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Navel Gazing

Most psychologists study people like themselves. But one size does not fit all with psychology research findings.

Improve Clinical Outcomes by Caring for the "Second Brain"

What do migraines, fibromyalgia, IBS and mental illness have in common?

The False Lure of Objectivity in Psychology

By Michael Mascolo Ph.D. on December 04, 2016 in Values Matter
You can't observe a psychological act just by looking.
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Beauty and the Beast as a Lesson in Self Acceptance

Can't accept some part of yourself? "Beauty and the Beast" has a lesson for us all.

Coming Home From War and Metallica’s “Confusion”

By William Irwin Ph.D. on December 04, 2016 in Plato on Pop
Though mercifully few of us have PTSD or have done a tour of duty in a combat zone, we have all been scarred. Life is a return from battle.

Smoothie, Anyone? Or Maybe a Psychic Cleanse?

Are you letting old fears, resentments, and ways of thinking deprive you of happiness? You can replace such obstacles to growth with healthy options.

Special-Needs Parenting and the Lowerarchy: Part Two

By Barb Cohen on December 04, 2016 in Mom, Am I Disabled?
The lowerarchy is more than a boundary; it is an edifice of alternating comfort and despair, always at the expense of other people and their children.

A Farewell to Reality? Illusion in the 2016 Election

By Brenda Berger Ph.D. on December 04, 2016 in Hearts and Minds
Are you still shocked and confused about the results of the presidential election? Here are some thoughts about what might have been behind the outcome.

Planning vs. Worrying

By Fredric Neuman M.D. on December 04, 2016 in Fighting Fear
Worrying is frustrated planning. When planning seems out of one's control, worry results. The treatment of a worry, therefore, is to find a plan for action.

13 Challenges and Opportunities in Long-Distance Love

By Roni Beth Tower Ph.D., ABPP on December 04, 2016 in Life, Refracted
Tempted to begin a long-distance relationship? Awareness of unique challenges and opportunities can help you decide what you may be getting into.

Insomnia Treatment in Your Home

Will apps zap insomnia?

The Death of Facts: The Emperor's New Epistemology

By Joe Pierre M.D. on December 04, 2016 in Psych Unseen
Psychologically speaking, fact denialism represents narcissistic contrarianism, cognitive bias, and deception.
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The Happy Brain

By Mark Banschick M.D. on December 04, 2016 in The Intelligent Divorce
It's hard to be positive if you're hung up on the negative. Just know it's possible to change your state of consciousness.

Fighting for Life Story

By Kirby Farrell Ph.D. on December 04, 2016 in A Swim in Denial
What do role-playing knights and princesses tell us about the American psyche just now?

Are Visitation Dreams of Deceased Loved Ones Real?

What messages do visitation dreams convey?

Why Are We So Powerless?

By David Niose on December 04, 2016 in Our Humanity, Naturally
Trump's victory resulted from powerless voters seeking to strike back at an uncaring Establishment. For those who want to reverse course, what does this mean?

How to Leave Our Comfort Zones

By Marianna Pogosyan Ph.D. on December 04, 2016 in Between Cultures
To overcome resistance, authenticity and self-awareness can be crucial.

Stop Losing Money Now!

By Gleb Tsipursky Ph.D. on December 03, 2016 in Intentional Insights
Are you losing money right now? Many people are, without knowing it. Find out if you are and how to stop doing so!

When Love Becomes Infiltrated by Hate

Passionate love and hate are obsessive emotions, whereas indifference is a a kind of numbness that likely sparks an absence of action as opposed to reaction.

Love and Separation Throughout the Life Cycle

By Roberta Satow Ph.D. on December 03, 2016 in Life After 50
Do you wish your adult children needed you more?

The Spirit of Generosity Part 1

If you have been in a working partnership for any length of time, you will have discovered that true love requires sacrifice and a spirit of generosity.

Why Trump Can Be Loose With the Truth

By Gregg Henriques Ph.D. on December 03, 2016 in Theory of Knowledge
Everyone can agree that Trump is loose with the truth. How did this come to be and why are some fine with it and others horrified by it?

Finding Gratitude in Mistakes

By Julie K. Hersh on December 03, 2016 in Struck By Living
Are you having trouble coping with the holiday family get togethers? This might help.

How to Speak Up and Take a Stand

By Marcia Reynolds Psy.D. on December 03, 2016 in Wander Woman
The suggestions in this post will help you be heard when it is time to declare your point of view.

Embracing the Cs and More

By Fran Simone Ph.D. on December 03, 2016 in A Family Affair
Is your loved one breaking your heart? Courage, compassion, and community can help you cope.

Strangers and Danger

Your child's curiosity can bring him to walk away with a stranger.

Speaking Truth to Power: An Interview With Peter Buffett

By Mark Matousek on December 03, 2016 in Ethical Wisdom
The son of billionaire investor Warren Buffett talks about the enigma of Trump and the antidote to greed.

How to Tell Who's Lying: What You Need to Know

The big money question in detecting deception remains one of separating the truth-tellers from the fibbers. New research from a neuroscience perspective provides tantalizing clues.