted!

Is the Male Sex Drive the Cause of Wars?

By Mark van Vugt Ph.D. on February 09, 2012 in Naturally Selected
Why are humans so tribal and why do tribal wars almost always involve men as both perpetrators and victims? Our latest research suggests that men maybe biologically programmed to be warriors.

Hot Tips for Relationship Success, Part 2

By Ravi Chandra M.D. on February 09, 2012 in The Pacific Heart
Who's talking now, the Owl or the Crocodile? Your limbic system can sabotage your relationship. Learn how, and learn how to use some incredibly helpful tools to get your love life back on track—just in time for Valentine's Day!

What Kind of Ancestral Leader Are You Most Like?

By Gregg Murray Ph.D. on February 09, 2012 in Caveman Politics
What kind of ancestral leader are you most like? Evolutionary Leadership Theory identifies six leadership functions carried out in ancestral groups that serve as leadership prototypes today.

Are Sexual Stereotypes Damaging Your Relationship?

By Lisa Firestone Ph.D. on February 09, 2012 in Compassion Matters
Many of our actions are still influenced by misconceptions about men and women that have been passed down through generations. In spite of their stated values, a surprising number of couples relate to each other based on stereotypical views of the sexes.

Jealous? It's Time to Take Action

By Matthew B. James Ph.D. on February 09, 2012 in Focus on Forgiveness
A recent study showed that people who are madly in love are more likely to put down - and even act aggressively - toward appealing members of their own sex they see as rivals. Here is how you can overcome that jealousy and envy.

Love Is ...

Love is more than roses ... it is respect.

Who Needs a Pill for Sadness?

By Kathryn Seifert on February 09, 2012 in Stop The Cycle
There’s a huge market for easy cures that make people feel better right away. But when is sadness a normal feeling that we should experience and when does it become an illness that may require additional treatment?

Are You Postmonolingual?

By Michael Erard Ph.D. on February 09, 2012 in The Will to Plasticity
Even if you speak one language, you may be postmonolingual.

New York Times Article on Mindful Eating

By Susan Albers Psy.D. on February 09, 2012 in Comfort Cravings
Did you check out the New York Times Article, Mindful Eating as Food for Thought? If so, it is likely that it left you "hungry" for more information on this new healing approach to healthier eating. Learn more here!

Must Cutting Calories Lead to Binge Eating?

In our confusing (and fattening) food environment, we all end up needing to personalize how we eat and deal with food. Very few of us have bodies that can eat whatever, whenever, and stay healthy.

Doctors (and Medical Researchers) without Burgers

By Jessica Pierce Ph.D. on February 09, 2012 in All Dogs Go to Heaven
When we think about animals in bioethics (also known as medical ethics), attention usually falls to the use of animals in biomedical research. But there are other ethical issues relating to animals that are, arguably, of much greater importance, at least from the animals' point of view.

What Do All People Have in Common?

By Robert Biswas-Diener on February 09, 2012 in Significant Results
This Saturday—February 11,2012—is called "World Happy Day." In part, this global event is related to the launch of a new documentary called Happy, directed by Academy Award nominee Roko Belic (Genghis Blues).

What Is a Thought?

Through mental rotation, 3 + V equals a heart.

Consciousness, Artificial Intelligence, and Automatic Transmissions

If you have had automatic transmission troubles, you may know why computers will never be conscious.

How Convergent and Divergent Thinking Foster Creativity

By Scott Barry Kaufman Ph.D. on February 09, 2012 in Beautiful Minds
What happens when the IQ test taker becomes the IQ test constructor?

How I Learned to Love the Smart Bomb

By Mack R. Hicks Ph.D. on February 09, 2012 in Digital Pandemic
Yes, born-again. That's me, I'll admit it, right up front. I've been worried about the dangers lurking behind technological changes for some time now. Dangers that could unravel society as we know it. Turns out I was correct about the unraveling part, but I didn't realize that this new world of technology would lead to such dynamic improvements in living.

Writing a Selfless Valentine’s Day Letter

By Brad Waters on February 09, 2012 in Design Your Path
This Valentine's Day, gift someone with a letter of appreciation. A chance to say what's gone unsaid. Here's how I wrote mine after not writing one for far too long.

10 Tips - If You're Gonna Fight, Do It Right!

By Barton Goldsmith Ph.D. on February 09, 2012 in Emotional Fitness
Research has shown that couples who argue disrespectfully more than twenty percent of the time are probably not going to survive. Hopefully these tips will help you get your arguments under control and reduce the level of energy in those arguments. If not, and if you want to keep your relationship, you need to find a qualified couple's therapist.

How to Choose an Elementary School by the Numbers

By Garth Sundem on February 09, 2012 in Brain Trust
Lately, my wife and I have been staring slack-jawed at elementary school options—and so we’ve decided to cede our choice to the numbers. Unlike test scores alone, here are three unexpected numbers that actually DO mean something about school quality.

Preventing Alzheimer's Disease, Regenerating Your Body

New research understanding how Alzheimer's spreads in the brain are a long way from clinical utility. The costs of Alzheimer's are exploding—and we have to do something now.

Gain From the Pain

By Helen Adrienne L.C.S.W. on February 09, 2012 in On Fertile Ground
Find the bless in the infertility mess. Learn to grow from this challenge.

How Fun Is Your Workplace?

By Gretchen Rubin on February 09, 2012 in The Happiness Project
In "The Levity Effect: Why it Pays to Lighten Up," Adrian Gostick and Scott Christopher make an interesting argument that “levity” is an extremely effective tool for helping people to work better. An atmosphere of light-heartedness, it turns out, helps people pay attention, eases tensions, and enhances a feeling of connection.

Do You Have the "Quality of Keeping People Together"?

By Gretchen Rubin on February 09, 2012 in The Happiness Project
The "quality of keeping people together" seems an important and rare attribute, and although it doesn't come naturally to me, I'm trying to do a better job of it myself, and also to appreciate more the work of the Apollinaire-ish types whose efforts benefit me.