Can Viewpoint Diversity Save Academia?

By Clay Routledge Ph.D. on October 27, 2016 in More Than Mortal
Liberals largely control the social sciences and dominate the university culture. Is this lack of viewpoint diversity harmful?

Why We Get Stuck on People Who Just Aren't That Into Us

Defining yourself partly in terms of your past relationship is unhealthy and unnecessary. To get on with your life, you need to free yourself from this aspect of your past life.

The Role of the Parent, Caregiver, and Teacher

By Marty Nemko Ph.D. on October 27, 2016 in How To Do Life
An interview with Alison Gopnik.

Lying to Your Therapist

By Ryan Howes PhD, ABPP on October 26, 2016 in In Therapy
You spend money, time, and emotional energy coming to therapy – so why lie? Wouldn’t deception or omission mean that you’re avoiding your issues, keeping you from reaching goals?

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9 Traits of Manipulative People

By Abigail Brenner M.D. on October 27, 2016 in In Flux
Manipulative people are "wolves in sheep's clothing." They prey upon your good and caring nature and then pull you into their intrigue and drama through control and manipulation.

Breaking Up Isn’t *That* Hard To Do

By Samantha Joel on October 27, 2016 in Dating Decisions
Breakups are tough. But not as tough as we expect.

6 Ways to Get Over the Fear of Confrontation

Does the thought of confronting someone sound terrifying? Here's how to conquer your fear of confrontation once and for all.

Mastering Malnutrition

By Mark Corkins M.D. on October 27, 2016 in Your Child’s Health
Malnutrition is an increasing US healthcare concern. The majority of hospitalizations involving malnutrition are among older, African-American, and low income and rural areas.

Think You Have the Willpower and You're More Likely to

By Temma Ehrenfeld on October 27, 2016 in Open Gently
Don't say to your child, "Okay, you can leave your room a mess, you did lots of homework."

Silver Bullets For Your Brain: Nootropics Are Now at Hand

By Richard E. Cytowic M.D. on October 27, 2016 in The Fallible Mind
Many would love a pill that restored the hundreds of lost hours due to the necessity of sleep. It rubs up against powerful biological forces, but nootropics are already here.
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The Halloween Bill of Rights Kids Want and Deserve

Halloween teaches kids to celebrate — and then fear — candy. And before you argue that nobody fears candy, consider why parents contort themselves to lighten the load.

Happy Childhood, Happy Marriage

By Temma Ehrenfeld on October 27, 2016 in Open Gently
Happy childhoods are a big advantage, but we all can learn the skills that preserve relationships and health.

How Can You Can Predict the Future?

By Gleb Tsipursky Ph.D. on October 27, 2016 in Intentional Insights
Wouldn't it be great to predict the future? Well, here are some research-based strategies to help you do so!

Does Mood Shift Depend on Cognition... or Behavior?

By Seth Slater M.F.A. on October 27, 2016 in The Dolphin Divide
Thinking versus doing: A new study indicates effects on mood control.

Emotionally Upset? 20 Ways to Defeat Negative Feelings

When your psychological chain gets yanked, it’s all too easy to get overwhelmed by powerful feelings. But losing control of your emotions is never a good thing.

Love Is a Classroom

By Alexandra Solomon Ph.D. on October 27, 2016 in Loving Bravely
It takes guts to admit that you don't have it all figured out when it comes to love, but being a student of love goes a long ways to creating an amazing relationship.

The Power of Personality

These are the ways to make a real change to the main facets of extroversion.
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Ten Laws of Prime Training for Athletes

By Jim Taylor Ph.D. on October 27, 2016 in The Power of Prime
How you use your training time may very well determine how well you perform and whether you achieve your sports goals for the season.
Hugs and Warm Touches Benefit Health and Well-Being
How a Warm Touch Can Benefit
The Male Warrior Hypothesis
Coping Guidelines for All of Us
Coping Guidelines for All of Us
The Power of Touch
A Genuine Touch

7 Traits of True Friendship

By Greta Gleissner LCSW on October 27, 2016 in Bottom's Up
What makes a perfect friendship? Think of that person who you can call at any time of the day when you need some advice, are feeling down, or when you just need a good laugh.
Roni Beth Tower

Relationships Viewed Through a Prism

By Roni Beth Tower Ph.D. on October 27, 2016 in Life, Refracted
On-line groups, physical communities, and close personal relationships profoundly influence our physical and emotional well-being. Appreciating qualities of each aids well-being.
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Spiritual Leadership

To be effective spiritual leaders, our major task is to concentrate on our own spiritual development.

Halloween and Fancy Dress

By Mark D. Griffiths Ph.D. on October 27, 2016 in In Excess
Halloween is around the corner and many people will be in fancy dress on October 31st. But what do we know about the psychology of dressing up more generally?

8 Keys to Mentoring Success

By Megan Dalla-Camina on October 26, 2016 in Real Women
Do you want to catapult your career? Here are 8 key steps to build a successful mentor relationship to get you where you want to go.

Instagram Takes on Suicide Prevention

A few years ago, it was acceptable to assert that social media wasn’t real life. Now, with social media dictating real life, the lines are completely blurred.

4 Explanations for Déjà Vu

We still don't know that much about déjà vu. Here are 4 possible explanations for this phenomenon.

Ways to Learn Creativity

By Drew Boyd on October 26, 2016 in Inside the Box
Becoming more creative, even just a tiny bit, will enhance what you do everyday, at work, at home, or anywhere. Here's how.

Is There a Physical Basis to the Notion of "Spirit"?

By Liane Gabora Ph.D. on October 26, 2016 in Mindbloggling
The feeling bears leave you with has little to do with how smart they are, or their demeanor. It’s more a sense of the essential life force they emanate from, corny as that sounds.

Mental Illness Is Not a Halloween Costume

By Joe Pierre M.D. on October 26, 2016 in Psych Unseen
Mental illness can be scary for those that suffer from it, but we shouldn’t think of those that suffer from it as scary to us.
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Vote Yes for Medical or Recreational Marijuana Legalization

We have to think about patient choice as well as public health and safety when deciding what to do about marijuana legalization.

The Prescription for a Happier and Healthier Workplace

How can employees avoid burnout? Tips for successfully promoting happiness and health in the workplace.

A Bias Against Bias

By David Rock on October 26, 2016 in Your Brain at Work
Implicit bias is an everyone problem, because it is a brain problem.

What if Your Child Crosses the Line?

How to teach your children so they learn that they are loved unconditionally.

A Minute Therapist Guide to Managing Anger

Defusing anger by changing what you say to yourself.