The Experience of Fear

By Jennifer Verdolin Ph.D. on January 16, 2018 in Wild Connections
We, and other species, have evolved the ability to rapidly adopt an appropriate strategy to respond to life-threatening, fearful, or aggressive encounters.

Does the Flu Trick People into Being Sociable?

From an evolutionary perspective, a virus that manipulates its host’s behavior so as to get into as many bodies as possible could be selected. The flu may be such a virus ...

How 1930s Psychoanalysts Thought Self-Harm Explained War

Psychoanalysts in the 1930s saw self-harm as evidence of universal drives, which explained not only self-injury but war and violence. What is the legacy of their research today?

Homer Simpson as Parent

Humor is very often a sneaky way to engage with cultural and moral issues that would meet with resistance if they were discussed in a more serious way.

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Teens and Dangerous Levels of Cell Phone Use

By Michael Ungar Ph.D. on January 16, 2018 in Nurturing Resilience
If we’re going to prevent children putting themselves at risk for mental disorders, parents and communities are going to have to impose some rules and take a lesson from Iceland.

5 Key Skills of a School-Based Bullying Prevention Program

To change the culture of bullying in our schools, we must move beyond the rote punishments and move toward skill-building.

Why Are Others So Successful in Making Lifestyle Changes?

Want to change your life? Three simple findings from the scientific literature may help you.

Personal Growth and the Mystery of the Self

By David Dillard-Wright Ph.D. on January 16, 2018 in Boundless
Thoughts on depth psychology and the mystery of the self.

MLK Jr.; Michael Phelps: What's the Recipe for Success?

By Paula L. White M.A. on January 16, 2018 in Shape Parenting
No matter the field—academics, athletics, the arts or activism—some children in varied pursuits grow up to be adults who excel. Here's how parents help to make that happen.
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Become a Sports Emotional Master

By Jim Taylor Ph.D. on January 16, 2018 in The Power of Prime
When you compete in your sport, how do you react when you experience frustration, anger, and disappointment? Do you beat yourself up, lash out at others, or just give up?
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Meet Your Family's Future at a Family Meeting

By Brad E Sachs Ph.D. on January 16, 2018 in Emptying The Nest
Even when children approach adulthood, reflecting on your family's past and present lays the the groundwork for a richer and more satisfying family future—for both generations

Swedish Zoo "Zoothanizes" Nine Healthy, "Useless" Lion Cubs

By Marc Bekoff Ph.D. on January 16, 2018 in Animal Emotions
An email asking, "Do zoos really kill healthy animals?" didn't surprise me at all. Many zoos routinely kill healthy "surplus" animals as business as usual but it's not euthanasia.
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How Mindfulness Can Save the World (Here's One Example)

By Ryan M. Niemiec Psy.D. on January 16, 2018 in What Matters Most?
A story of a nuclear physicist, a wise mindfulness teacher, and one of the toughest decisions a person can make.

Does Your Child Lie?

Understanding why kids fib gives parents better tools for guidance.

Why Have So Many Americans Lost Their Trust in Facts?

By Christopher Bergland on January 16, 2018 in The Athlete's Way
A new study pinpoints various trends that are driving America's growing skepticism about "facts."

A Winning Combination For a Successful Life Change

It’s important to set goals that align with our interests.

Why the Narcissistically Entitled Are So Difficult to Please

The narcissistically entitled can make dealing with them difficult indeed. Knowing what’s behind their fussiness can make your life, and possibly theirs, much easier.
MLK: Expanding Compassion to All Brothers and Sisters
Compassion to All Brothers and Sisters
Thresholds for Racism
Thresholds for Racism
Purely Symbolic and Without Substance?
Racially Coded
A Moral Compass for Troubling Times
A Moral Compass for Troubling Times

11 Tips to Fuel Personal Growth

How I applied 11 simple practices from Kate Hanley's new book, "How to be a Better Person" to fuel my personal growth.
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"I Hate My Mother"

An Authoritarian Wound Questionnaire respondent explains her relationship with her authoritarian mother.

Healing From a Toxic Childhood? The Two Words You Need Most

By Peg Streep on January 16, 2018 in Tech Support
The culture thinks that persisting is hard and requires grit while quitting is easy. The truth may surprise you, especially when it comes to toxic relationships.

Is Facebook Spying on an Ex-Flame The New Normal?

Has Facebook stalking become the new normal? Research indicates that post-break up covert monitoring of an ex-flame after a breakup is increasingly common.

Screen Time, Not Always a Bad Thing

By The Utredarens Lab on January 16, 2018 in Points of Departure
Why kids with dyslexia are feeling better.

What Your Senior Cat Wishes You Knew

Do you live with an older cat? Here are some suggestions for helping her to stay comfortable and contented.

Reacting and Responding

The distinction between reacting and responding is an important one and one I have emphasized in my psychotherapy and counseling practice.

The Seeds of Perfection

The similarities between seedless watermelon and our quest for perfection online.

Should You Try To "Get Over" Grief?

Grief is overwhelming. It is painful beyond measure. Should you active try to "get over" it?

Life as a Bilingual II

The blog "Life as a bilingual" is more than seven years old and has been consulted by a large number of visitors. We look back on this wonderful adventure.

How the “Porn Addiction” Movement Disrespects Women

By Marty Klein Ph.D. on January 16, 2018 in Sexual Intelligence
Assuming that women can't control their emotions in the face of their partner's porn use disempowers them--and undermines the partnership a couple needs to work things out.

3 Tips to Reduce Stress for Better Brain Health

Learn 3 simple strategies to feel less stressed and maximize memory

#MeToo—Changing Brains, Relationships and Power Dynamics

By Amy Banks on January 15, 2018 in Wired For Love
Neuroscience has something to add to the #MeToo movement.

Five Learning Tips for Smart Adults

By Marty Nemko Ph.D. on January 15, 2018 in How To Do Life
Alternatives to the course.

Don’t Let HCPs Ruin Your Life in 2018

High Conflict People are increasing rapidly. Use these four counter-intuitive skills to deal with them.