Waiting for the Haiku in Mindfulness

Have we taken the bones out of Dogen so that we can pick our teeth?

When Adults Struggle With Their Relationships

At holidays, the focus is on family - some siblings do not get along though

The Syrian Refugee Issue: Why Does Fear Turn Us Into Bigots?

When we're afraid, we turn to our tribes for a sense of safety and protection.

Causes of Students’ Emotional Fragility: Five Perspectives

Teachers, professors, employers, parents, & students explain students’ problems.

Why Are So Many Indian Arranged Marriages Successful?

The upsides of relinquishing choice, deciding quickly, & lower expectations

"Mail Order Brides" Still Exist

Is a "mail order marriage" doomed to be a bad match?

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Thanksgrieving: How Inevitable Decline Can Make Us Grateful

By Jeremy E Sherman Ph.D. on November 26, 2015 in Ambigamy
A grateful song I wrote for those times when it's hard to feel grateful.

Trophy Hunters' Smiles Show How Much They Like to Kill

By Marc Bekoff Ph.D. on November 26, 2015 in Animal Emotions
A new study shows that pleasure smiles are greater when hunters pose with large "dangerous" corpses and that "they’re quite a bit happier when they kill a large animal versus a small animal of the same species.” There really are killing smiles.

Patients with Misophonia require help and understanding

By Robert T Muller Ph.D. on November 26, 2015 in Talking About Trauma
Sufferers cannot tolerate certain sounds, and avoidance leads to social isolation.

Giving Thanks for the Gift of Time

By Barbara Markway Ph.D. on November 26, 2015 in Living the Questions
Death was close, but for some reason, now was not my time.

Waiting for the Haiku in Mindfulness

By Thomas Hills Ph.D. on November 26, 2015 in Statistical Life
Mindfulness can be about a personal and experimental exploration of reality that is not about saving yourself, but rather experiencing your self. Realizing that the "explanation for you" is not only the finger your mind constantly points at itself, but something undefinably larger and more personal at the same time.

Loving The Alien

By Mark D. Griffiths Ph.D. on November 26, 2015 in In Excess
Exophilia refers those individuals who derive sexual arousal from extraterrestrial, robotic, supernatural, or otherwise non-human life forms. These types of sexual preferences could be described as totally impractical as the chances of making love to such entities are arguably negligible. However, some might just be aroused by the fantasy - so does exophilia really exist?

A Letter from a Struggling Actor, Now 28

By Marty Nemko Ph.D. on November 26, 2015 in How To Do Life
I offer suggestions for increasing his chances...plus alternate careers.

Graduate School and Mental Illness: Is There a Link?

By Juliana Breines Ph.D. on November 25, 2015 in In Love and War
Few people go to graduate school thinking it will be a walk in the park. But many find that it involves a lot more stress than they bargained for, and this can take a toll on mental health.

Author Claims Borderline Disorder Behavior is "Sinful"

By Randi Kreger on November 25, 2015 in Stop Walking on Eggshells
A Christian therapist/author writes that's "God’s Word holds the solution and his Spirit alone can heal the havoc of borderline personality disorder." She thinks that this scriptural perspective though "tough love" offers hope to people who have BPD.

Flying the Coop: The Importance of Adventure

By Gregg Levoy on November 25, 2015 in Passion!
There's an inverse relationship between adventure and depression in our lives. Too little of one can lead to too much of the other. Here's a cautionary tale that captures it.

Another Frantic Holiday Season?

Is the holiday season wearing you down? How to find more flow and less stress.
lalalululala/Dollar Photo Club

Stay In or Go Out? A Bigger Question Than You Might Think

By Tina Gilbertson LPC on November 25, 2015 in Constructive Wallowing
Life often requires us to choose between the familiar and the unknown, and no one wants to look back with regret. How much security is enough, and what might it be costing you?

Choose Gratitude Your Own Way for Good

By Giacomo Bono Ph.D. on November 25, 2015 in Making Grateful Kids
The holiday season can seem like both the best of times and the worst of times. Don't just cope effectively with holiday stress, take advantage of the season to achieve your best life by choosing gratitude today and everyday and doing it in your own way.

5 Ways Mentally Strong People Overcome Rejection

Learning how to bounce back after rejection could be the key to reaching your greatest potential.

When Adults Struggle With Their Relationships

By Geoffrey Greif Ph.D. on November 25, 2015 in Buddy System
Are sibling relationships getting you down this time of year?

Insight into Extremism and the Terrorist Mentality

By Robert Firestone Ph.D. on November 25, 2015 in The Human Experience
What are the psychodynamics behind extremism, absolutism and all insidious forms of polarization? On some level, the answers all relate to human beings’ inherent fear of death and their need for psychological defenses to deny or ease the endemic pain of the human condition.

Darth Vader: The Value of Redemptive Sacrifice

By Brian A. Kinnaird Ph.D. on November 25, 2015 in The Hero in You
The Star Wars character of Darth Vader is a mythic “traveler,” as we each make choices we regret and must bear the consequences. The tragedy of noble cause corruption through the story of Luke Skywalker’s father is a cautionary tale and his redemption can be an inspiration for all of us to rise above our challenges.

Women Don't Like How Condoms Feel Any More Than Men Do

By Paul Joannides Psy.D. on November 25, 2015 in As You Like It
Necessary but....Women speak out about condom use.

Explaining Americans' Reluctance to Accept Syrian Refugees

By Shawn M. Burn Ph.D. on November 25, 2015 in Presence of Mind
The Syrian conflict has created the biggest humanitarian crisis since WWII yet over fifty percent of Americans oppose Syrian resettlement in the United States. Terror management theory, the principle of moral exclusion, and the study of prosocial behavior help explain why.

Is Terrorism Changing Your Life?

By Tom Bunn L.C.S.W. on November 25, 2015 in Conquer Fear Of Flying
Given all the recent terror issues, I feel security cannot truly stop an individual intent on harm. Am I being anxious for no reason? Do you truly feel that our security measures are 100%?

Does Breastfeeding Boost Intelligence in Children?

By Romeo Vitelli Ph.D. on November 25, 2015 in Media Spotlight
Of all the health benefits linked to breastfeeding, its presumed impact on a child's later intelligence is likely the most controversial. A new study shows that that breastfeeding was significantly associated with intelligence at all ages. The link between breastfeeding and intelligence actually rose for children between the ages of seven to sixteen.

What to Do About ISIS?

By Clark McCauley Ph.D. on November 25, 2015 in Friction
Iraq and Syria cannot be restored as centralized states. What's next?

Critical Thinking 101: Why Lies Travel Faster than Truth

By Kyle D Killian Ph.D., LMFT on November 25, 2015 in Intersections
Mark Twain said it best: "A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes."

Seven Simple Ways to Fight the Holiday Blues

By Jennifer Haupt on November 25, 2015 in One True Thing
During this season of giving, it's often the small gifts and everyday gestures of kindness that matter most. Here are 7 low or no-cost ways to help you find your holiday spirit.

8 Ways to Eat Mindfully During the Holidays

By Susan Albers Psy.D. on November 25, 2015 in Comfort Cravings
It's not easy to eat mindfully during the holidays! Here are a few simple psychological tips that can help you avoid overeating while still mindfully eating holiday foods you love like pumpkin pie and sugar cookies.

The Daily Gratitude List

By William Irwin Ph.D. on November 25, 2015 in It’s Your Choice
My gratitude list started for me as a cure for self-pity, but it has now become a matter of prevention for all kind of negative thoughts and feelings.

Lose Weight Instantly With Optical Illusions

Forget the gym this holiday. Applying perceptual neuroscience is faster.
PhotoPin/Creative Commons

4 New and Helpful Insights on Gratitude

By Ryan M. Niemiec Psy.D. on November 25, 2015 in What Matters Most?
Gratitude is easy to apply and brings nice benefits. If you relate to gratitude practice then you'll want to see these 4 new findings. If you don't relate to gratitude, check out what you can prioritize instead.

3 Tips for Rejecting Diet-Mentality This Thanksgiving

By Jennifer Rollin MSW, LGSW on November 25, 2015 in Mindful Musings
How to stand up against diet-culture over the holidays.