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Mistakes, Innovations, and Animals

How do we study the process of animal innovation in action? A proposal for "The Animal Innovation Project."

Has the Glass Ceiling Become the Concrete Ceiling?

By Ray Williams on March 19, 2012 in Wired for Success
While there are many individual gender equity accomplishments to celebrate, the overall picture is not rosy, particularly in the U.S.

Your Brain on Sex or Meditation

By Pamela Madsen on March 19, 2012 in Shameless Woman
When you meditate, the left side of your brain becomes activated and when you engage in sexual activity, the right side of your brain runs the show. Both of these brain responses helps you to stop constant thinking or talking in your brain. Stilling the mind is where meditation meets sexual bliss.

Spring Cleaning: From the Inside Out

Spring cleaning starts on the inside! The garden of our heart, the inner rooms of our mind, these are the place to start. De-cluttering is not just about the too-many-things in our outer world. It is also about the many, many things that fill our minds and hearts that do not serve us.

Early Adolescence and the Negative Mindset

In addition to more disorganization (distractibility, messiness, and forgetfulness), what notifies parents that early adolescence has begun is the young person's more negative mindset, or what they often say is his "bad attitude." Early adolescence usually begins between the ages of 9 and 13.

The Little Explored Secret of Women's Orgasms While They Exe

Exploring the coregasm: Why do some women experience orgasms during exercise and others do not? Which exercises do these orgasms happen with? And perhaps most important: What does this teach us about women's orgasm overall?

Better Sleep in 10 Simple Steps

By Neel Burton M.D. on March 19, 2012 in Hide and Seek
Insomnia—difficulty in falling asleep or staying asleep—affects as many as 1 in 3 people, and almost anyone can do with better, more restful, more peaceful sleep.

Water Is Life

By Sandy Olliges M.A. on March 18, 2012 in EcoMind
Last week while driving down I-5 in California, I noticed a number of billboards proclaiming that the current Congress had caused "dust bowls."

Love After Death: The Widows’ Romantic Predicaments

All of us have romantic predicaments; widows seem to have even more. Should they actively search for another lover? And if they find another lover, while still loving their late spouse, how can these two lovers reside together in their hearts? And is widowhood the proper time to fall in love again?

The “Good” Divorce

The title of this post is misleading: Divorce is difficult and painful for everyone involved, especially kids. I've never known anyone to have a "good" divorce, in that way you have a good meal or good sex—even when divorce was the right thing to do for everyone, including the kids.

Goldman Sachs and the Fog of Envy

By Ken Eisold Ph.D. on March 18, 2012 in Hidden Motives
Greg Smith's description of Goldman's "toxic and destructive" culture certainly has the ring of truth, and comes as no great surprise to those who know anything about the financial industry. Conflicts of interest are among the very least of Wall Street's sins. Contempt and arrogance are endemic.

The Power of Being

By Amy Przeworski Ph.D. on March 18, 2012 in Don't Worry, Mom
A mentor once told me to "Be instead of do." I remember looking at him as though he had grown a second head. What does that even mean?! Be what? And how can you be without doing?

To Be or Not To Be... A "Slut" That Is

Perhaps I have had the wrong role models in my life. Apparently I have been looking up to what Rush Limbaugh would call massive sluts... How am I going to tell my parents that instead of the woman they thought they had raised... I have become a slut?

The Truth About Transitions

As we age, we are often measured by our gains, not our losses, our stability, not our vulnerability. That's why so many people are devastated when the temple of their familiar world is shaken. Yet change doesn't have to be scary. Understanding the three stages of transition can help us navigate life's twists and turns.

Changing Longstanding Habits With Self-Support

By Carl Alasko Ph.D. on March 18, 2012 in Beyond Blame
"Since I was kid I've loved risky activities: skydiving, fast motorcycles, gambling. Now I'm married, have a child and a good job, and I realize my love of the adrenaline rush is a problem. I really want to change some of my bad habits but so far have had little success. Any suggestions?"

My Teen Daughter Loves "Bad" Boys

"I am the proud but frustrated mother of three kids. My oldest is a 17-year-old girl and the other two are 10-year-old twin girls. My 17-year-old, who I was hoping would be the role model for the younger ones, has this fascination with dating "bad" boys."

How to Pull Good Things Out of Others

Who we are turns out to be largely a function of who we're with. Have you ever noticed, for example, how you feel and behave one way with your family and another with your friends—and yet another with your co-workers and boss? We may all be multiple selves, but just which self we are at any one moment isn't as much up to us as it is to the people around us.

Remembering Representativeness

By Joachim I Krueger Ph.D. on March 18, 2012 in One Among Many
Probabilistic reasoning is hard; pattern recognition is easy. How do make your judgments? Let’s check in with Tom, Dick, and Harry... er, Jack, who taught us some lessons about what to do and what not.

My Neighbor the Dirtbag: Reflections on Living Near a Small-Time Crook

By Steve Albrecht DBA on March 18, 2012 in The Act of Violence
The recent death of noted criminologist James Q. Wilson, he of the "broken window theory" of crime reduction, reminded me to consider my neighbor, a small-time crook.

On the Verge of the Vernal Equinox

Spring is about here with an increase in metabolism and turnover of brain neurotransmitters. Be realistic and find a way to harness the rise in available energy. Now is a great time to list a few intentions. What could you do to improve your springtime? Will it involve a whole transformation or just a few choice adjustments? Use The Emotional Calendar to be your best.

The One-Page Career Cheat Sheet

Are you happy in your job? This fun resource—a one-page, “career cheat sheet”—from Sarah K. Peck can help you think through the question in a structured way. I asked Sarah a few questions about the career cheat sheet.

Self-Control: (a) Innate, or (b) Dependent on Mom and Dad?

By Darcia Narvaez Ph.D. on March 18, 2012 in Moral Landscapes
A recent study shows that non-addict siblings of drug addicts have similar deficits in circuitry for self-control (Ersche et al., 2012). The study has been reported as indicative of inborn capacities for self-control. BIG MISTAKE.

Results We Can Believe In

Exciting new psychological findings are published every week. How do we know which ones to trust? Are they all real? Are none of them? In this blog I sort it out and suggest a solution that will allow us to quickly figure out which findings are worth paying attention to.

Is Being Well the Same as Being 'Real'?

There's an old Talmudic saying: 'We see the world not as it is, but as we are.'


Without a doubt, the most interesting animal on earth is the verbal. In a span of less than ten thousand years, verbals have gone from an inconsequential little species to a world dominator.

Is a "Marriage of Convenience" So Bad?

By Pamela Haag Ph.D. on March 18, 2012 in Marriage 3.0
You probably know a marriage of convenience. Some of them are of the mildly depressed variety. The partners don't appear to have much of a connection, and they've probably contemplated divorce, but decided to stay together, perhaps because of parental duty, or for the comforts of habit, or just because they can't sell their home or afford to divorce.

Charisma Professionalism & Rapport Interview on ABC Radio

By Jeff Thompson, Ph.D. on March 18, 2012 in Beyond Words
CPR (Charisma, Professionalism, and Rapport) is not just for physicians and nurses. Listen to this discussion Jeff Thompson has with ABC Gold Coast Radio morning host Nicole Dyer on how each are primarily displayed nonverbally and easy ways you can practice each.

When a Narcissist Heads the Household

By Molly S. Castelloe Ph.D. on March 18, 2012 in The Me in We
Narcissistic family regimes come in many forms. But they are all organized around a role-reversal and the business of emotional compensation. Abusers expect their children to parent them.