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How Parental Reputation Can Change as the Adolescent Grows

Parents may try to downplay the importance of reputation. But this advice proves easier to give than to take, particularly when parental reputation with their adolescent changes.

7 Lessons from a Hollywood Divorce

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes star in a seven-part media mini series that is not of their own making. Is it good for them and the three children involved? For us?

Fake Flooring and Fake People

By Liane Gabora Ph.D. on July 02, 2012 in Mindbloggling
The human mind uses everything it encounters as a potential metaphor for everything else. The message for kids growing up surrounded by fake stuff is: Rather than learning to come to terms with and appreciate what things really are, how things really are, who you really are, just fake it.

The Most Powerful Word in Your Life

There is one word that has the power to bring deep meaning, satisfaction, and fulfillment into your life, and if you meditate on it for just a few minutes each day, it can change the way you work and improve your relationship with others.

“I Treated Myself to a Marital Crisis”

Extramarital affairs are usually considered to be morally wrong, and hence the people who engage in them tend to provide various excuses for doing so. Excuses might serve to reduce the agent's culpability.

Why One God Is Better Than Ten

To this day, even non-believers, confounded by tough scientific problems are apt to echo the biblical, “God works in mysterious ways.” But, miracle of miracles, not so mysterious as to prevent us from understanding the workings of the cosmos, or, as Stephen Hawking famously put it, to “know the mind of God.”

How Social Media Makes Us Feel Bad About Ourselves

As a therapist, I have seen many people lamenting how their own lives pale in comparison to those led by others. Somehow, it seems that other people have more fun and lead more exciting lives. Social media contributes to this perception.

Is Infidelity Natural?

During a recent class discussion, one of my students raised his hand and asked, "Is cheating natural?" A lively — and intense — discussion ensued, with some arguing yes and others just as vehemently claiming no. What does science say?

Change Can Challenge Friendships

While I have good friendships with my male buddies, I feel deprived when it comes to female friends who can actually be my shoulder to cry on and encourage me.

Nietzsche on Self-Control

I stumbled on Nietzsche again when reading “Daybreak” late at night. I found that the old fox had a good rebuttal to the “self-control implies free will” hypothesis.

Bipolar IN Order Is Not Remission

By Tom Wootton on July 01, 2012 in Bipolar Advantage
The primary objective for someone with Bipolar Dis-Order is to lower the intensity of mania and depression and move away from Crisis toward Recovery. Bipolar IN Order is about becoming more functional in an expanding range of intensity and moving from Recovery toward Self-Mastery.

The Business of Manipulation

By Nir Eyal on July 01, 2012 in Automatic You
Ian Bogost, the famed game creator and professor, calls the wave of habit-forming technologies the "cigarette of this century" and warns of equally addictive and potentially destructive side-effects.

So THAT'S How It Feels...

By Michael Castleman M.A. on July 01, 2012 in All About Sex
Can men ever know how caressing the clitoris or vaginal lips makes women feel? Can women ever know how fondling the head of the penis or the scrotum makes men feel? The short answer is no, if you don’t have a clitoris, you can’t know how it feels to touch it.

Charlie Sheen, Anger Management & Dr. Hank

I think it's fair to say that I qualify as an "anger management critic." So here's my critique of Charlie Sheen's new show, Anger Management.

Wearing Red, White, and Blue this July

By Michael Otto Ph.D. on July 01, 2012 in Exercise and Mood
By 8:30 this morning, temperatures were already making respectable headway toward the 90 degrees slated for the day. And instead of simply stepping outside for a walk or a run, I got into my car for a commute to Boston to run with others. The reason: for the first time in two decades, I had joined a team.

Grieving Animals: Saying Goodbye to Friends and Family

By Marc Bekoff Ph.D. on July 01, 2012 in Animal Emotions
Many animals say goodbye to friends and family by holding ritualized funeral services. Stories and scientific data show this to be the case. We're not the only animals who grieve and mourn the loss of others. Grieving and mourning say so much about the character of individuals of numerous diverse species.

To Be or Not to Be Single: What Does the Internet Have to Do with It?

By Bella DePaulo Ph.D. on July 01, 2012 in Living Single
Now that the internet offers access to so many more potential partners, are more people in romantic relationships than ever before?

A New Look at Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

By Ray Williams on July 01, 2012 in Wired for Success
Despite the considerable research from psychology and neuroscience, leaders who are clearly deficient in emotional intelligence continue to be recruited, chosen and promoted in organizations.

Sleep Matters

Sleep, attention, learning, and emotion. Have you ever wondered if there was a connection here?

False Choices

By Sandy Olliges M.A. on July 01, 2012 in EcoMind
False choices occur when other viable alternatives are not presented, resulting in missed opportunities.

Friendship, Faith & Religion

Yes, differences in faith and religion (not unlike differences in political affiliations)—or differences between believing and not believing—can often divide friends.

OCD and Checking: Better Safe than Sorry

By Fredric Neuman M.D. on July 01, 2012 in Fighting Fear
Patients with OCD are likely to treat every action as if there is a lot at stake.

Feeling Duped: Who Is To Blame When You're Scammed?

Think of a time when you agreed to a deal even though it seemed too good to be true—when you were scammed by someone. How much did you blame yourself for reaching into your wallet or signing on the dotted line?

A Bill of Rights for Kids of Divorce

By Pamela Cytrynbaum on July 01, 2012 in Because I'm the Mom
Many divorced parents were kids of divorce themselves. Shouldn't this generation of children of divorce benefit from what we've learned?

Psychology: It All Makes Sense, If You Think About It

By Eric Charles Ph.D on July 01, 2012 in Fixing Psychology
I never realized how obvious everything in psychology was, until I sat in on an Intro Psych course.

Computer, Video Games & Psychosis: Cause for Concern

In my practice in the past six months, no less than five youths have reported psychotic symptoms that were attributed to, or exacerbated by, electronic screen devices.