Educational Prestige as Career Insurance

Will my alma mater matter if my career takes a turn for the worse?

How Early Academic Training Retards Intellectual Development

Academic skills are best learned when a person wants them and needs them.

Is the Tongue the "Sword of a Woman?"

Is it just a stereotype that women are nastier gossips than men?

Miscarriages: Conception Without Birth

Observed pregnancy losses are just the tail end of massive shedding

How Easily Can Someone Change Your Mind?

Can you resist the powers of persuasive messages?

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Rejecting Evolutionary Psychology is Rejecting Evolution

Behavior is the result of the nervous system – which is the result of eons of natural selection. Rejecting evolutionary psychology, thus, is the same as rejecting evolution itself.

Money Talks or Millennials Walk

By Eddy Ng Ph.D. on June 03, 2015 in Diverse and Competitive
Millennials are willing to stay for the right amount of money.

The LGBT Family Blender

Can a mother or father come out as gay and maintain the love and respect of spouse and kids?

Educational Prestige as Career Insurance

By Chris Rider Ph.D. on June 03, 2015 in The Continuum
Research finds that for two people with the same jobs, the one who graduated from the more prestigious school will suffer lesser career consequences if their employer fails, and that a school’s alumni network places a central role in maintaining one’s career trajectory. So, you might want to choose a graduate school based on the career insurance that the school provides.

Four Strategies to Make Facebook Work Better for You

Facebook has become a very powerful phenomenon and tool, transforming lives around the globe. But you need to find a way to make it work for you and not against you. Keeping social comparison theory in mind might help you to do so. Monitor your mood and comparisons after Facebook use and than act accordingly.
Where Is Harper Lee’s Watchman?

Where Is Harper Lee’s Watchman?

I started thinking more like the gerontologist I am, and I climbed into Lee’s skin. Lee had plenty of opportunity to publish Watchmen or write another novel. She never did. That combined with strong evidence of her diminished capacity and the “discovery” of Watchman shortly after her sister’s death makes it likely that publishing Watchmen is contrary to her wishes.

Do Teens Imitate the Sex They See in the Movies?

Although research finds that exposure to sexualized media is linked to more sexual partners and unprotected sex among teens, it is premature to suggest that sex should be edited out from the movies entirely.

What Makes For a Moral Child

By Arthur Dobrin D.S.W. on June 03, 2015 in Am I Right?
Raising good children, then comes down to three things: nurturing an inner life that is cooperative and empathic; developing critical thinking skills; and cultivating an inner confidence that leads to having the courage of one’s convictions.

3 Facts All Parents Should Know About ADHD Stimulant Drugs

If there was a drug being manufactured for kids to take daily for several years or more, that research documents comes with endless serious and life threatening side effects (e.g., dependency, depression, death), how long would you want the FDA to track kids taking the drug to make sure it was safe and effective for extended periods of use? The answer might surprise you...

How Early Academic Training Retards Intellectual Development

By Peter Gray on June 03, 2015 in Freedom to Learn
In the absence of an appropriate intellectual foundation and motivation to learn, students acquire academic skills by rote, in shallow, meaningless ways. This not only wastes students' time, but can cause serious harm to their future intellectual and academic development. Here's some of the evidence.

Game Theory: How to Put Oneself in Someone Else's Shoes

By Eyal Winter on June 03, 2015 in Feeling Smart
About the John Nash I knew and his magical theories.

Flavors of Reclusiveness

By Marty Nemko Ph.D. on June 03, 2015 in How To Do Life
Options for soloing that even social people might want to consider.

Six Steps for Coming Out to a (Potential) Sweetie as Poly

Because most people grow up thinking monogamy is the norm in the US, people who want to date others in consensual non-monogamous relationships often have to introduce the concept to dates. This blog gives 6 steps for coming out as poly to a current or potential sweetie.

To Chet (Son of Tom) Hanks: No Innocent Racial Slurs

No one can talk their way out of the intended group-division and hierarchy pushed by the language bigotry of racial slurs. That because the social psychology of it is that language-bigotry of any group slur is intended to push an “us versus them” way of thinking, feeling and behaving.

The Need for Safety in Therapy- Part One

One of the fundamental ways that we can help clients distinguish the past from the present is to give them the sustained and predictable experience of feeling safe.

Privilege And The Nature Of Inequality

By Jesse Marczyk on June 02, 2015 in Pop Psych
Are different life outcomes due predominately to the circumstances of one's birth, or do people make more of their luck than we give them credit for? Some data on lottery winners for Florida can help us work towards an answer to that question.

Learning as a Sandwich

By Alfie Kohn on June 02, 2015 in The Homework Myth
Having students think about what they're going to learn (ahead of time), and then talk about what they did learn (afterwards), really helps. And one classic version of this technique offers a radical challenge to traditional education...

How to Prevent Burnout From Spreading Like Wildfire

Burnout has been described as the "new normal", but does it really have to be inevitable? Stress levels are escalating and wreaking havoc on individuals and organizations. Today's market pressures warrant preventative measures and collective action to helping people and the institutions they work strive towards greater health.

Don't Act So Shocked (Even If You Are)

A little under-reacting can go a long way! When parents respond with emotion to negative attitudes or behaviors, communication is cast aside in favor of an argument. Learning to grin and bear it for a few moments can help us listen, choose our reactions, and help communication to continue.

Is the Tongue the "Sword of a Woman?"

The current evidence about sex differences in gossip indicates that beliefs about females being more likely to use gossip in an aggressive fashion are based upon more than just a stereotype. However, this does not mean that women are more aggressive or “nastier” than men; they simply differ in their preferred style of aggression.

Observing the damaged brain for clues about dreaming

By Michael J Breus Ph.D. on June 02, 2015 in Sleep Newzzz
In recent years, a number of important scientific breakthroughs in understanding dreams have come from research involving neurological conditions.

Your Child Is Not Your BFF

Managing the friendship between parents and teenagers can be tricky. When parents understand their role more clearly, a friendly relationship can develop without the boundary confusion that can result from over-sharing, anxiety about separation, and confused messages.

Therapists Tell Therapy Stories

By Ryan Howes PhD, ABPP on June 02, 2015 in In Therapy
What really happens behind the closed doors of a therapy session? Six therapists share stories.

Conversational Courage

How can you summon your courage to engage in conversations that improve your relationships and your results? Here are three steps you can take to create quality conversations.

Religious Accommodations in the Workplace

By Gad Saad Ph.D. on June 02, 2015 in Homo Consumericus
Should non-denominational for-profit companies that use sexual imagery as an integral part of their branding be forced to accommodate religious attire? Do religious-based rights trump all other rights?

Pain, Fear, and Death Documented at Monkey Breeding Facility

By Marc Bekoff Ph.D. on June 02, 2015 in Animal Emotions
Videos and pictures documenting the horrific and unspeakable abuse of monkeys have generated a USDA inspection for violations at a primate breeding facility. If you have the stomach for it, you can see a video and some photos online. You can do something about it by filing a petition that already has more than 15,000 signatures. These monkeys really need your support.

Knitting Is Good For You

By Temma Ehrenfeld on June 02, 2015 in Open Gently
Knitting is the new yoga.

Spelling Knowledge Matters for High School Reading Fluency

A renown cognitive psychologist is touting the importance of spelling for reading achievement. He says spelling, which continues to develop even into high school, is just as important for high school and college-ready reading fluency as sounding out words in kindergarten. He’s right!

Five Things That Can Kill Your Relationship

Five ways to drive love from your relationship....and how to get it back.