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The Victim Is To Blame

By Arthur Dobrin D.S.W. on May 08, 2017 in Am I Right?
There is a reason why some blame the victim: it is a matter of their moral system.

Are Parents Good Role Models for Teen Drivers?

We are all hostages of the digital age. A new survey shows that parents report their driving behaviors using smart phones demonstrate poor role modeling.

The Secret to Remembering Your Vacation Better

By Andrea Bartz on May 08, 2017 in The Wandering Mind
New research shows us how to make that trip stick.

Do People Decide What to Do?

If you don’t pay close attention, it can seem as if the football announcer is causing the players to do what they do.

Are You an Empathetic Person?

Have you ever wonder if empathy is learned or innate? This article will show you that empathy can be learned and in fact, is in high-demand now. Also included are journaling prompt

The American College of Pediatricians Is an Anti-LGBT Group

By Jack Turban on May 08, 2017 in Political Minds
A small but clever group created a legit-sounding name and spread false reports with the potential to harm LGBT youth.

Between a Molehill and Mount Everest

Recent studies confirm that in matters of personal motivation and satisfaction, it’s not whether you win or lose; it's how hard you have to play the game.

The Gift and the Sacrifice of Breastfeeding

Doctors tout the benefits of breastfeeding, often using the phrase "Breast is Best." According to research, nursing has benefits, but it can also come at a cost for some moms.

My Four Big Mistakes

What should scientists do when they realize they've made a mistake?
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Some Inconvenient Truths about the Affordable HealthCare Act

How Obamacare and Trumpcare impact American companies.

Casual Sex On Tinder

What goes into the decision-making process of people who use Tinder to hook up?

A Recent Trend in the Use of Arbitration

Companies are using arbitration to keep employees from filing legal challenges.

Rehearsals and Reversals and More Rehearsals

By Bernard L. De Koven on May 08, 2017 in On Having Fun
When, from the very wings of your psyche, you hear your inner thespian, wording and re-wording what next to say
Thomas Webb

Leaving the Road to Hell and Getting Back on Track

By Thomas Webb Ph.D. on May 08, 2017 in The Road to Hell
Can being kind to ourselves help us to get back on track?


The cry for awe—the humility and wonder, and the sense of adventure toward living—in an age of devices and programming.

How To Let Go After Your Breakup

Ever felt exhausted from a break up? This will help.

Interpersonal Rules that Undermine Your Relationships #4

By Amy Banks on May 08, 2017 in Wired For Love
In a power over system, it is essential to know who is in charge – and quite easy. The people in the dominant group are always in charge.

Why Negative Thoughts Are Normal

We're all wired for negativity for good reason: It helped us survive. But today these tendencies backfire. So forgive yourself, move on, and feel joy for a change.

Rats! Sometimes Psychiatrists Get It Wrong

Sometimes things are not what they appear to be in a locked psychiatric inpatient unit. This is a short story about a man who saw rats, and no one believed him.

Three Ways to Grow Your Leadership Potential

Do you wish you had more leadership development opportunities at work? Are you tired of waiting for people to see your potential and tap you on the shoulder?

Steal From the Poor, Give to the Rich

The American Health Care Act is a health-care emergency.
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The Pitfalls of Goal Setting

Goal-setting gone wrong can actually result in less happiness, which is the exact opposite of why we set them in the first place.

What Has Life Taught You So Far?

Problems teach us what we need to learn; success is life in a process of learning from our mistakes.

How to Bolster Your Experience of Creative Flow

Are you recognizing what really energizes your creative making?

Three Ways to Fall Back in Love

If you want to feel emotionally closer to your partner, in a healthy way, here are three ways to get there.

The Karma of Creativity

By Jennifer Haupt on May 07, 2017 in One True Thing
You volunteer, help others, treat the barista with respect, and try to be kind, and when you sit down to write, your imagination turns on like a friendly lightning bolt.
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Afraid to Fly?

Stop your fear of flying with these useful tips.

Five Counterintuitive Ways to Benefit From Psychotherapy

Are you running out of ways to make therapy more useful? Try these approaches.

If I Were a Rich Man

Some of the things money can—and cannot—do for us.