What Is a Democracy?

And what might keep us from thinking about it?

How to Answer the Number One Question People Always Ask

Make your conversation starter work by knowing how to answer this question

The Healing Waters

The long history of using water to cure madness

When I Couldn't Say Goodbye

My father's last hours

Don't Cancel Your Dinner Plans

A science-backed reason to be social

What Drives Your Happiness With Work?

Is your work satisfaction related to your fit to your job?

The Latest

What makes Online Friendships Work?

Can online "friendships with strangers" be as meaningful as face-to-face friendships can be?

Is Excessive Screen Time Slowly Undermining Our Resilience?

By Christopher Bergland on October 10, 2015 in The Athlete's Way
Physical activity, openness to experience, and resilience go hand in hand. Through through daily physical activity—and a spirit of adventure—people of all ages can fortify mental strength and reinforce their resilence when they unplug from digital devices. What is the long-term cost of excessive screen time on our individual and collective well-being?

The Blessings and Curses of Impulsiveness

You've probably done it before, fired off an offensive email, said something you regretted, or did something to you wish you wouldn’t have. You, like many others have probably fallen victim to impulsivity. Yet, there may have been times your impromptu behaviors paid off. The blessings and curses of impulsiveness, how do you strike a balance between the two?

Why Labels Don't Cut It

By Kristen Lee Costa Ed.D., LICSW on October 10, 2015 in Reset 24/7
Have you ever heard some introduce themselves or someone they love as "bipolar", "ADHD", or "autistic"? In an age of hyper-diagnosis, we need to examine our language choices and how they can contribute to stigma and shame. The global mental health crisis begs our attention-and careful discernment will help us to better grasp our wonder and complexity as humans.

Love on the Rebound

A rebound is not necessarily a bad thing so long as you are honest with yourself and others.
What Is a Democracy?

What Is a Democracy?

By Ken Eisold Ph.D. on October 10, 2015 in Hidden Motives
Jimmy Carter's shocking statement about our democracy disappeared in the media

When Did Baseball Managers Become Mensches?

By Stanton Peele on October 10, 2015 in Addiction in Society
On-field baseball and other sports management seemingly has matured. Now if only the players would follow suit!

How to Move on From a Seemingly Horrific Incident

By Gregg McBride on October 10, 2015 in The Weight-ing Game
Whatever you've survived, the key words are "You survived." Yes, you might have a black eye—or other forms of emotional or physical scarring as a result. But don't let a horrific incident (or incidences) take away your joie de vivre. This life is for living. And no person or incident can take that away from you permanently—unless you let them.

How to Answer the Number One Question People Always Ask

What do you think is the most common question you ever get asked? Hint: It’s one you usually answer without any thought. You may not realize it, but your responses to conversation openers may actually be conversation enders.

Steve Jobs: Make People Happy via Products, Not Personally

By Stanton Peele on October 10, 2015 in Addiction in Society
Steve Jobs and Sam, a local musician, have two different approaches to life. One wants to make people happy in his presence, the other by his presents, or products. Which approach is better?

The Lipstick Effect: How Boom or Bust Effects Beauty

Now a series of psychology experiments have confirmed for the first time that while tougher economic times decrease desire for most items, they also reliably increase women's yearning for products that boost their attractiveness.

The Slug

By Marty Nemko Ph.D. on October 10, 2015 in How To Do Life
What to do with the slow and ugly.

You Can't Stop the Pain Unless You Know What Hurts

Learning to observe ourselves and others is a key to healthy and happy relationships.

Is Screen Violence Making Us Stupid About Gun Control?

By Jeremy E Sherman Ph.D. on October 09, 2015 in Ambigamy
Those who oppose gun control could be influenced more by their Netflix account than by the NRA. Availability bias explains why.

Women in Science: What Explains Gaps? Part I

By Lee Jussim Ph.D. on October 09, 2015 in Rabble Rouser
A guest post by a female physicist argues against discrimination as the sole factor producing a gender gap in STEM and for scientific work practices that are compatible with raising families.

Survive the Nightmare of Weeknight Cooking

By Zanthe Taylor M.F.A. on October 09, 2015 in A Million Meals
We have more food options than any previous generation of parents, but if you give your child take-out, pre-packaged or processed food every day, you are at risk of having your Good Parenting card revoked. Changing a few things about your routine and attitude can make a big improvement in how you feel about that dreadful parade of family meals stretching past the horizon.

Tickle Your Sense of Nostalgia

By Susan K Perry Ph.D. on October 09, 2015 in Creating in Flow
When you see images from books you read as a child, or read to your own kids when they were small, you may experience a particular kind of nostalgia. Here's a beautiful book for grown-ups that can do that for you...
The Healing Waters

The Healing Waters

Nothing like a good shower.

The Motherhood Constellation

Does motherhood change how a woman views the world?

Do you Try Too Hard?

By Atalanta Beaumont on October 09, 2015 in Handy Hints for Humans
Trying too hard: the kiss of death for relationships
Universities, Violence, and Community

Universities, Violence, and Community

By Michael W Austin on October 09, 2015 in Ethics for Everyone
What can we do about violence on campus? One step is to foster true and deep community.
Does a Western Diet Shrink the Brain?

Does a Western Diet Shrink the Brain?

A healthy diet makes for a healthy brain, while a poor diet might actually be killing off neurons, leading to brain shrinkage and a greater risk of depression and dementia.

Everything New Under the Sun

By Robert J King Ph.D. on October 09, 2015 in Hive Mind
Time, identity, and immortality
Don't Make Me Tell You Again: Getting Kids to Listen

Don't Make Me Tell You Again: Getting Kids to Listen

By Robert Taibbi L.C.S.W. on October 09, 2015 in Fixing Families
Having to constantly remind your kids to do something is the ongoing frustration of many parents. Here's how to make it stop.

Unnecessary Boulder Bear Killing Challenges Anthrozoology

By Marc Bekoff Ph.D. on October 09, 2015 in Animal Emotions
A mother bear was killed in Boulder, Colorado. The original headline read "Boulder bear No. 317 euthanized; 2 cubs also captured," but it was later cleaned up to read "Boulder bear No. 317 killed; 2 cubs also captured." Of course, she wasn't euthanized. Those involved in the killing claim it "sucked" and wonder if it was fair. Indeed, they could have stopped the killing.
The Sky Behind Me

The Sky Behind Me

By John P. Schuster on October 09, 2015 in The Power of Your Past
A worthwhile read for anyone who wants to sense the ghost in the machine.
Sometimes We Can't Put a Positive Spin on Our Troubles

Sometimes We Can't Put a Positive Spin on Our Troubles

By Allison Carmen on October 09, 2015 in The Gift of Maybe
Sometimes it is hard to see the positive side of life when you feel disappointed or an unexpected event leaves you feeling alone and groundless. You want to feel optimistic but you just don’t see how life will change or what could possibly make things better. This is a perfect moment to let Maybe into your life.

Risk Analysis of Behavior Problems: Animal Factors, 2

Behavioral problems often elicit high emotions in owners. Owners often have been dealing with these problems for a long time and, for reasons that are real for them, now feel that they have an emergency. In this blog post we will address animal factors that can affect this decision.

Personal & Professorial Ethics: Does Turpitude Trump Tenure?

At what point does someone’s personal behavior interfere with the performance of their professional functions?

The Effect of Unconscious Associations on Visitors’ Behavior

Our thoughts and behavior are not under our intentional control, but are instead widely influenced by environmental factors. These automatic processes have a fundamental implication to our behavior in general as to our online behavior.