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The One-Page Career Cheat Sheet

Are you happy in your job? This fun resource—a one-page, “career cheat sheet”—from Sarah K. Peck can help you think through the question in a structured way. I asked Sarah a few questions about the career cheat sheet.

Self-Control: (a) Innate, or (b) Dependent on Mom and Dad?

By Darcia Narvaez Ph.D. on March 18, 2012 in Moral Landscapes
A recent study shows that non-addict siblings of drug addicts have similar deficits in circuitry for self-control (Ersche et al., 2012). The study has been reported as indicative of inborn capacities for self-control. BIG MISTAKE.

Results We Can Believe In

Exciting new psychological findings are published every week. How do we know which ones to trust? Are they all real? Are none of them? In this blog I sort it out and suggest a solution that will allow us to quickly figure out which findings are worth paying attention to.

Is Being Well the Same as Being 'Real'?

There's an old Talmudic saying: 'We see the world not as it is, but as we are.'


Without a doubt, the most interesting animal on earth is the verbal. In a span of less than ten thousand years, verbals have gone from an inconsequential little species to a world dominator.

Is a "Marriage of Convenience" So Bad?

By Pamela Haag Ph.D. on March 18, 2012 in Marriage 3.0
You probably know a marriage of convenience. Some of them are of the mildly depressed variety. The partners don't appear to have much of a connection, and they've probably contemplated divorce, but decided to stay together, perhaps because of parental duty, or for the comforts of habit, or just because they can't sell their home or afford to divorce.

Charisma Professionalism & Rapport Interview on ABC Radio

By Jeff Thompson on March 18, 2012 in Beyond Words
CPR (Charisma, Professionalism, and Rapport) is not just for physicians and nurses. Listen to this discussion Jeff Thompson has with ABC Gold Coast Radio morning host Nicole Dyer on how each are primarily displayed nonverbally and easy ways you can practice each.

When a Narcissist Heads the Household

By Molly S. Castelloe Ph.D. on March 18, 2012 in The Me in We
Narcissistic family regimes come in many forms. But they are all organized around a role-reversal and the business of emotional compensation. Abusers expect their children to parent them.

7 Tips to Know If Your Lost Love Reunion (Affair) Isn't Work

By Nancy Kalish Ph.D. on March 18, 2012 in Sticky Bonds
My book, Lost & Found Lovers (1997), is full of happy stories...
But are you struggling in your reunion and often in crisis? How can you make sense of this discrepancy and evaluate your own chances for success?

The Long Goodbye: Alzheimer’s Disease

By Jenni Ogden Ph.D. on March 17, 2012 in Trouble in Mind
Alzheimer's Dementia is a cruel disease, and one of the hardest decisions the family have to make is when (or whether) to place the person who no longer shares their memories into a nursing home.

Synesthesia Svenska

By Maureen Seaberg on March 17, 2012 in Sensorium
He looks like The Rock and sings like an angel -- Sweden's synesthete John Kluge

Love Good Kissing? Date Generous Men Not Cheap Ones

If one is looking for love, the struggle is to find a healthy union, one of mutual giving, sharing, and yes – devotion! These virtues are the mark of a generous man. Even with the perfect man, sometimes we are so inundated with the how and why of the big orgasm that we forget that love can be a night of long, tender kisses. Enjoy the Quotes!

The Joy of March Madness

Even people that aren't basketball fans get into March Madness. Here's why.

Schizophrenia and Creativity

By Neel Burton M.D. on March 17, 2012 in Hide and Seek
As the philosopher Aristotle put it more than 2,400 years ago, 'There was never a genius without a tincture of madness'.

Does ‘No Such Thing As Bad Publicity’ Apply To Psychologists?

Psychologists who appear in the media is a topic of much debate, especially since there is no such thing as isolated 'mass' media anymore. Bad publicity is pretty clearly bad for professionals, but no publicity or presence can be bad too when people use the Internet to check the legitimacy of services and information and can’t find you.

Five Myths About Women and Success and What You Can Do to Squelch Them

By Marcia Reynolds Psy.D. on March 17, 2012 in Wander Woman
Today, more speakers, articles and books give smart, strong, goal-driven women solid encouragement and useful tools. Yet there are still myths about women and success that affect both their opportunities and their sense of well-being. Here are five of those myths and what you can do to put them to rest.

Horse Racing: Cruelties We Condone and Cruelties We Condemn

By Hal Herzog Ph.D. on March 17, 2012 in Animals and Us
The deaths of three thoroughbred horses on the set of HBO's series "Luck" speaks volumes about our culture's conflicted attitudes toward animal cruelty.

Understanding Sleep

By Jann Gumbiner Ph.D. on March 17, 2012 in The Teenage Mind
Sleep is not a passive state. During sleep our brain is cyclling through REM and NREM sleep stages.

Why should we support the troops?

By Gordon S Livingston M.D. on March 17, 2012 in Lifelines
They volunteered (albeit with insufficient information) to be where they are and do what they do. Like the Roman Legionnaires of old they have chosen to fight their country’s foreign wars. Whether they made the right decision only they can say.

Killing Other Animals For Food Does Not Make us Human

By Marc Bekoff Ph.D. on March 17, 2012 in Animal Emotions
There's nothing spiritual about killing innocent animals for unneeded meals. The claims hunters, who are meat-eating zealots, put forth using flowery prose about how hunting makes us human and that those who don't hunt are "missing something" are self-serving and ignore what the hunted animals are thinking and feeling.

Fighting Back Against an Invisible Epidemic: Bullying in Schools and Workplaces

Bullying in schools, ranging from elementary to high school, has reached epidemic proportions. But bullying doesn't stop there. Bullying in college, in the workplace, and against minority group members of all ages is rampant.

What’s Your Intimacy Quotient?

Long-term close relationships form the foundation of our fulfillment in life. We normally think of intimacy as a quality of couples, but it is also a quality that everyone possesses as an individual. Based on the “3 C’s” of closeness, communication, and commitment, this six-question quiz will help you identify your predominant intimacy pattern.

And the Moral Is…Morals Matter

By Peter Corning Ph.D. on March 17, 2012 in The Fair Society
The cri de coeur by a disillusioned Goldman Sachs’ executive this week underscores a fundamental truth that is not found in Ayn Rand’s novels, or in most mainstream economics textbooks.